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Touche Touche posted September 27, 2019, 12:55

The stolen name is more profit ?

Hello, folks.
Here is people kick ass to the chameleon from the sacrarium.

I think you have something to think about, and what can be added. I am sure you would not be very pleased if the name of your brainchild is used against your will by strangers.
For example, it is quite possible to expect some kind of “website” created by the administrators of the sacrarium in the constructor called “opensimworld dot net”. Believe me, they are capable of this.

The practice of appropriating someone else's names is in the blood of two admins of this homemade grid. Most likely, this is the only way that comes to their mind to spin all three of their hard drives inside a personal computer with the loud name "sacrarium".

On my own, I want to add, in addition to naming, one of the administrators violates the version control of the server "Opensimulator", calling his crippled home assembly with the loud name "Opensimulator 10 version". This flagrantly violates the rules of the open source community. Version control is carried out ONLY by developers and owners of the software package and is controlled by special directories. He has no right to call the broken server "Tenth version". Magnus simply takes advantage of the ignorance of those who inadvertently install this assembly on their servers.

Never use the crap version of magnus for your purposes. The latest official stable build of the opensimulator is (released on June 30, 2018).
Use ONLY official assemblies and assemblies approved by the server developers.

Be careful with toxic chameleons.


sacrarium runs as far i know the still use worldbox also version is easy to change... if the owner feels like changing that let them do sacrarium is stand alone grid. and the opensumulator program is opensource. the owner can do what ever the please to do with it minde your own buisnes for 1ns and stop acting like a little butt hurted bitch and move on none cares. stop seeding hate and lies and bulshit in to the comunety none likes haters. its already bad as it is at the moment your only makign tigns wors for evrion not jsut sacrarium but your bullshit is inflictign evrion in to this comunety.. is crap and the main of devs opensimulator are turning the cheak to the problems ther created atleast some peaple can see the problem and i understand sacrarium in menyways if its true and trying to develp ther own core if that is what the are doing i seport them with it(Touche none cares about you Opinions about sacrarium).
Arielle 10d
I really should point out that the Official Opensimulator release ., is crap for running regions and grids on. It contained throttling code that was supposed to make a Grid more stable but had the effect of making mesh avatar loading, agonizingly slow.
The throttling code was modified to be adjustable a while after the release but was never ported back to the .9.0.1 release itself. Being that it is now over a year old, any grid/regions still on it should be looking to update to something more recent from any of the releases that can be found elsewhere like Osgrid downloads or Lanani's code found at
Avatar loading is significantly faster on them and besides, it does not look like the Opensimulator core developers will be releasing an update anytime soon, leaving Grids/regions without the features and fixes put out over the past year.

I have no idea about Sacrarium's version as I have not seen it being distributed anywhere.
Touche 9d
We use version 9.01 on all of our grids, including test grids. Servers rise to mono Linux. We have no problems loading avatars. We never use the Windows environment for our purposes, so I can’t say how this version works on .NET. Speaking of the aforementioned grid, we had problems filling out the logs with errors when their avatars teleported to us, but now we have completely blocked them and there are no more problems. Logs are clean and servers are fairly stable and fast on Mono.
Touche're a true masochist!!!!
Jymmi 20d
I think that you need to be isolated from society, in this case the ghoul is you, a rat and an asshole lick, we all see how you do it! Have you proved at least one fact that you were asked? We all see how rotten you are. Decided to become famous in dramas? Go lick your ass, you better do it.we are tired of you, go out and sit in your empty region.YOU CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT A SACRARIUM .give all your strength and your love to CapricaEnough already to pay so much attention to the Sacrarium!
Tomtom 20d
i think the personal hate against Sacrarium for what reason ever has befogged Touches brain.. always the same harp on..we are so tired about your tirades of hate!
DarkWolf 20d
Touche You're getting bored. we all know how Opensim works. Show me a grid that has 100% no SL content. Right. Everyone likes to use content from SL (clothes, furniture, skins, etc). If it bothers you that other Grid get content from SL, avoid it. But your behavior just makes it seem like you're looking for a way to publicize your grid. I was just in the grid with you and you also uses content from SL. Think about it.
Touche 20d
Specifically here, I did not say a word about SL. And I have never fought CBing ever.
This white and co changed the meaning of my words. It’s like I’m "fighting copyboting" ...

Here I am talking about fake ratings. I'm tired of watching crowds of orcs from the sacrarium. And I also say that he steals the names of communities on Facebook and Mewe. You at least read what I write.

And as for the SL - if this ghoul blackmails other people for copying from him, is it not better to close it completely so that people do not copy his "precious jewelry" so much? (which brought him from completely different people).
Freelife 20d
no one cares or is interested but you - the more you post hate the worse you look - touche you are a true drama queen
This picture mod is too depressive for me i would use the original one mods are like spices and in freedom people eat what they most love :-)
Touche 20d
))) yes. I make this hameleon more depressive
Freelife 21d
drama drama drama and more drama tired of it
This is just a blatant drama of lies !!! I live there for almost 2 years, yes, I can say that there are test regions. Sacrarium 10.2.1 Dev (Win / .NET) Well, I just don’t understand what the problem is inside the network, personally I can’t get this assembly all the time to start my server from my home computer.
I specifically made a test today after your publication, you are a scammer, insignificance is what I got [09:52] Grid: The region you entered uses a different version of the simulator
Current Simulator: sacrarium 10.2.1 Dev (Win / .NET)
Previous simulator: OpenSim Release (Win / .NET)
(Sacrarium 10.2.1 Dev) you are misleading people there is no assembly "Version Opensimulator 10" temboliya for intended use lol
cayoun 21d
so slowly it is enough touche. You bored everyone here with your hostility and frolics about the "evil Sacrarium", where you are not better yourself or have been. Now you are yelling at the people who are turning back. Shame on you and stop defaming here
Stop the war, Touche. Every day new hate news in osw :-(
First. Sacrarium Opensim 10.2.1 Dev (Win/.NET) is not my creature. (Surprise, moth*****er.) Second. As I know this Opensim version is not for distributing. It is for Sacrarium grid regions only. You screwed up as usual.