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What Are You Looking For?

Hello, all!

I have been hunting for some animations, particularly adult ones of the solo male variety. 😅 I don't want this request to be too obscene for the group, so if further clarification is needed or you wish to reach out to me directly as opposed to posting a reply, I completely understand.

Thank you for your time!

Jamie Wright: Also, I feel like Val has many many things of all proclivities: yesterday
What I'm Looking For.
First, a way to shut up that crying kid (without smothering him with his balloon).

Second, helpers! Among our 108 members, we have a core group of super helpers and others who graciously lend a helping hand. What can we do to expand our circle of helpers?

Third, here is an easy way to help: promote this group. Recently, people are using the box more and more to make a request for help finding stuff. As you all know, comments in the box get drowned out by not nice comments. Even the nice ones push the requests down until they disappear. Hence this group. If you see a comment in the box, provide them with info
• About the group, for example, "Post about items you are, well, looking for. For outfits, builds, shops, services, and skills, and so on."
• Why to use it. The short time before requests go to oblivion in the box v.s. the enduring posts in the group.
• And this address:

But, I have to wonder. Are people posting requests in the box because they don't know about the group, or because we have not been helpful enough? :(
Most recent helpers. These are cool folks with cool regions. Give them a visit and say "hey." "hi" or "howdy." Where permissible, bring your banjo and dog. (OK, maybe just the dog).

• FallenAngel Absent
Circus (
“In virtual worlds since 2007”

• Lillysparks
Tumbler ( Tumbler)
Aquarius (
In her profile, Lilly says “that she is looking for “Scripting wizards, like-minded artists, cool folks, and great animations. I really want to meet people that have time in world to hang out and do fun things.”

• Jamie Wright:
Birch Grove Spring ( Grove Spring)
“Celebrating PRIDE. 2SLGBTQQIA+ - Two-Spirit, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Questioning, Intersex, Asexual, and + . Everyone is welcome here. All genders, races, cultures and abilities. Kindness, diversity and accessibility positive”.

Want to see your name on the next "Recent Helper" post? Just help somebody find something they are looking for. Easy peasie!

wasn't there someone last who was looking for a grotto/Cave? Where I answer "just put Rocks together to make one"... Just found one at iPleasure (R. Lion) --> Landscaping region. it is a skybox but I am sure you can Rez also on ground :-)

Hello thank you for allowing me to join your group. I am looking for a glaskuppel pavillon kaktus also known as Glass Dome Pavilion Cactus

Hello thank you for allowing me to join your group. I am looking for a glaskuppel pavillon kaktus also known as Glass Dome Pavilion Cactus

This is the kind of Building i bin looking for or something like that. and i what to say thank you for helping me

LaylaHart42: yes plz 20 days ago

Thank you for the invitation to visit this (most excellent) group! If you ever need something you cannot find please just IM I have nice resources to share!

Jamie Wright: Marianna knows stuff about stuff:) 22 days ago
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Visit these lovely people and their regions/grids when you can.
• Serina Gee:
• FallenAngel Absent:
• Hugabug: (Barefoot-Dreamers Grid)
• Lily Sparks: owner of several regions, including Tumbler
• Star Ravenhurst: owner of several regions, including Beau Retrouve
• Jupiter Rowland: in the Fediverse @
• Jamie Wright: undisclosed

Jamie Wright: Raise the barn! LOL undisclosed. I'm easy to find. Anna Cooper in Neverworld on Birch Grove Spring. Jamie Wright almost everywhere else. I build a lot on the OSGrid Sandbox Plaza when I need room and ... 22 days ago

We have finally grown from 101 to 102 members! Thank goodness. I will no longer be reminded of this damn movie when I see the number of members here.

Jupiter Rowland: Um... 22 days ago
Half day I was searching online for 3D Models for Tatto Equipment. I have seen this already somewhere inworld but no idea where it was. Any Idea where I could get some Tattoo equipment for my "beauty-Shop"? :-)

Jamie Wright: Hi @FallenAngelAbsent. Klamotto has tattoo stuff: 24 days ago

Now I am looking for triangle shaped rooves.

