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Wolf Fest
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THIS WEEKEND WOLF FEST IS ON at the Wolf Fest Region on Wolf Territories Grid

With a broken heart, I inform you that our dear friend and lover of Virtual Worlds, Veritas McMaster, passed away in a house fire trying to save her beloved cockatoo Sophie.

Derrybeg Arabello: I did not know Veri .. very well, only chatted in passing. She seemed to me like a very sweet and caring person, and of course, she'd care enough about her bird to go back for it. We need more peo... 1 years ago
Plötzlich und unerwaret schlief am 4.12. mein liebster Rudi unser Grid Vater ein

Ich bin nur ins Zimmer nebenan gegangen.
Nichts ist passiert.
Alles bleibt genauso wie es war.

Ich bin ich, und ihr seid ihr, und das alte Leben, das wir so liebevoll zusammen lebten, ist unberührt und unverändert.
Was auch immer wir füreinander waren, das sind wir noch.
Ruft mich mit meinem alten vertrauten Namen.
Sprecht von mir in derselben selbstverständlichen Redeweise, die ihr immer benutzt habt.
Macht keinen Unterschied im Ton.
Erzeugt keine gezwungene Atmospäre der Feierlichkeit oder des Kummers.
Lacht, wie wir immer über die kleinen Späße lachten, die wir gemeinsam genossen haben.
Spielt, lächelt, denkt an mich, betet für mich.

Lasst meinen Namen immer vertraut und alltäglich bleiben, wie er es bisher auch war.
Lasst ihn ohne Anstrengung gesprochen werden, ohne einen geisterhaften Schatten.

Das Leben bedeutet alles, was es vorher auch bedeutet hat.
Es ist dasselbe wie es immer war. Es gibt absolute und ununterbrochene Kontinuität.
Was ist dieser Tod anderes als ein vernachlässigbarer Unfall?
Warum sollte ich aus eurem Sinn sein, nur weil ihr mich nicht mehr sehen könnt?
Ich warte in der Zwischenzeit auf euch, irgendwo ganz in der Nähe, gleich um die Ecke.

Alles ist gut.

Nichts ist verletzt; nichts ist verloren .
Ein kurzer Moment und alles wird so sein wie früher.
Wie werden wir über die Mühen des Abschieds lachen, wenn wir uns wiedersehen!

Tatum: I've known rudi a little bit (under different avis), but I do remember one of the nicest and most kind people of OS. Rest well my friendly friend! My condolences to friends and family! 2 years ago

Your grid and users are not welcome here anymore. Your users have been harassing and messaging racist slurs at opensimworld users for years. You have harassed me personally and my family *in real life*. You keep doing it despite warnings and temporary bans

From now on you are permanently banned from listing and advertising anything from your grid in Opensimworld. Your regions are inactive anyway, they will be removed.

Your abusive accounts will be frozen. Do not attempt to create new ones , they will be removed.

Please advertise your grid etc on: Facebook, Twitter, Mewe, Discord, wherever, anywhere but NOT HERE . Enough is enough, you are not welcome here.
🥳We, at R. Lion Stores, hope the magic of Christmas fills every corner of your heart and home with joy — now and always.🥳
According with Santa's nice List, this year the ladies were the best behaved, so our gift is for them:😇
The new LaraX Mesh Body is available now at our new Avatar's components store, for you to get. Come quick!

SheaButter: Happy Holidays, to you and your family. Thank you, for sharing all those wonderful items. 6 months ago
For the last 3 weeks, I have dealt with a intermittent issue on my grid that has about driven me nuts. I have tested, and eliminated possibilities …..without luck.

Yesterday two of the largest grid owners in open sim, Lone Wolf from Wolf Territories and Josh Boam from Aviworlds, took time from their busy schedules to help finally fix this issue. In addition , Rafael from Wolf Territories assisted. I cannot say thanks enough!

Although I work with Josh’s hosting business, this involved much more. Josh would not give up and recruited Lone Wolf.

