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Autumn Nest
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Fantasy, Sailing, , raycast combat, BDSM, and more. Love to chat come see us. LOVE ME ! LOVE ME !
Chill with DJ Talista @ Stark Islands
Where: Stark
When: in 12 hours [2 Dec 2020 13:00 SLT]

Its Wednesday so it is Talista time at Stark Islands. The laid back house mix DJ plays his turntables live here each week and is so much fun. Dont miss out on the party, great chat, great music, a greta time had by all. Be there!

Dj Cale
Where: The Fall Isle
When: 11 hours ago [1 Dec 2020 14:00 SLT]

·)» Tuesday Dj Cale ·.·´¯`·)»
2 to 4 pm grid time Where: The Flamingo club

Join us to Night to say Farewell to one the Most charming Dj Friend and family to some us , I want to give him thanks for all he has done in the last few Years -Dj singing making you laugh and some time even get a little frustrating but that what make
him my brother , and your friend and his wonderful wife Kail
who also been there many time for me and a few of you as well
Hugs will be Missing you both every Day God Bless you and Keep you safe .x-grid-info://􀀁

We had a great time. Wonderful music by Rogue and Rhonda, great friends. I put the whole Gatsby club in a box and more 1920s stuff boxes all free for you AT THE SHOP. hugssssssssssssss THE SHOP IS JUST DOWN THE LITTLE ROAD FROM THE CLUB or on the Teleporter

WE HAD TO BAN ... it was their decision

Looking for an SF Penguin
They exist :) I saw one the other day. Do you know where I can find them, with supplies ?

Call me a Drama Queen , is always a Queen behind :)

The Pier (A region in Tranquility grid) ...ok i know nobody knows it a grid and The Pier is a region full of alts ....who cares ,,,,,anyway i was there and was funny :P

As per a suggestion, I've put the satyrfarm cold storage script into the antique cooler so it can be used for a fridge on the farm. Have Fun!

Don't usually do drama politics lol but i recieved more than the usual Hate Mail since posting here. 1. This is no Second Life 2. 70% of the items i see for sale in Second Life are free downloadable objects and clothes modified and then resold for quite alot of money (i do game graphics in RL) 3. OS Grid came to us as a free open source and is especially valuable to those who are handicapped and on low incomes who can never never never afford SL to create their dreams 4. No other grid would be around if not for the FREE tech service from OS grid staff and developers 5. If you tweeked your copy of OS Grid sofware for YOUR GRID and it runs better GREAT that is what we want! YOUR HAPPINESS 6. When attending someones event try to have manners if possible, I know these are hard times and everyone is on edge but lets all just step back for a moment and take a breath. Im happy to help anyone or discuss or listen Hugsss and have a great day HAPPY HOLIDAYS
DJ Cheryl's Tuesday Night Blues
Where: Brigadoon
When: 7 hours ago [1 Dec 2020 18:00 SLT]

Come join DJ Cheryl every Tuesday evening barring hollidays or other important events as she spins the fabulous Blues Tunes you love to hear. It's a mixed bag so you never know what you'll hear. Come prepared to party and bring a friend!

hop:// or

Partytime in NextLife-World in zusammenarbeit mit GWG
Apres Ski -Party ab 20 Uhr
mit Dj Achim,Dj Rich und Dj Mickie
auf der Alm

DJ Henk welcomes December
Where: Stark
When: 13 hours ago [1 Dec 2020 12:00 SLT]

December starts today and Henk ushers in the new month with a rock set. Four hours of music mayhem and magic. The Dutch master paints his mix for our enjoyment. Be a part of the scene, it will be awesome and you dont want to miss a moment of it.

Enjoy and share!
Kingman City
Teleport in Arkham City

Enjoy and share!
Kingman City
Teleport in Arkham City

this might be my final Aurora Borealis.....after a decade of fiddling:)
It looks kinda vague on the pic....u need see it in action inworld, see my Picks

Party @ Stark
Where: Stark
When: 2 days ago [29 Nov 2020 13:00 SLT]

A day of mystery in anticipation of this evening's party at Stark Islands. DJ Teraa is unable to perform due to computer malfunction. So who will take his place????? Could it be DJ Mike, or DJ Mattie.... or one other. Time will tell but whoever it is, the music will be spellbinding and spectacular. So come along to the party islands and have some fun!

