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GCG Welcome
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The New Great Canadian Grid! A Commercial Grid fully Independent! Come Check us out. Visit us at:
Just an additional 360 of the region there is so much beauty to see and we welcome all who would like to come and reflect, meditate and hold vigil for loved ones and to place a memorial to a loved one from real life or virtual. Together we can heal.

A quick look at our village on the harbor. We have a few empty stores that we would love to rent out for free to creators. Please contact us if you are interested.

Thank you @FredBeckhusen for adding the great new VR feature! We will be adding images to our new VHG VR page here Image shown here is Cherry Manga's exhibit Thank you Cherry!
You can see the exhibit here: Odyssey

TrisTH: I was able to enter, spectacular 2 months ago

360 Snapshot of the new mountain range area, part of over 840 regions joined together! (land for rent!)

Luna Lunaria: Love the open spaces on this grid 2 months ago

fresh 360

During Winter, Novale offers to hypergrid visitors 4 teleport hubs to facilitate their exploration of its diverse winter habitats. Here is the Winter Greenhouse, the Hub nearby the landing. Each hub contents Teleport boards to Novale's destinations. These Hubs can also help visitors to decode the Advent Hunts clues.

Gather at the opulent Gor Grid Gathering Gazebo before heading into our roleplay areas.

When you come to the Parade don't forget to check out the main Island as we have plenty to do. We just added "Candy Crash" Ice Skating and Ice Bumper Cars. It is located off the main promenade behind the whimsical Reindeer Grooming Barn & Fly-through Reindeer wash. Just follow the candy-striped path!
Willkommen im Studio 54 Open Air Club
New in Night City
mit Musik und guter Laune geht es besser im Leben

Party an 01.12.2022 ab 20:00 uhr / 8 PM (MEZ)

Welcome to Studio 54 Open Air Club
New in Night City
life goes better with music and good moods

Suzan Von Otter: Hallo zusammen , gut ich war auch nicht auf der Party , aber ich habe mir die sim angeschaut. gut gemacht alles mit viel Ehrgeiz gebaut . der Club passt zu sim , was ein Mitmensch siehe Unten dagegen... 2 months ago

Movida Grows, everything else is just noise ;)

Lorena: Message: You dont have access to this region 2 months ago
We are now fully open for the Christmas Season with many fun events being planned. We have many things to do and see like the Christmas Parade, The largest and most beautiful and complex underwater Minature sub-ride that you control in all of OS & SL guaranteed, and much much more.
Drop me an IM and if I can I will give you a personal tour. We have a great team of builders and entertainers and are always looking for more.
I /we wish you all a blessed Holiday season no matter where and who you are. PEACE!

Mykal: Thank you so much from all of our team. Have a wonderful Holiday Season! 2 months ago

A panoramic shot of Grover's Corner (Onzestad) on, a happily contented client of Masala Estates.

Christmas Town

We are ready for Christmas!!! Be sure to visit our Christmas Town and our Starter Christmas Region!!

Immersion Island is presenting a whimsical Metaverse virtual "Tribute" production celebrating the best holiday season of any year with a tribute to the time-honored "macy's " Thanksgiving day Parade.
You are ALL invited! Thursday, November 24 10:30 am Pacific time.
Anvil Island

Kylie Brimmer: i try to get there but i get pop up message saying "Teleport failed - The parcel is restricted, and you not on the access list" 2 months ago

NightFall a 3x3 Role Play Region

2007 was a year of wanting to make positive changes - I started an environmental awareness blog “Climate of Our Future.”

Having researched the Pacific gyre and seeing all the plastics accumulating on our ocean floor was devastating to me; to learn at that time it was twice the size of Texas.

In my research, I discovered a Marine Biologist who has an incredible love for our oceans. Dr. Wallace J. Nichols, Ph.D. “J”. J was a frequent contributor to Climate of Our Future and allowed the use of any resources he had. He still does, thank you J. His philosophy The Blue Mind Rx: Our Waters Can Be Lifelong Medicine for All People. This is an important message that I wanted to share virtually.

I have added the @JoeBuilder "Barrier Reef" to my virtual installation of Blue Mind, thank you Joe. J's water philosophy is here. I keep J close in positive thoughts, two years ago his home was destroyed by fire. You can read about it here:

Thank you J for your contribution to our planet.


Winter 2022 Kingman City/Arkham Grid

All of here at The Shirls SE3D Worlds are ready for Thanksgiving! Be sure to visit... "Over the River and through the woods" which is located at our Holiday Region. LM at the Welcome Center along with a free copy of the Thanksgiving Scene!
DreamGrid's exclusive OAR-Barrier Reef by @Joe Builder one of his Lost World sims is released for DreamGrid owners-check your Free OARs list. Beautifully landscaped reef, rays of light emitting through the sea, such a beautiful effect created by Joe. Abundant sea plants decorate the seafloor too. Vibrant textures, this is really lovely. Thank you Joe, thank you Fred!