In my opinion, maybe this is what opensim was designed to be: sharing of knowledge and helping each other.

Lone Wolf and Josh did not have to give up their time to help a tiny grid…..but they did!

Maybe we can all learn from these individuals!

Sharing knowledge is Caring

FYI. The default setting of 2 threadsets can cause major headaches depending on your region….it is way too low in some cases. You all probably know that…but I learned.

thedeeferry: So, OpenLife has me blocked, so I cannot reply directly to its comment. Nor can I send it a private message which I prefer. I apologize to any others if what I type now offends you. This is directe... 5 months ago

VickiJoanne: There's a problem with the very concept of "hate speech" and that is WHO exactly gets to define it? In The Box we've seen the recurrent appearance of one or more people who are clearly either trollin... 23 days ago

RIP Torben.

KarinBecker: Rest in peace and condolences to all his friends and loved ones. 2 years ago

Congratulations Arkham, the second year, Happy Anniversary

BeckySwanson: and when it says that the region does not exist ?... what would be the problem? 2 years ago

Rigged 3D models for use as avatars or animesh. Open to commissions, send me a notecard inworld with your request.

Antonia Ling: Wonderful stuff! Love it... 2 years ago
Announcing the opening of the Raven's Peak Grid (ex Resurgence).

We managed to find an old backup from a month ago and have loaded it up. Not ideal, however we are all encouraged that not all is lost!

We have decided on a separate landing area to the main regions. You will now land on an island where you can TP to the region of your choice using the region teleporter.

The shops are open along with Hellfire Bay and Cinders Beach & Residential. We are all working hard to re-upload all our lost items and more! This means everything else has been put on hold so we can bring you quality items once again. So pop on over regularly because there will be new items in the stores daily.

If you were living at Cinders Beach prior to the hack, please contact Mike or Zoey. Either your island is still standing and needs to be handed back to you or it was lost. Either way, we can certainly assist.

We do have whole regions available and payable monthly POA:
1x1 - 30,000 prims
2x2 - 60,000 prims
4x4 - 90,000 prims

If you wish to live at Raven's Peak or have a store here you will need to make an account. You can make an account at Raven's Peak on this link:

There are shops available for rent in the main shopping area. If you are interested in having a store here please contact either Mike or Zoey. Store owners are provided with a free 1x1 region with full admin rights.

As we get back on our feet again, we will be reverting back to our original plans to bring you a grid that you can live at, play at, shop at and more. The regions currently allow you to sail and fly around, we will be bringing back our Friday and Saturday night events and there will be lots more coming!

Everyone from Raven's Peak would like to thank you all for your support and look forward to welcoming you back.

Mike, Zoey and the team at Raven's Peak ♥

Mistressdalgato: Welcome back! any backup is better then no backup, i will come shop soon. 5 months ago
When I think of Rudi and Nasti the first memories I have of them have always been incredibly supportive and encouraging from the moment I met them. With the news of Rudi's passing, I felt an immediate loss to our community, I cannot imagine how difficult this is for Nasti. It is with sincere condolences to Nasti and the family, I created a pendant in his memory. For those that were touched by Rudi and his kind spirit, this is for you to remember that spirit.

I miss you Rudi, much love to Nasti Jewelry

Jamie Wright: Beautiful tribute:) 1 years ago
*OPENSIM FIREWORKS V7 (VERSION 7) UPDATED RELEASE (less complexity than the previous version and effects now look more real - All you see on that picture is mesh! With sounds and animation! Available for FULLPERM and FREE at PARTY SECTOR inside a box for fireworks. Enjoy :)

P.s Version with particles available as well, if needed.

