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gotham 3 hours ago
Good boy Jimmy Olsen
Suzan Von Otter 6 hours ago
As it turns out a rethinking has taken place in the USA. The people go on the streets and hold out and demand justice... BRAVO of course! The legislation gives the way free to give the perpetrators th...
Jimmy Olsen 9 hours ago
Added some few cool lamps at store 01.and added also store number 05 wirth neon signs! Enjoy :)
Virtualreload 14 hours ago
to Gunter shorn defamation of character is illegal in Virtual life and in real life and all statement is in Correct again please have a good day , smile and what your doing is more or less not ...
Pink Mist 14 hours ago
I just wonder why it is so important to try to tear down someone who has done nothing to deserve it and to try to publicly humiliate someone with lies because they did not react the way you wanted the...
Virtualreload 16 hours ago
eviction no refund what are you talking about yes your committing crime for false statement in Opemsim not only that your Griefer and should not be allow to use open-sim to Grif and each Grid h...


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Atcradar Opensim Freightmasters 24 /7

In case someone missed this Firestorm has released a new version for opensim! Part of there 6.3.9 release this opensim only version has been long waiting.... Link included to Firestorm

Where can I find a copy of "ActiveNPCs/Controller" ??

Looking for friends that join the new SL from the old SL, my other name is Mark Lenior Parthicus, if u are in the new free SL please friend me or tell me your name so I can friend u. Love the new free S

Hi, I have disabled the comments on the page of my region, they continue to be there, does anyone know why the region settings are not working?


Anybody know where I can get the KONK combat system hud?

Spread this around! A Dimension Beyond is offering free meeting places in cybaLOUNGE web worlds and OpenSim! In response to a desire to help during the Covid-19 pandemic ADB is offering a safe place to meet without you having to leave your house! Go here for more info:

A Dimension Beyond, Inc. home page is here:
Hi i wonder if anyone i know can fix the script in ospartner that you can download at i know two grids one is french grid and other one at topazsworld have ospartner but i tried setting up and i can see on website but only errors in login.php and home.php below said error. I'm using Maria database.

Fatal error: Uncaught PDOException: SQLSTATE[42S02]: Base table or view not found: 1146 Table 'userpartner.useraccounts' doesn't exist in C:\xampp\htdocs\ospartner\ospartner\inc\login.php:23 Stack trace: #0 C:\xampp\htdocs\ospartner\ospartner\inc\login.php(23): PDOStatement->execute() #1 C:\xampp\htdocs\ospartner\ospartner\index.php(26): require('C:\\xampp\\htdocs...') #2 {main} thrown in C:\xampp\htdocs\ospartner\ospartner\inc\login.php on line 23

Hello, how to select one of our pictures as the Region picture by default ?


Are there any farmers online ?


can't get my viewer to run , dont know what to do with this


If you are homebound due to coronavirus, stay safe and have fun in the virtual worlds. Many places to party in opensim, and they are all 100% safe!


What viewer are you using?

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  • Singularity
  • Alchemy
  • Other (specify in comments)
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You can now choose to receive notifications when a new visitor enters a previously empty region. You can find the relevant setting in the bookmark button of every region. Let us know what you think


Are you having a nice weekend?

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come look at mine work i do and if you need a photo or logo done let me know its free

i rerezzed a truck and hit active and it does nothing...

all it says is: [12:48] SatyrFarm Seller Truck OSW: Activating...

Please help.

For all Opensim merchants: in addition to having the regular non-commercial exhibition areas for OpensimFest this coming March, we're adding a separate merchants region to the festival that will be Gloebit enabled where you will have available space to showcase your products. I am spearheading that portion of the Fest and will post more info as we go along. For now, here is the website you can follow for more info as it becomes available:
You can also contact Luna Lunaria directly on OSGrid, Ourgrid Life, Kitely, or Digiworldz
As a side note: we haven't yet posted merchant guidelines on the website or set deadlines for registering. I'll post those here as we know them.
My region Five O'Clock Somewhere on Dynaic Worldz grid has a beacon. The Key is saved in the beacon. It keeps going off and ppears on Opensim as Cirrus on the GCG grid. It has my info and pics for the regio. While I could delete the region with ne beacon and readd, I would lose all my likes and have to redo pics etc? Is there a way to fix this very irritating problem? The above pic is Five O'Clock Somewhere..

Purrfectt Katt
My region Five O'Clock Somewhere has a beacon or hacker problem? When I go to opensim I find my region coming up as Cirrus and it says GCG. I reset the key etc, but the problem keeps reocurring. How can the name of my Region and grid be changing and what should I do?