#oar #oars #dreamgrid #joebuilder #fredbeckhusen #outworldz #BarrierReef

This is licensed as Exclusive for use with DreamGrid Software-Copyright: CC BY-NC-SA

Hugabug: Amazing pics this is a must see great detail in this build ! 3 months ago

Clan meets Virtual Vignettes at the Haunted Doll House!
Immersion Island FUN!

Immersion Island: Immersion FUN!

''The Vampires Cave''
One of the 11 caves where the Halloween Hunt occurs.
Come, look for bones and get the royal reward !

'The Spider and Devil Cave'
One of The 11 caves where the Halloween Hunt occurs.
Hold on you courage and join the hunt
For a nice immersive experience

New!!! Shopping Level just for Male
Teleport at the Landing Point (Men Fashion)

'' The workspace of a modern witch ''
One of the 11 caves of the Halloween Hunt at Novale
October 22nd to 31st.

At the ''Zombie Fitness Club''
One of the 11 caves where the Halloween Hunt takes place

New in Night City the OpenAir Club STUDIO 54

Corallysiel2: Cette femme est très talentueuse, elle fait de belles choses elle est gentille et aide tout le monde je viens toujours la voir merci Valéria 4 months ago

Don't look UP (!)

The Hobbiton Collection will be the first destination the Hypergrid Safari visits this Wednesday at 12 PM SL Time. This includes Hobbiton, Beorns-House, Bree and Buckland, Edoras-Rohan, Myrkwood, and Rivendell to mark the October 19th anniversary of the publication of the final part of the trilogy, The Return of the King, 20 October 1955.

Marianna : I love seeing Outworldz and Hobbiton promoted!! For those of you who have not yet seen Hobbiton please take the time to explore and follow the Thirza and the HGSafari! 4 months ago

New Ark at sunrise. Nice quiet place to visit and explore.

Cemetery view at all Lunaria Emporium store regions. You can also find all my cemetery items on the Kitely Market here:

Just opened, Bluebay in the Lost In Time Jungle, a friendly place, bar, dance, beach, cabaret and lot of activities
Thank you if you take time to visit :)

360 taken in the Haunted Valley

New Kingston with some spooky visitors.

Waiting for Halloween ...

Morning at XRadio Metaversal Studio Plaza [pic:20221009]

XRadio: Reception Area [pic:20221009]

Listen to tunes like Weed Samosas And Sriracha, Laughing Buddha and many others - on today's playlist at Sunvibes : Delhi 2 Dublin and Afro Celt. While there, check out the little Freebie shop for Africa inspired tops, Fractal images and other Africa inspired items. Happy weekend :)
ANJ/Vintage Boutique at VILLA D'ISTRIA Shangrilla-Dolls World Opening on the 9th of December 2022
Welcome back ! : Our event re-opening on friday the 9th of December 2022 is getting perpared as your XMAS GIFT. It is a tremendous job to offer to our community a TRENDY "Vintage Couture shop" named "ANJ/Vintage" for Shangrilla-Dolls World. What it will feature then ? - It represents OSGRID clothes as a tasteful wardrobe of the corresponding REALITY BRANDINGS that "you girls" ever dreamed of to acquire and collect - from 1985 up to 2008 -. These are best years for fortunate buyers to dress and gift with - Thierry Mugler ; Dior ; Chanel ; Paco Rabanne ; Loris Azzaro ; DG and much more - there is a bit of ready to wear with Diesel ; Bebe ; Ralph Lauren and some more represented... For the beach Eres...
The SIM shall reopen with a direct TP to the Italian Villa Terrace where the shop is incorporated. Don't forget you must wait and stand a bit to rez all the shop and share the goods that we deliver to you. Patience will reward.
For this an Event meeting will happen that will be prepared as a brunch gardens.
- It is a fantastic opportunity to represent MEDIA CROSS-MARKETING options for sponsors and brands : to show that everything is ready to merge inside the Metaverse. Many potential actors can be represented - let's TRY-OUT with some fashion first...
Have a great time in the Opensim !
+ Note : When the shop is entirely settled as it does represent our best years fashion it will be like a Fashion Museum Concept Boutique and not like a Fashion week. So you can come and find the wardrobe for every local event you'd need...! : It will fill out all your desires permanently :x° meow!
Nyx Breen has installed two exhibits at Mind Odyssey. In and Out of View and Polaroids. My first impression of Nyx's art is always wow, I am often left speechless as my brain renders the colors and movement of these exhibits. I have to be careful of flashing lights but with Nyx art, the movement is subtle and flowing, a gentle movement to me that is soothing. Please consider visiting and feel the experience of Nyx art, take some time when you do to really appreciate it.

Thank you Nyx! Odyssey

oficina para adquisicion de sims

Today on the Africa stream : African blues by Boubacar Traore and Vieux Farka Toure. Visit the Blues hut, turn on stream and enjoy the African atmosphere and the sounds of the blues from Mali.

