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Golden Shopping
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freebies, group gifts and others

"Wake the kids and phone the neighbors!"
Grainger Village is back

The Metro was blocked on SagiTTariuS. Due to popular demand, we moved it and it is now available to everyone. Explore the metro and find many interesting things for yourself)

Attention please! The Sacrarium respects Italians, Germans, Turks, Russians, Americans and all other nationalities, races and religions in full accordance with the ideas of the UN. User's Betty statement is her personal opinion and does not reflect the position of the Sacrarium and is in no way affiliated with it. The Sacrarium strongly condemns all forms of Nazism and intolerance. Thank you for attention.

Arkham Grid 2021
New Region coming

New Location The Furniture Vault Region

After hearing of the sad news that Gertie Bumbtious left us on June 5th, we, Niki Stark (ex-wife of Gertie) and I decided to make a tribute edition of Stark! with some nice photos of Gertie. We will miss Gertie very much with her happy, positive manner and her legendary music sets!

You can get copies of the magazine and the vendors at the Stark landing point as always.

Rest in peace, Gertie!
Niki & Mattie

We moved Klamotto to, but will keep the old place open. We have a new group for updates: secondlife:///app/group/7df4a752-6efb-4d80-ad09-6641d4ad1b34/about

Party safely in opensim!
If you are homebound due to coronavirus, stay safe and have fun in the virtual worlds. Many places to party in opensim, and they are all 100% safe!

The first time ever in open sim, a magazine dedicated to Hentai in all its glory. This magazine will have you all racing to the store to get many copies. Hehehehehehehe!
It is rude and it is fun so please dont take offence. It is A rated but not malicious or ill meaning.

You can get old or new style vendors containing the whole range of Stark! magazines from the welcome area at Stark Islands.

Living with friends ...
Amazing community
wir sind mal wieder mächtig stolz auf unsere Leute. Einfach weil sie sind wie sie sind,
weil sie " living with friends" nicht nur als geklauten Slogan nehmen,
sondern dieses feeling jeden Tag leben. Dafür sind wir sehr dankbar .
Happy New Year 2021!! Will let the fireworks from now on and for 1 day. Come to see it and grab a copy of these mesh fireworks at GADGET STORE (commercial area, close to TP point).. FREE and FULL PERM.. enjoy :)

Happy New Year!
Arkham Grid

The new Stark! magazine with Typhaine Artez from Sacrarium is out now!

Get your copy of the magazine and/or vendor from the new Stark landing point.

Arkham Grid was born without an internal community project, players can't register, so I knew the difference. Not knowing and not having friends. This has not happened, I have more friendships now than in many years of Opensim, many come to greet, to talk, or to listen to me. I am very happy, there is a lot to do in this grid, my next project is to open land for residents "Arda", I am ready to host friends in my house.
I thank all the people who have always chosen Arkham, thank you for your friendship, and for creating a great community in the grid.
Merry Christmas to all and a Happy New Year!

❣ DOMINO MODE ❣ presents a new store for fashionistas !!! As always, Sacrarium pleases beautiful girls with new products. ❣

Alfheim Kaffé and fishing area with our newest commercial buildings. Don`t mind the dust, still working on it :)

Once again, things been changed at Alfheim Klubb. we have now a scripted Hockey arena (with puck rezer and clothing n equipments rezer available for free and full perm). HGriders, be more than welcome to play with us or with ur friends here :) ps. dont notice the mess, it still needs some tweaks :)
SIX KINDS of sculpted wild grasses and weeds for ur place! ALL FREE and FULLPERM at GARDEN AREA BOX 01 with seasonal textures (and this time I put the standart size and also the reduced 128x128 pixels one that helps reduce graphic lag when many are rezed).
The new Stark! magazine with Miranda Djannovic from Virtual Dream Grid and Niki Stark is out now! Be careful! It is HOT!

Get your copy of the magazine and/or vendor from the new Stark landing point.
CHERRY TREES PACK * FREE and FULL PERM available at FOREST AREA (ground) at BOX02. Animated particles are in mesh and separated prim so u can remove it when playing seasonal (textures inside). Enjoy :)

Enjoy and share!
YAY Region

fashionable and stylish women clothing.

Join Arkham City Halloween

Enjoy and share!
Arkham City Store Body / Bento / Baches On Mesh

Stairway to Heaven - Please be careful walking up the stairs: usually no one ever has returned from heaven ...

Just arrived to Oceanid II - Zoe's mall II, the new Bento BoM Mesh Body (Athena6), and all the New BoM layers, for your gorgeous bodies.
Enjoy share and be happy!

OpenSim is an oasis for people who are following physical distancing around the world. Thank you all for keeping yourselves safe, keeping your regions online and keeping your visitors entertained!

Enjoy and share!
Arkham City Store Body / Bento / Baches On Mesh

hello everyone I'm finishing working on a new hud version of each furry avatar will have new functions such as alpha and eye colors !

New articles in The Golden River ... Don't miss them

Ein aufregendes Jahr liegt hinter uns.
Wir hatten Verluste.
Manche taten weh, manche weniger.
Wir hatten aber auch Gewinne
Der größte Gewinn war
Teil einer funktionierenden, lebensfrohen, lebendigen Gemeinschaft geworden zu sein.
Teil eines Grids zu sein,in dem Freundschaft nicht nur ein geklauter Werbeslogan ist.
Teil eines Grids zu sein, dass eigenständig zurecht kommt.

Dafür sind wir sehr dankbar. Unseren Bewohnern und allen, die uns dies ermöglicht haben, wie auch unseren zahlreichen Besuchern.
Möge die Zeit der bollernden Heizungen und prasselnden Kamine die Herzen der Menschen erwärmen und der Duft der Tannenbäume
all den Menschen die schlechten Gedanken vertreiben

Wir wünschen Euch allen ein besinnliches Weihnachtsfest, einen sensationell schönen Start ins neue Jahr und bleibt gesund.

Euch allen ein besinnliches und herzerwärmendes Weihnachtsfest

wünschen Euch Nasti und Rudi vom Soul Grid

Come for the freebies. Stay for the sites! Take your time exploring this beautiful sim, filled with picturesque views, large forests, rivers, lakes, waterfalls, and beaches. Don't forget to visit Santa along the way.
MOUNTAINS (and also offsim mountains), ROCKs, CRYSTALs, CAVEs, MINEs and RELATED MEGAPACK ** Available at BOX 01 at MOUNTAIN AREA for FREE and FULL PERM!
Ps. Thx for all who advised the mountain box had a lot of asset issues. All fixed now and added tons of new stuffs. Just be patience when grabbing the box.. it has really a lot of stuffs inside and may take a while. Enjoy :)

Opening at Christmas

this might be my final Aurora Borealis.....after a decade of fiddling:)
It looks kinda vague on the pic....u need see it in action inworld, see my Picks

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