Purrfectt Katt
hello Folks i have a question.. Sometimes i see little yellow pyramids above some items( no i am not drunk!!!lol) and then they vanish. Can someone explain please,what the meaning of those pyramids are? Is something wrong with the item then? greets Thomas
I heard that animesh conquer open sim now too. In SL i was a big fan of those animesh persons. Someone know a place where i can get those "npcs-dummy-statues(however you call them) that I could convert to animesh persons?
Ps .. I already found this doorman and a dancing robot
Dear friends! We all live in different countries and different cultures. We value each other's cultural differences and traditions. Here, in the virtual world, distant friends get a little closer. Often we unconsciously transfer to the virtual world a piece of the real world that surrounds us in order to feel at home.Here you can find regions that are very similar to real cities, cultural and architectural monuments from around the world.Today I want to ask your recommendations. Do you know such regions that were created on the basis of real cities or sights? Could it be Paris, Rome, Sydney, Berlin or Rio? It may even be a small village somewhere in Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa or America. It would be very curious to see the world with different eyes. Waiting for your suggestions. Thank you!
Allana.Santos proven copybotter came on to my grid and copybotted a river boat i spent months making
or any other sacrarium grid they got to
they are invading hypersapace
it appers they come to you grid invisable to avatar counters all but uuid number is hidden copy bot your stuff god mode it and make them selves as creator and remove a texture you can never res it out again
An open letter to the Open sim community . There is a rumor going around the HG that because Club Equinox is owned by a lesbian and has a large girl presents that it is a lesbian club! Let me clear the air right now Club Equinox is not nor was ever a lesbian only club! We welcome everyone man, women or Transgender people even Furry's and fairy's. What we do offer is a Drama Free and fun place to party! It is not a strictly lesbian club as some have tagged us to be, As a mater of fact the majority of the girls that come are straight girls in relationships with guys! So for those that are starting this rumor you had better get your facts in order before you spew your racist comments. Thank you and see you at Club Equinox! Becca Kershaw owner and DJ of Club Equinox.

An interesting and important read for Opensimmers regarding Firestorm and its future compatibility to older sim releases.


We have yet again some news for the OSW HUD.

The HUD is now integrated with our website chat. This allows you to send and receive instant messages to your friends and chat with your group friends from any region in the Hypergrid as well as from second life.

The new HUD is listening on channel 4 for your chat commands:

To message an OpenSimWorld Friend, enter '/4 @userName bla bla...' in local chat
To message an OpenSimWorld Group, enter '/4 #groupTag bla bla ...'

Use the FRIENDS button to see your friends' @userNames
Use the GROUPS button to see your groups' #groupTag

You can skip the @username or #groupTag after your first message.
For example '/4 bla bla' will send the message to the last used @userName or #groupTag.

For the purpose of enabling the HUD, each group in now has a #Hashtag that the users can use. We have set default #hashtags for all existing groups, but you can also change them from the settings page of your group.

The chats are always available from the web. Click the "Chat" link at the top bar in to access IMs and Group Chats from any browser.

For these new features, you can get the new HUD that is available now (Sep 17) in the OpenSimWorld region

And from the marketplace in second life:

Let us know how it's working for you!

You can now use the Opensimworld HUD in Second Life. You can use it to check your group messages, and also check who of your friends are online

Get it at

Greets folks, don't care where it is I'll get there. I'm looking for the Steamboat Energy Company's mesh mouse avatar. Let me know please, thanks.


I have a Gif Logo that I wanted to add here to OSW profile, but I don't see GIF as a choice. Could we have it as a choice?

Thank you ;)

Can anyone please help me to get my region to show accurate avatars i listed my bots and NPC's on the notecard but it's still showing as inaccurate. It's my Sandbox Res Elite Sandbox.

Anyone know if Neverworld grid is down? It says can not connect to remote server and I notice my beacon is not working again as it says status unknown

Starting to wonder why the more interesting threads disappear when they get to a certain size. What is up with that? Does the original opening poster delete it or is it is being removed by the site admin? Inquiring minds would like to know so as to not waste time and energy posting when it will just get deleted anyway for breaking some unstated rule?
Not sure why, but the beacon wont work, it was doing great till a new oar was added to the region, so I went in here and deleted the region from my account and re added it to see if that will help..nothing, I got new beacons, they say "click to initialize",i click,...nothing,so I am at wits end, can anyone offer some help in this area please...keep it as user friendly as possible please haha Thanks so much

Marketplace open for all grids

Searching free outfits shopping for old avatar males (no mesh bento avatar)
but please not the kelly stuff :)

best regards

Hello Girls and Guys
I am back to the Grids .. but homeless for now .
so i search if a generous grid Owner .. have somewhere an old island that he can spare for free...
Thanks for reading
Best Regards
Lou Cypher

From today virtualife is a grid open to everyone. You can add your region for free.
Go to the site to download the configuration files and register

Hi everyone where can i find animated cats and dogs that follow you on your region?

For The Summer of 2019, The Social Mouse has Open Registration!!! All are welcomed! come get free residential housing !! Come join a Grid where everything works!

Come be apart of Sharing ! Sign up for the free Marketplace! - We are looking for vendors NO the products doesn't have to be original - ALL 100% FREE - Help us SHARE AGGRESSIVELY AND WITH LOVE