Kashi Takeshi: Awesome place ! nice work Asha xox 4 months ago

Halloween 2

Beorn's House

Author: Darkness Papp/David Denny
Copyright CC BY-NC 4.0
Exclusive: yes---> This build is exclusive for Outworldz DreamGrid owners

Part of the Hobbiton Collection by Darkness Papp

Beorn lived in a wooden house on his pasturelands between the Misty Mountains and Mirkwood, to the east of the Anduin. His household included an animal retinue (horses, dogs, sheep, and cows, among others, according to Gandalf, Beorn did not eat his cattle, nor hunt wild animals. He also grew large areas of clover for his bees.
Character Created By: J. R. R. Tolkien

When you rez this build, make sure your music is off, you will want to hear the sounds here. I hear, a billy goat, a wolf, and birds. A serene countryside estate with lush landscaping.
This lovely country cottage has beehives, horses grazing, and bales of hay to feed them. Entering the cottage, from the garden area, you will see Great Danes to guard you, and a cow eating hay. You will find this .oar file in the Outworldz DreamGrid free .oars

Fred Beckhusen designs and creates .oars to share with his Outworldz-Dreamgrid members. The OAR is licensed exclusively for use in DreamWorld Grids. CC-BY-NC, Outworldz, LLC.

A 360 snapshot of Skull Town

The Box
Ellefisch 5 hours ago
You guys look a lot like my facebook feed. Will you be changing your relationship status to "It's complicated" ?
Susanna_Heller 14 hours ago
small tip that what you breathe in OpenSimulator and SecondLife is not air, it only exists in RL ... now you have learned something new
Susanna_Heller 14 hours ago
that's childish.. but thanks for pointing it out
KrisPatrick 14 hours ago
Tell Rulus I said hi :)
Susanna_Heller 14 hours ago
better than an old man who has nothing else in life but wickedness.. I have the future ahead of me
Susanna_Heller 14 hours ago
you are not the police here what others say is none of your business but apparently you don't check if it surprises you
KrisPatrick 15 hours ago
You bore me child!
KrisPatrick 15 hours ago
Calling people pixel trash is you "getting secondlife" eh?
Susanna_Heller 15 hours ago
you should visit the wailing wall.....Greefer I have seldom seen such a wicked insidious and bad person as you
KrisPatrick 15 hours ago
you think you can hide for awhile on your alts and we don't know who you are.
KrisPatrick 15 hours ago
I'm the skin that pushes out the splinter as it heals.
KrisPatrick 15 hours ago
Hmm, This was in a public that you posted those kind words. People don't get angry over such minimal things.
Susanna_Heller 15 hours ago
you don't seem to get "second life" and what that means go and play monopoly
Susanna_Heller 15 hours ago
what i say to other ppl is none of your business.... stop to be a greefer
KrisPatrick 15 hours ago
Misdirection don't work here, try again.
Susanna_Heller 15 hours ago
you're also priscilla it wouldn't surprise me
KrisPatrick 15 hours ago
Calling people pixel trash while all they done was state a fact. Your anger shows more then you hide.
Susanna_Heller 15 hours ago
Stop use drugs KrisPatrick (KrisTina) what i say you are a Greefer
KrisPatrick 15 hours ago
Standing behind a tree and yelling at someone else for hiding?
Susanna_Heller 16 hours ago
@KrisTina you are a Greefer ... yes you are KrisTina yesterday as you hide? :) Mr lol
Susanna_Heller 16 hours ago
@KrisTina What am I doing, why should I like a region that is group only so nobody can go there, your thoughts seem to be sicker than I thought .. And sending me all kinds of rude messages privately shows your azocial nature
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huhu viel spass euch ich kann leider nicht erscheinen da ich im Realen Unterwegs bin.
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The Attention to detail is second to none. Be Sure to come and hear great music and a beautifully laid out Party area. :)
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Denied Access to a private region :-( !
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Big City Shopping Mall
I enjoy the little shops and how organized everything is. This place seems to vanish a lot (before this it was Sex City, then Vice City) Hopefully now it is here to stay
Ellefisch 5 hours ago
@KrisTina What am I doing, why should I like a region that is group only so nobody can go there, your thoughts seem to be sicker than I thought .. And sending me all kinds of rude messages privately s...
Susanna_Heller 16 hours ago
AMB Mall
OS shouldt be Free, sorry
Lacero Ghoststar 22 hours ago
Dyvalls Shopping Fun
Super organized making the shopping experience a one to enjoy :) Thank you so much for sharing
Bebe yesterday
Unique new items. Well planned and organized. All in I rate a 5. Great job, and thanks for sharing.
SheaButter yesterday
Big City Shopping Mall
besides all the stolen copy-botted items, there are countless items with pedophilic themes, was highly disturbed by the casualness of it... when I was there, there was even a kid avi and his profile p...
Medjool 2 days ago
the region looks ok to me.... Group Access/Private and is under the TOS
RulusKaliopov 2 days ago
I don't use my own alts to like my page. lol
KrisTina 2 days ago
Rock City
If Digi would alter its BS login shit..more would visit
Copper 2 days ago

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