MOUNTAINS (and also offsim mountains), ROCKs, CRYSTALs, CAVEs, MINEs and RELATED MEGAPACK ** Available at BOX 01 at MOUNTAIN AREA for FREE and FULL PERM!
Ps. Thx for all who advised the mountain box had a lot of asset issues. All fixed now and added tons of new stuffs. Just be patience when grabbing the box.. it has really a lot of stuffs inside and may take a while. Enjoy :)

Join our VIP Venue Groups to keep abreast of upcoming events!
Magic Moments Venue
Magic Garden Venue

Land for Farmers
Are there any servers that offer land for free for farmers? I don't work so I can't pay for land.

Last day of November, it's the CLAN Live Band at The Barn from 12:00 noon

Running 6 carriage trains succesfully! :)

DJ VIKTOR @ Stark Islands
Where: Stark
When: yesterday [30 Nov 2020 13:00 SLT]

Omg weekend's over et its Monday encore.......Nnnnoooonnnnn. But yay c'est VIKKKTOORRRRRR ce soir so nous can forgettez we got un whole week of tout much work and dancez le nuit away.

Come on down to Stark, Party Area East, 1 pm grid to shakez votre pixels et wrigglez votre derrieres for two great heures of Yakka Yakka YAAAAAYYY!!!!!

New Kingman City
The previous location has been eliminated, take the teleport in Arkham City
Quality Mesh Designs
Teleport in Arkham City

LIGHT MUSEUM opening! All FREE and FULL PERM for LAMPs, STREET LAMPS and LIGHT related..
In STORE 04 u will find: X-mas stuffs. Enjoy :)

Birthday Ya MaHa and Aven Mir
29 November -12 : 00 SLT
We are in a hurry to invite you to Ya Maha and Aven Mir
birthday. We want to celebrate this holiday in an atmosphere of kindness, joy and fun. Wild Fire
Online time has been a bit spotty for the last two days. This is because we have doubled our server size and RAM, as well as getting a higher speed connection. We have also joined the four mega regions (16 sims each) into one super region of 64 sims.

We have also separated Bernicia East and renamed it Icescape. This is so we can have different ground textures on there.

At the moment, this is experimental and we'll see how it works and whether it improves any region crossing lag and has manageable login lag. I have noticed that rezzing of terrain and ground textures is longer than before and would be interested to know what others think. Is it too long? Does it impact your enjoyment of the regions - for instance.

If you experience any problems, please leave a comment here as I can only tell what happens between the UK, which is where I am and Germany, where the server is. Things may be different from other countries and continents so feedback is appreciated.

We can change back or reduce the number of sims if this doesn't work reasonably well.

This little house by @Tainted Angel is Adorable!! You have to come see this!! It has great little heart entry too, I love this!!'s Magic

Crazy party in a Crazy Club with DJ Mayor
When: 3 days ago [29 Nov 2020 12:00 SLT]

We are on grid for the fun, to enjoy and to share good times...
Sunday parties in the Crazy club are just crazy and you can come as you are, put on fun wears, sce fiction, any you like ...
We also offer you fun free wears near the bar, fun drinks and smokes....
You are invited to share music and fun with all of us...
Contest for the more crazy wears,
so .... Let's get as crazy as DJ Mayor !!!!!
Party starts at 10:00 and we'll stay for 4 hours or more......

We have four plots left! If you would like to enter the Virtual-HG Gingerbread House building contest, please come claim your plot for building. Building begins November 26th with house to be finished and placed by noon Dec 5th! Come and join in on the fun. There is a prim to copy and rez on the plot of your choice. Please join the group so that you can rez the prim. Have fun!'s Magic

A Beautiful Set of 2 Excellent Dj. Italy / France. This Duet will begin performing on Sunday, November 29, 2020.
A Pearl of Italy, Dj Arianna Feat DjViktor.Agent.Power & Heat Forever.

