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Marianna Marianna posted September 2, 2019, 19:10

Gif Format

Hello, I have a Gif Logo but I see Gif Format is not a choice. Could we have it as a choice?

Thank you ;)


Es geht Gif mit einen scripte
Hi! You can't upload gif's, first you have to download Gif2SL by Gonta Maltz to convert that gif.
Step by step here
Marianna 15d
thank you yes I have Gif2SL thank you Lyumdmila what I mean is when I tried to upload my gif here it didn't upload, I thought it was because of it being wrong format but it might have been incorrect size. I think it was 300 x 300 will check again, thanks!
YW Marianna, the input is the Gif, Gif2SL will output a jpg texture that should be 1024x1024 and that is the one you upload.
Marianna 15d
Yes Lyudmila, I created gifs inworld with Gif2SL but here I just wanted to simply upload the Gif as my logo, but it only accepts png or jpg, not gif, that is why I asked, if we could have that option here at OSW, I maybe posted my question incorrectly lol I do that sometimes.
Gif2SL is a windows tool but this will do that work
Marianna 15d
Awesome, I love good tools, thank you.