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Rock Blues Cafe

Virtual Discovery Tour 28 Septembre 2021
Rendez vous à l'accueil de VD à 21h00 (heure de Paris)
Nous irons visiter la sim STORY sur Soul Grid .
Virtual Discovery Tour September 28, 2021
Meet at the VD reception at 9:00 p.m. (Paris time)
We will visit the sim STORY on Soul Grid.
Urgent !!!!
Poste Helper /Helpeuse:
Missions et profil recherché :
*Participer et aider à promouvoir les differents evenements organisés par La grille
*Disponible en journée
*Aide à l'accueil et l'installation des nouveaux résidents
*Participer et animer activement au tchat de groupe "Virtual Dream residents"
*Connaissance des différents réseaux sociaux (Opensimulator/facebook/etc...)
*Voice conseillée
*etre bilingue serais un plus
Une full sim

Urgent !!!!
Virtual Dream is recruiting
Helper position:
Missions and profile sought:
* Participate and help promote the various events organized by La grille
* Available during the day
* Help with the reception and installation of new residents
* Participate and actively animate the group chat "Virtual Dream residents"
* Knowledge of different social networks (Opensimulator / facebook / etc ...)
* Voice recommended
* being bilingual would be a plus
A full sim

THX to all join yesterday our Poseidon Yacht SPA Intimate Party we had a great time, relaxed chilled Community - Peace and Love to all -

Another classic avatar :)

Sunset over Two oaks town.

The fantasy part of my region keeps growing,who can resist all those pretty colors!!

📝 Why nudists can't blindly trust ratings

Adult sometimes actually being General with kids banned, sim owners not notifying anyone about just that, and dangerous differences between OSW ratings and in-world ratings

hi someone put up a link to a good page with lots of different scripts on it more than whats in this scripts page there were 100's can anyone help me with the link please. im looking for a home rental system that works in opensim or in Aviworlds

New starter avatar "Ari" Bakes on Mesh Body coming soon

Making wine. Looks like fun, eh?

now on the boat....

We have 27 Rentals in Cozy Comforts City, the Hotel and CC World.... most of them are vacant.... they dont cost anything.... come to Holiday Land!

I call this Kitty Bezel Solitaire, cute little kitties purr and caress the solitaire. This is free and full perms you can easily edit it with your favorite textures. The stone looks great as onyx or bloodstone too to celebrate fall and Halloween. I did not rig this is not Bento, to save a bit on LOD :) Jewelry
Skull Earring posts, for fun!! These are not joined so you can remove the skull and use in other decorations, the post too can be used for other earrings you might want to make. To my critics these have been decimated and reduced. Free and full perms, in the Monentes Jewelry foyer. Jewelry
Dance Machin

does anyone here know how the dances can be edited in the "dance machine 2.1"?

Bulk uploads of over 1000 png skin textures.These are high quality textures
but are not organized or labeled in any recognizable way. I recommend using
a texture organizer or sorting them out offline.These are not skins but rather
the textures to create skin layers.Use the TP pad to find them. I have packed
them all into just a few boxes as the project is time consuming enough,
You can do whatever you want with these or any of my textures.

I had a wonderful, wonderful time here @ Nightwish!

oops I found a lot more items that are related to Halloween inside my inventory. I places them all inside the magick should do a second look inside

The site may look gray like moon dust… but don’t let the bland appearance fool you. This is a very cool repository of free 3D models for 3D printing created by none other than NASA.
The Brando Video and Website are completed - I thank you all for having supported this project ; it will be presented this week to The Brando resort marketing team...

"Ancient Rome" and 60+ landscapes, buildings and props ....Free license, are available at Fashionistas island landing point ..ALL IN A BOX !

As you all are now aware the current Rayvn's Roost will close in 7 days. Here is a sneak preview of the new region opening at the same time.

Just a quick reminder the current known region for Rayvn's Roost will be closing in 7 Days time so a new version can be made available for the community. The new version will also have 3 additional regions that can be accessed from the main var region these 3 additional regions are Dagger's Edge, A Pirate themed club venue in need of a DJ. Winter Wonderland will be built to accomodate all your Christmas decorating needs. And the Spooktacular Wood. a scarey place to collect content for your Halloween celebrations. These additional 3 regions will be available all year round.

📝 Amoa Nude Beach and Swingers Resort

A massive, vibrant and professionally designed region to immerse yourself into a nude environment and a swinger lifestyle if you desire.

The zombies are waiting for you......

Hidden Dreams Zombie Hunt and Haunted Castles


Where: I LOve YOu
When: 6 days ago [21 Sep 2021 12:00 SLT]



Tonight Henk plays fantastic mix
Rockin toons n guitar licks
Always one thing we do know
Whatever it is you gotta go
so come to I LOve YOu tonight
Cos Henk will make it so alright

IM Bobbi or Debz Fox for uber

bonjour hello guten tag
le retour du vote
new vote

spooky today.. Etzel,Xanten and Lionbeach went offline but everything is up and running again!

Buon pomeriggio a tutti....
sto a prendermi il sole....Estou tomando sol...

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Flowers-Gor Grid
Skin-Resource spawn
Backdrop-Resource spawn
Hair-Oops I can't remember :)

Ok soooo, do you want a store for free? How about a home? I have stores and homes on Aurora Georgetown for FREE! Come settle in a picturesque Northern Ontario town that has so much of everything! Quiet, no drama grid. Friendly people. Bring yourself, your friends, your family and make this place home! Come check it out, and contact me if you are interested.

"Acropolis Ancient Theater" and 60+ landscapes, buildings and props ....Free license, are available at Fashionistas island landing point ..ALL IN A BOX !

"BODY CARE" is a new styling proposal available

Fake traffic in opensim

When did the custom begin that region owners have round-the-clock Alts or NPC´s sitting on their Sim to generate traffic?
It's a pity that you can no longer believe the ranking

Enjoy, and Share!
Halloween Land

2nd year!
Hello folks, happy weekend. I decided to open my Christmas Sim for public sooner than scheduled . So it gives you time to explore the sim and for decorating your winter sim to make it cozy and to snuggle around with your beloved ones. All things i found so far on the open sim..The sim is really, really fully loaded so give it time to rez or make a relog, that mostly helps! Have fun exploring! If you need any help, give me a call!