11 am.01pm: DjViktor.
01pm: Dj Arianna.

Always with our Partners: Elo Creations, Party Destination Grid, Stark Island, Zuzion Club.
celebrate with us. YaKa coming :)

(c)YaKa-Club International(R) is :
SwimmingPool.&.Island.Relax with: Different tp for Planetes Halloween & Amerindians / Western Village.
But too, Games and Free Money for news Avatars for 30 days.
Family YaKa is here for your Happiness ♥

Creations by Elo ♥

Limousine. International(R)

(c) (R) Since 2007

Iknimaya has been given the kindest gift. @BettyFashionLover took time out of her day to help me create poses for our Hawpanyu. So that we can utilize the Flow of Healing and also carrying the sick. These poses are giving us life in our RolePlay. Thank you very much Betty ❤
Goddess Oksana Live 3-4 At the Dome!
Where: Pomsigland
When: 3 days ago [28 Nov 2020 15:00 SLT]

Goddess Oksana Rocks it at the Dome!

DJ ROSA @ Stark Islands
Where: Stark
When: 4 days ago [28 Nov 2020 12:00 SLT]

Its Saturday, its Stark Islands, it will be 12 noon grid time so it must be Rosa time. Our beautiful Brazilian beckons one and all to her set which is a mix of genres and styles that has us all jigging and jostling, having fun and a laugh. Please come and join us in the mix, it is something you will not regret

The notorious bandit Davren Thenerus rose to local fame after he and his band of brigands assaulted a royal envoy last year. The envoy was on his way back to the capital escorting three wagons of produces and tithes for the crown. Davren Thenerus and his men killed every person with the caravan and
left with the goods. Later that year, Davren was seen near
a thriving coastal city. The city watch tried to track Davren Thenerus down but the search proved unfruitful.
Several witnesses reported that Davren became an agent to the dark network who secretly, or rather overtly, control the underworld. Now people claim that Davren has returned to the capital but no one has seen him yet. The city watch placed posters with his face and offered a reward of four hundred gold pieces for proof of capture or death. Despite the high reward, no citizen has come forward with any information about Davren.Davren Thenerus is in the capital with his band of thieves They are planning a heist of some sort.

New Kingman City
The previous location has been eliminated, take the teleport in Arkham City
Quality Mesh Designs
Teleport in Arkham City

This may be an event un-like any previous events in Opensimworld. There will be many sights of a wintry nature, dancing to a DJ'ed event, and many, many surprises, with content not seen before in Opensim.

(Edit 11-26-2020):
Winter things to be seen, gifts offered, and experiences to have;
1. Creations from various Internet 3D artists (including myself) not seen before in the OpenSim world (all for free)
2. An approximately 145 sq. meter Ice Cave Maze, with gifts and creations throughout the maze.
3. An holiday related fantasy land, where you can imagine your in it and even ice skate there.
4. The terrain throughout the 3X3 region will be visibly breathtaking (also unique to OS).
5. Enter into a holiday 3D cartoon.
6. RL replicated moods of winter experiences.

Please join me and having a great time.

"Soul, living with friends", weil Kreativität ansteckend ist. Because creativity is contagious

Look how darling, this is Gary Kohime's house under construction! Please stop by and watch the houses as they are being built and added to the region at Winter's Magic. Please no voting until Dec 5th, any votes prior will be deleted. Voting starts Dec 5th at noon.'s Magic

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niki stuart 1 hour ago
will be another great and relaxing party, join us!!!
RubyTuesday 5 hours ago
You will be sorely missed Cale and Kali
Power OfGreen 6 hours ago
Tomtom on here is continuing to hit on us for using part of an already build building. Should really try and have some fun Tomtom
Betty 7 hours ago
Tranquility grid :))) OK a stupid grid renting servers from NICK THE GREEK :)) ok ... 1. i was there with my alt wearing the femme body and noone warned me to leave, the opposite they welcomed...
Goldie 8 hours ago
i was there wearing femme body and nobody warned me , the opposite they welcomed me :) Betty i think they have a reason with you can call it jealously :)
OpenWorldz 11 hours ago
I did too awhile ago, It has a plug on it too :-)