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Tropicana was born out of an idea to create an adult community with the emphasis on freedom, regardless of their gender, age, sex, race, class, religion, ethnicity, ability, language, sexual orientati...

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The Box
Cherri_Darkheart 9 hours ago
Does anyone have advice or a way to assist in getting voice working on my regions since Vivox is no longer issuing new codes since 2021? I'd be willing to pay someone for assistance in helping me get a working voice system on my regions?
CyberGlo CyberStar 21 hours ago
glenn... you don't know your ergs from your dynes... >:(
GlennXpletive yesterday
I know what a DIDDLE is. ;P tee hee
CyberGlo CyberStar yesterday
Why don't scientists trust atoms? "because they make up everything..."
SheaButter yesterday
GarryBeaumont yesterday
Verna Avril yesterday
Last day of the year is 123123
OpenSimUser yesterday
Dribles is what a baby does with excess drool out of its mouth :P
GarryBeaumont yesterday
Where did chat go?
GarryBeaumont yesterday
Click 360° Photo Sharing at the bottom of this page.
GarryBeaumont yesterday
What is dribles?
GarryBeaumont 2 days ago
Does anyone use Dribles?
Star Ravenhurst 2 days ago
@KrisTina TY. I suppose that is a good thing, but the sound is going to annoying!
SheaButter 2 days ago
Now I am not sure that is what Garry is talking about. I just put in my guess! lol
KrisTina 2 days ago
What shea is refereeing to -
Star Ravenhurst 2 days ago
@SheaButter Why will the phones be ringing in the UK?
RemmyRavenhurst 2 days ago
Straps myself to a rock for the ride :)
Maximus 2 days ago
252 days remain until the end of the year then we fall off the planet
OpenSimUser 2 days ago
Impending end of the world
SheaButter 2 days ago
On April 23rd all phones will ring in the UK. Enjoy!
Thirza Ember 2 days ago
@(Unknown) if you got an 'authoritie shave' you probably were asking for it.
GarryBeaumont 2 days ago
What is going to happen on the 23rd April?

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New Comments

Lynne Lundquist 15 minutes ago
Thank you Lavia....forever grateful
Ciara Orssinni 3 hours ago
Un lugar maravilloso con una música que te hace volver a épocas musicales increibles. no os podeis perder esta maraviila de lugar. Enhorabuena al creador, Jon. Congratulations¡¡¡¡¡¡¡
hicks adder 5 hours ago
je reconnais bien notre Falene !
OpenSimUser 6 hours ago
Nice start, looking forward to more getting added. As well a nice region design.
iekocatnap 12 hours ago
"On lâche rien ! On est là, on est là, même si micron le veut pas nous on est là...pour l'honneur des travailleurs et pour un monde meilleur, même si micron le veut pas nous on est là..." toutes et to...
EnigmaEmeraldDada 16 hours ago
When well the sim be up?
Lone Wolf 17 hours ago
Don't forget to share on
Jerralyn Franzic 21 hours ago
Yoink... between this and the poofy... *dies* (jk ;) )
Ellen 21 hours ago
This is such a sweet idea. Thank you for providing this for us.


Arkham City
Used to love this place, but for some unknown reason I can no longer go there. It tells me my client is blocked, so I have been banned for some reason and I never get an answer as to why. So sad as I ...
MisBehave 1 minute ago
Jungle 2
Lugar paa perderse. Tiendas espectaculares! Me ha encantado. Gran trabajo. Felicidades!
SWEETGIRL 3 hours ago
The Shopping District
Nicely built, with the latest finds. Would give 10 stars. Thank you soo much for sharing. :)
SheaButter 12 hours ago
I loved it~ It is so the style of Dollz, with everything so bright and pretty...just like the old fashioned ani gifs of all kinds of cute creatures and scenery. Back in the day I used t...
JFlame 18 hours ago
Littlefield East
Oh this used to be Lonewolf. Have you changed your name to Littlefield? So regions are not private now? Well you have a great entertainer here. Rogue is awesome! NEW REVIEW !!!! Oh i may had had 3 sta...
SheaButter yesterday
Leider sind einige Leute sehr Dumm.Es wird im Grid kein Reales geld gebraucht.Jeder Gast hat Geld vom Grid zum einkaufen. Ist dieses aufgebraucht . Hat man 3 möglichkeiten . 1 Anmelden im Grid 2. Camp...
OneLife yesterday
Free Life Freebie Factory
This place is awesome! Victor is an amazing builder. 10 stars, if I could. Thanks for sharing!
SheaButter yesterday
The Shopping District
If there were 10 stars I would have voted for them, wonderful place with lots of unique things to visit!!!
La Cittadella Di Rachel 2 days ago
don't quite check the grid and sense of this region
Funara 2 days ago

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