Ankhsenaton: Thank you, I will to to see that :-) (I hope you took lots of photos for the Daily Planet ;-) 19 days ago

Happy Christmas everyone!

thedeeferry: Best to you also sweet Wolf and to all who love you and all you love. Stay sweet, sweets! (ɔˆ ³ (ˆ⌣ˆc) my sweet Friend Did I mention how sweet your are? lol 6 months ago
All - Earthquake in Marrakesh Update 10/09/23

We have moved from our badly damaged home in Marrakesh to the capital Rabat - our power/broadband/telephone is very patchy but I have managed to make contact with Alex (Princess Alex), who will run the ILU side of things with Bobbi Fox, while we assess damage and living arrangements for the family.

Its just been announced over 2000 deaths and hundreds of injured - one close friend hasnt made it but he pulled his parents out of their wrecked family home.

Please pray for us and all those affected by this disaster.

We will see you all soon I hope.

Debz, Malik, Karen and Bethany Mansour

PinDeluca: This is just terrible ... My heart is with you. You Never know how strong you are until strong is your only choice. Take courage. God Bless you all. We will all meet again soon XXX 9 months ago
Danke für eure liebevollen Worte und Gebete. Danke allen, die in dieser schweren Zeit mir beigestanden und unseren Rudi das letzte Geleit gegeben haben. Danke auch für die vielen Blumen- und Kranzspenden, mit denen ihr eure Anteilnahme und Wertschätzung gezeigt habt.
In tiefster Dankbarkeit

OtterLandMGM: 1 years ago

Upgraded sky with EEP, new clouds,rainbow,planets,milkyway

sharanncousine: greetings peter 2 years ago
Recently I have had a number of people requesting that I allow child avatars at friends-grid and I want to discuss this openly and honestly.

It is not my place to try and push my morals and values upon others....however, as a grid owner, it is my place to learn the laws of every country involved. In this situation, I need to understand the Child pornography laws of not only where our servers are located, but I also had to research and learn the laws of every country we have residents and guests from. We currently have residents from 30 countries and guests from another 35. People who say "laws dont apply " are incorrect on this subject. You may have servers in one country.....but all the laws of your resident's countries come into play also.

A good thing to remember is that because you have gotten away with something for 10 years does not make it legal. You may never get caught....and then again.....somebody with a grudge may turn you in.

I want to point out a recent post by Jerralyn Franzic . Jerralyn showed the cutest childs outfit ever! ....and she also made the wisest statement ...."I don't understand the hatred towards child avis in Open Sim. Sure, they shouldn't engage in adult activities and maybe not hang in Adult sims but otherwise, what's the problem?" Personally I would love to see kids riding ponies at my farm....and having fun being mermaids. If everyone in child avi were to abide by Jerralyn's statement, there would not be an issue.

However, lets talk about reality. Not all child avis are simply riding ponies and playing in the water. The simple truth is that many (not all) of these child avis are having sex. Some grids use this to boost their traffic. In some countries, including US, the graphic illustration of a child online having sex is 100% illegal. You see, it does not matter if the person behind the computer is 12 or 52......the visual computer generated depiction of a child (child avatar) involved in sex is very illegal in a number of countries. 18 U.S.C. § 2252 Many people will say their countries are different....and this is stupid. I did not make laws........but I need to abide by them. Before people jump on this and criticize me ....I would suggest you read the laws of your country....your servers country...and the laws of all your residents or guests. There are many misinformed people on this subject. I am not saying the laws are right or wrong......but learn the laws.....then comment. You need to learn laws for your servers country...and all your guests countries. This post is not about is about laws....of all the countries involved.

I have spent over 200 hours reading international laws. Some countries allow things that others do not. However, you have to consider all the laws because of guests.

In I hate kids and kids avis......nooooooo. I would love to be able to allow them to come to friends grid. However, this is a less than perfect world in which we live, and I have to look at the potential liability of allowing those child avis. Because of that, Child avis are not allowed on exceptions! I am sad....because there are some wonderful people in kids avis that I do not get to have visit.

Friends-grid is an Adult community and we are looking for adults, with adult avi's who want to make this their main opensim home.

Sodasullivan: I think this is the proper way to address this issue Safine. You are setting the rules YOU are comfortable with on YOUR region. I am fine having my region open to everyone as long as they agree to fol... 3 months ago

May the Easter Bunny bring you all baskets of love and eggs full of positive surprises. Happy Easter!

