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Job Summary

We are currently seeking a successful, enthusiastic Event Organizer to manage and produce events from conception through to completion. The ideal candidate will be committed on planning and promoting events for our virtual community. S/he should be passionate about hospitality, detail oriented and highly communicative. If this sounds like an opportunity that excites you, we look forward to hearing from you!

Duties and Responsibilities
• Familiarity with all stages of planning, design, and production of virtual life events
• Ability to successfully managing all elements within time limits
• Excellent communication skills
• Able to share ideas on how to improve services provided and event quality.

Requirements and Qualifications
• Ability to use devices that facilitate efficient on event hosting, such as gestures and language translators.

• Able to keep the local chat conversation fluent, flowing, and engaging.

• Proactive to influence the mood and raise the energy of visitors

• Communicative to be able to invite new people

• Spontaneous and able to greet visitors the moment they arrive

• Familiar on promoting events in opensim and able to watch the traffic in order to have an idea of how the event is going

What we offer
A free 2x2 region with 25,000 prims

Apply online
Drop a notecard inworld to "betty fl" expressing interest for the job and someone will set up an interview as soon as possible


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