Jupiter Rowland: Never Depot has lots of untextured roof parts. And other parts for buildings as well. 24 days ago

ok now I am looking for a way to get shadows textures off of a mesh so that I can add it to a texture that I already have. Any suggestions?

Jamie Wright: Is the shadow a separate prim or part of the mesh? If you can edit and unlink one prim shadow that's the easiest. 25 days ago

Looking for a small outdoor Tiki style bar

I am looking for the pose stands (EXAMPLE: LIKE FOR BALLERINA - there were several ballet poses/animations in one pose stand - Oni had them all categorized) I had gotten like a dozen or so different pose stands while I was over at her one region there. I am wondering who would have them as I would like to use them for my different avatars as I take pictures of them wearing different outfits so that when I go into my closet that I made I can just pick and outfit out and wear it.
Also, I am looking for photo booths that I can use that have backgrounds please & Thank You! ;) Huggiez All Around! ;)
Hello Beautiful People...:) I am looking for a swimming pool kind of Olympic style with swimming animations. It doesn't have to be that huge. Anyone? :) Please and thank you :) Oh and also gym equipment if you know where i can get those items too would be grand. :)

Lillysparks: The furniture vault has amazing gym/sports stuff. Check it out. (going to fethch the landmark for you brb) 1 month ago

is there any place that as a great collection of Pose balls for photos etc ie solo, 2 avs, 3 avs etc

Acen8: thanks :) 1 month ago

I am looking for things to go into a hospital specifically beds. I am building an asylum from 1890-1920. Any help would be adored.

Jamie Wright: @SarahBrennan I put it all out again becvause the Sandbox autoreturns after 24 hours. It's now 9:46 grid time on OSGrid so you have 24 hours again to go copy any items that work for your build. 1 month ago

I am also looking for mattress sculpts or meshes. Thank you

Jamie Wright: Sarah - I put out a bunch of Asylum, hospital bed and matress stuff for you on the OSGrid Sandbox Plaza in the Northwest corner. Plaza 1 month ago

There is a clunky, gawdy Polynesian boat out there somewhere and it has a special edition of the smash couch . I want that specific one .. Help !

I'm looking for a building for a store and a photo studio

I am looking for the canasta table. Maybe somebody with a very large very old inventory will still have it, if it has not been lost from the metaverse for good. I have the scripted hud for canasta, so the rest of it must exist somewhere.

Lynne Lundquist: CyberGlo would it another name besides Canasta? 2 months ago

I am looking for a working parachute and genuflect animation - Thanks

Nico Kalani: I knew people who made non-working parachutes. They are now dead. Hopefully you will find a working one. My advice...have somebody else test it. :) 2 months ago

I am looking for a working parachute and genuflect animation

I am looking for a working parachute and genuflect animation

i hunting for some animesh squirrels that are animated any one know where to get some ?????

Hi, I'm looking for a DJ booth/table/stand and other dance club equipment with a swamp/bayou aesthetic. Bonus points if the swamp happens to be on an alien planet with giant, green, scaly critters under the water! Don't ask what it's for, or else I'll have to invite you ;)

FallenAngel Absent: Maybe have a look at Druskus Impero Island, he has a bunch of lights, DJ equipment --> 2 months ago

Hi I'm Trying To Fine Free Backdrops So I Can Start Takeing Photos

FallenAngel Absent: R. Lion has a lot of very nice little complete scenes in his animation area... Worth a visit. In my opinion super suitable for photos 2 months ago

hiho looking for Frisian Mink or a yellow rain parka/Jacket

Hiya everyone! ;) Hope everyone is doing well this fine Sunday! ;) I am looking for clothing for Gianni please and TY! ;) Would you kindly pass me landmarks that would have any clothing for the Gianni body please & TY? HUGGGZZZZZZ! ;)
This is the name of the set that I am looking for:
!Elas Cross2 Necklace-Set Gold&Silver

These are what I need are the earrings:

*E*Cross Earring gold R
*E*Cross Earring gold L

I've seen this name of this store before but I just cannot figure out which store it is:

If anyone can help, I would greatly appreciate this & thank You!