Wish you all your Nasti

AleksanderDesousa: Frohe Ostern euch allen 3 months ago
Upgraded the horse rezzer script from the popular NPC horse rezzer to an "All-in-One" Animesh Horse Rezzer, with a load of features in the animesh horse.
Tip: to avoid the horse from dying, remove the "animesh horse rez" script, and have it roam around an area of your region or parcel, follow other horses, and other options.

One of the major benefits of the animesh horse is that it can cross regions (if allowed by the sim owner).
When you own the animesh horse, you can wear it an teleport around.

ThundergodThor: Positively awesome, I love it! The horses are so realistic looking. Awesome job Roland! 2 years ago
Tired of people coming to ur SIM/region/parcel just for copying stuffs? After u had a loot of work on doing it and all u see is.... avatars with arm stretched copying from A to Z? So the "COPY MY ASS" 3D sign is perfect for u.. Available for FREE and FULL PERM! Enjoy :)

Sabrinastav: Excuse me, I'm not understanding, you complain because people take things from your sim ?... or do you complain because people copy your sim's stuff? 2 years ago
The region Freebies is totally redone, my own original art freebies are displayed in different rooms : VOID, PLANT, BRUSH, RED, CUBE.
Some accessories I made, EEP, at SOUP.
All Fest'Avi avatars at FESTAVI.

Just select a room from the teleporter. Please remind that for a best experience, enable EEP and advanced lighting model.
There's no stream but scripted sounds (not everywhere yet) all from Morlitam.

photo displaying VOID room

FinjaFlux: An inspiration! Your art is like fireworks and animates new ideas! Another wonderful work from you!!! Thank you!!!! 2 years ago
This AviTron Shop Is Great--If You Want To Pay For Stuff That Should Be Free.
CopyKat Grid is home to Grimm, where you can get the pictured outfit, and many more, free and full perm. Or you can go to this AviTron shop and pay TR$10 for the item (changed to no transfer). You can see Jimmy, owner of Grimm, still listed as the creator of the item. (Oops). The shop owner got this--free--at Grimm.

To be fair, I think about everyone has made the mistake of setting an item for sale and forgetting to change the default price of $10 to zero. But a full perm item someone else created, with the sale price already set--to $0 ('t change to a no transfer item sold for $10--unless the new owner changes it on purpose. This was no accident. And this "not an accident" happened to items from Grimm at least 20-30 times at this AviTron shop.

You will see many residents from the great grid of AviTron shopping at Grimm and the countless other quality freebe shops on the CopyKat Grid. Now I know at least one reason why. You never know what you will find on the CopyKat Grid--but one thing is sure. It's gonna be free.

Visit Grimm for your free stuff. Special sale for AviTron members--100% off of Grimm's already low low price of $0.

LATE EDIT: I have now looked at a random selection of other AviTron shops and find they are not charging for items. If you find any, let me know. But for now I'm changing the post to target just this one shop.

Sweetgrl: I love Grimm. 2 years ago
Mein geliebtes Weib, meine Siwas
Ich will versuchen dir nur zu versprechen was ich auch halten kann.
Ich kann dir die Welt nicht zu Füssen legen, sie gehört mir nicht.
Ich werde dir keine Sterne mehr vom Himmel holen denn das habe ich schon und du hast deinen Stern.
Ich habe damals gesagt dieser Stern soll dich beschützen und über unsere Liebe wachen. Das hat er getan und uns nach unserer Trennung wieder zusammengeführt.
Vielleicht merkt man erst bei einer Trennung was man wirklich verloren hat.
Wir sind wieder zusammen und nun will ich dich endgültig als meine Frau und werde alles tun dass wir zusammen glücklich sind und unsere Liebe für immer bleibt.
Siwas, du warst immer, du bist und du bleibst für immer mein Baby,

Hange: félicitations plein de bonheur 1 years ago

No comments here... 3D sign says all lololol
Available for FREE and FULL PERM. Enjoy )

Emily Sear: O M G! Too funny ..Famous last words should be posted on all grids.. shut up and just take it! 1 years ago
Opensimulator is FREE but not a "free-for-all" **

I have noticed there are a number of people who use the Opensimulator server software but they do not fully understand the true concept of it's OPEN nature.

