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I really hate to have to do this but, I want to make it clear that my region is NOT a shopping region. Most of what is on it are builds that I have made myself though there are items that I have gotten from around Open Sim in the freebie stores. That said, let's be perfectly clear - there are malls for you to go shopping for freebies if you want, my "Home" is not a freebie shopping mall, it is a residence you are free to visit and enjoy, but after today's experience I have made everything I can "no copy". When someone visits my region and I am there and greet them and talk to them and they do not respond at all even though I send them the same greeting in their native language that is just TOTALLY RUDE. Then walk around just grabbing all the "copiable" items you can find, well I become a whole lot less accommodating and make everything no copy and it will remain so. I'm usually a very friendly person, and I love to meet new people and chat and visit and will continued to be so, however if you wish anything from my region, from now on, show some common courtesy and ASK. Thank you.