Serina Gee: Hi Passion, the only Elas store I am aware of is this one at Camballa, hopefully it's the one you are looking for!! 2 months ago

hi everyone - I am new here and I was wondering if anyone knew where I can get motorcycle race tracks or roads? It would be greatly appreciated and thank you.

Most Recent Helpers
Jupiter Rowland
Jamie Wright
and others who have helped find items in older posts.

Speaking of which, we have grown to 95 members, and some of the unsolved requests go back 5 months. One of the advantages of this group over asking in the box is that the requests here persist. Be a dear and scroll down to see if you can help find stuff from earlier days as yet not found.

hi all dose anyone know where to get construction site objects like construction crane, and building site objects etc

Acen8: Thanks To Safine , i have all i need now apart from a Cement mixer, and still looking for a complete builders Outfit with hard Hat 2 months ago
Hi, Where can I find good men's hair?
All I find is really old, very bad looking stuff.
I'm mainly looking for modern haircuts, from wild to long, or short haircuts.

Oh and while I'm at it, I'm also looking for BOM men's heads ;)

Does any one know where I can find NPC makers? Preferably looking for ones that make non static but moving.

Jupiter Rowland: Do you need something to generate NPC-defining notecards from an avatar? Valerie NatureInSim has something that can do that at ValLands. Or do you need something t... 2 months ago
I found it!!! Well, I found one of them. It is called alien plant c. There were also an a, b, and d. Maybe an e. It is made with sculpts and prims, the "fronds" are flexi prims with a tentacle movement script to make them move when you approach. The plant makes a kool alien sound when you approach as well. Though I would be thrilled to have them all, finding even one of them has made me so happy and thankful. Inside of the plant was the plant pictured with them. It doesn't do anything. Thank you to everyone who has helped with suggestions on where to look. Oh! I found it at R&M Creations where I found some other good stuff.

I have someone in Opensim looking for the MayReal Aria head Has anyone see it or something like it?

Yes. I am looking for mahjong game. Please helps me to find Mahjong game. I am good.

Jamie Wright: Sketchfab has some. You'll have to convert to dae and import them...and then script them. Which we know you have the talent to do:) 2 months ago

I am looking for H. P. Lovecraft and Cthulhu related items. Please help. Thank you

Jupiter Rowland: To quote myself from just a bit further down: Aaack Aardvark's Arcadia Shop has a Cthulhu plushie, if that's something for you. 2 months ago
Most Recent Helpers
Glenys Bieler
Kith Whitehawk
Jupiter Rowland
Jamie Wright
Thirza Ember

Can any of you help find the missing Army vehicle?
What Are You Looking For?
Post about items you are, well, looking for. For outfits, builds, shops, services, and skills, and so on.
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Created 7 months ago by Nico Kalani

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Nico Kalani yesterday
Thanks! It's so nice to let people know our helpers a bit more, and promote their places. Coolness all round!
Marianna 2 days ago
Thank you for the love and support and the many years of friendship @JamieWright. I remember in the very beginning of opensim you helped when I submitted flowers to the community at OpensimCreations,...
Nico Kalani 3 days ago
Cool you were able to make it. I'd love this hair, and also a shoulder and short (earlobe) length. I understand hair is one of the hardest items to import properly, and I guess there aren't enough fan...
Jupiter Rowland 5 days ago
Here are a few addresses for furniture made in and for OpenSim. Bibiana Bombinante's Encantada is not only a great source for plants, but you can also find some furniture including kitchen cupboards ...
LaylaHart42 20 days ago
yes plz
LaylaHart42 20 days ago
okay thank you