In real life, I have been contributing to FREE and Open sourced software for well over a decade and I rely on it for most of my day to day computing tasks. I have a full working knowledge of what open source is and the level of freedom it gives to the people who use it. Free software gives you the ability to see the source code, change it, make it better, share your changes with friends and some open source licenses will allow you to SELL your modified code. There are many versions of Opensim such as the OSgrid builds, Arriba, Sasquatch, Isthmus or Halcyon and there is nothing stopping YOU from making your own version. You cannot do this with closed sourced software legally. This is the extent to which Opensimulator is OPEN.

Opensimulator is FREE! Free as in Freedom. You are FREE to use the software in any way that you feel is morally or socially acceptable and there is no defined method on how you should use the software. I see people all the time saying things to the effect of: "You should let everyone in your sim." or "You have no right to block bad people or grids." or "You should give everything away free because that is what Opensim was made for." If any of those statements are true then PROVE IT! Go on and show me where it says this. I can assure you that I have completely read the BSD license and it is SHORTER than this article I am writing right now. Nowhere does the license say anything on how you should use the software because that act alone would nullify the freedoms that the Opensimulator developers have given you. You will not find (and probably never will find) any documentation enforcing edicts on how they think you should use this software. They do however have guides on getting the most out of it's features, it is an invaluable resource.

What does all of this mean? FREEDOM FOR ALL but NOT a free-for-all. You have the right to impose RULES on your sims and Opensim software gives grid operators powerful OSSL code to deal with interlopers and troublemakers. Nobody should walk all over you and tell you how to run your grid, when it is your servers, your money and your resources. YOU ARE IN CONTROL. Grid operators have the ability to block any viewer they want, it is built right in. You define how your grid operates and are under no obligation to obey anyone who hates you for using these features. Some may say "Because a feature exists does not mean you should use it." and they would be WRONG because these settings would not be included if the Opensimulator developers did not intend for people to use them.

I challenge anyone who disagrees with this article to visit and show me any documentation which refutes anything I have said. I will only accept submissions from the aforementioned url because it is the OFFICIAL website for the Opensimulator project and they are the supreme authority governing it's use.

Feel free to share this article when needed.

Peace & Love

** A free-for-all is a situation in which several people or groups are trying to get something for themselves and there are no controls on how they do it.

CyberGlo CyberStar: The great thing about this "live & let live" attitude, is it means we can EVEN encompass the grinches. 1 years ago
New release: Arcadia's Adams-Farwell Series 6.

This project took me two and a half months to finish, I'm proudly presenting to you a cute, rickety car to travel around sims and roads in relaxing rides solo or with friends.

The Adams-Farwell Series 6 was a 1906 car produced by the Adams-Farwell company. It featured a rear mounted rotary engine, very similar to airplane engines of it's time.

There’s still one functioning Series 6 in the world, you can see videos on YouTube of it running.


This product will only work in ubODE, OS 9.2+ and either X or Y engine.


My Series 6 has the following features:

1. Seats four avatars, the front seat will open automatically when a third avatar seats.
2. Each avatar has it's own pose that will change when you turn left or right.
3. Each pose are in fact a set of 3 poses, the car will try to guess you height and fire an appropriate pose for your avatar to make it look as best as possible.
4. A dynamic camera that switches between forward and reverse in all seats.
5. Custom sounds, sampled from the real car.
6. Unique mesh, carefully crafted and shaded to imitate the real car.
7. The engine has two gears, gear one while slow it will make the car able to climb almost any slope like a real car, if your car can’t negotiate a very steep slope just drop your gear to first and you will conquer the hill like a boss.
8. A menu on click that lets you operate the car’s accessories like lights, canopy and the capot, the car will remember the settings even if you recompile the script in mid operation.
9. Awareness of the sim/parcel to reset the dynamic camera for all passengers when you cross them so the driving experience remains un-compromised.
10. Custom stand targets on each sit, so you or any passenger won’t end standing on top of the car.
11. Access list, you can choose to let your car unlocked for everyone to drive or select a list of people that can drive, a white list.

You can get this new car at my main shop or the satellite store at Wright Plaza.

Happy Sunday!

Jerralyn Franzic: Oh yesss... I think I'll add this to my little car stash here in Open Sim :) 2 years ago


Jerralyn Franzic: Another sim I must visit soon... :) 2 years ago
Dopo una lunga convalescenza in ospedale, sono tornata a casa. Una brutta caduta mi ha provocato molti danni alla caviglia sx ho subito 2 interventi mi hanno da prima sistemalo le ossa con estensore esterno, poi oprerata hai tendini e infine ingessata. :) questa è la vita

Essensual: I hope you get well soon. I know what that feels like 3 months ago
*** WILD COSMOS FLOWER PACK NEW RELEASE *** 09 Kind of FLOWERS available to decorate your place! Seasonal textures included and leaves has a smooth animation to make it more realistic! Available for FREE and FULL PERM at GARDEN AREA, BOX 02. Enjoy :)

Jimmy Olsen: ****For your information ***FLORA, GREEDY MUSEUM, LIGHT and SOUND MUSEUM will be remain offline for one day or two: It`s about grid server issues. Will post again as soon they all get online. thx 10 months ago

CopyKat Grid Back On-Line
We had a problem with the server restarting as it should. That's been taken care of. Adachi is now back. The other regions are getting back on-line one by one.

Ellen: What happened? 1 years ago

CyberGlo CyberStar: Goodbye dear friend! May your soul fly across the universe as it easily flew in the grids. In the play of bright & dark, may you always be a light. 2 years ago

CLOE: bravissimo 7 months ago

Riding horses in 15 different colors.
The horses also stay on the region and do not disappear after a certain time

MidnightRain Glas: this was the most exciting trip or joy to pick these up and go home to open and take one out and watch everything this cute 4 legged beauty could do... I felt so much peace and love in my heart and fe... 2 years ago
Vous ne verrez plus çà, vous ne verrez plus jamais cela.
Le marché de Noël est mort, et ce n'est pas moi qui l'ai cassé !
Merci à tous ceux et toutes celles qui furent présents pendant ces 10 années, merci de votre soutient.
Maintenant c'est fini merci et au revoir.
N.B.: ce marché est l'oeuvre de Freddy Wright sur Francogrid vers 2010, et de personne d'autre.

This year you won't see that, you won't see that anymore.
The christmas market is dead.
I don't break it.
Thank you to all those who where there during ten years.
Thank you for your support.
Sorry Isn't my fault

Tristan Dehaie: @Dabici132, @Marianna, @MelodyStar, @ScarlettEarp, @monika, @thedeeferry, @Roleplayed, @Lampithaler, @Kelso.Uxlay, @elorift, @MoonroseGrid, @JeromFranzic, @soabad Il serait bon de cesser de raconter ... 2 years ago

"Wake the kids and phone the neighbors!"
Grainger Village is back

Visit our LinuxCafe to find out more about the different Linux distros out there and read about open source / open content projects.

GlennXpletive: This is an outstanding idea and great thing to do Sunshine! Seriously, very impressive and helpful to more than just the OS community. You should get the "great Idea" award of the month! 2 days ago

AnaKathy: Wundervolle Osterfeiertage euch wünsche :) 3 months ago
Honestly... let's be clear... there are grids that are really terrible, they are just awful, and they have the audacity to advertise themselves as if they were the best...

I wonder how users don't realize that they are in a mess and consciously decide to stay there, but we'll address this topic in the days following the holidays. For now, I want to be kind to those who deserve it...



And Merry Christmas to all Christians, happy holidays to everyone else.

KrisTina: Why is the region in question still taking up the Rank 2 spot if it's "Inaccurate" ? 6 months ago
Ich wünsche Euch und Euren Familien ein schönes gesegnetes Weihnachtsfest 🎄🎅 und für 2024 ein Jahr voller Glück und Harmonie, zufriedenen, fröhlichen Stunden, wundervollen Momenten und vor allem Gesundheit

I wish you and your families a wonderful and blessed Christmas 🎄🎅 and for 2024 a year full of happiness and harmony, content, joyful hours, wonderful moments and, above all, good health

Star Ravenhurst: Merry Christmas!! 6 months ago

Dear Friends.. I wish you and your family a Merry Christmas from the bottom of my heart. Have a good new year too! Your Thomas

Trizzy Hunter: Merry Christmas Thomas and have a safe New Year. Here's to 2024 may all you wishes and dreams come to pass. 6 months ago
*** Camballa***
Here’s to us in the future
Take better care of us here.
A light for Opensim
Have a good time everyone
Best regards
your Karin Becker

Auf das wir in Zukunft
besser auf uns hier aufpassen.
Für Opensim ein licht
Habt alle eine gute zeit
liebe grüsse
eure Karin Becker

KarinBecker: Thank you for the warm words and many Messages 7 months ago
Many stores where you can buy NOTHING (after all, everything is free!) are waiting for you here. To make your stay as pleasant as possible, there are 4 frozen yogurt stores in the small town - number 5 will open eventually. Or not^^.
Furthermore, there are 2 clothing stores with fashion for men and women, although something has gone wrong with the textures here - but come and see for yourself!
Brand new addition is the hairdressing salon with no less than 3 hairstyles - I can already betray that they are really the latest craze ;)
* * *
Viele Geschäfte, in denen ihr NICHTS kaufen könnt (schließlich ist alles kostenlos!), warten hier auf euch. Um euren Aufenthalt so angenehm wie möglich zu gestalten, gibt es 4 Frozen-Yoghurt-Läden in der kleinen Stadt- Nummer 5 wird irgendwann eröffnen. Oder auch nicht^^.
Ferner gibt es noch 2 Kleidungsgeschäfte mit Mode für Damen und Herren, wobei hier irgendwas mit den Texturen durcheinander gekommen sein - aber kommt und seht selbst!
Ganz neu dazugekommen ist der Friseursalon mit sage und schreibe 3 Frisuren - ich kann schon verraten, dass die echt der letzte Schrei sind ;)

Symphony: Super Fun! Omg ! I spent an hour there exploring and found it so interesting, easy on the eye, and an excelent example of how to make an environment with simple pieces. Excellent. ... 2 years ago
Autumn rain drain at Neiferleaf
In full motion it looks like this:

By the way, the animesh cloak for males & females is available for grabs (manual inside) it can co-exist with any AO and flutters in the wind while walking, running and while riding a wearable horse.

Lilly Pond: You guys are the BEST! I love your fantasy world and I ty for all you create! 2 years ago
****EEP SKIES HUD V2 UPDATED RELEASE **** You can now change your EEP sky (*) in your SIM with serveral nice seasonal day cycled options by a simple touch in a HUD! You just need add it to your avatar! Super easy! Nice for those who has zero skills on EEP settings or... just lazy!
Pretend you want play ur SIM as New York city RL so grab the correct HUD for it (and You will experience the same Sun position /angle, sunrise/sunset (approximated values) there! Like on RL. And many options of skies for clear day/nights, foggy, cloudy and rainy!

Available for FREE and FULL PERM at the newest BOX 08 or click teleporter and choose EEP as destination.

(*) Check to your grid manager if EEP sky is enabled;
(*) You must be SIM owner to make it work.
(*) Special thanks for Clifford (AMV Grid owner) who built this script and allowed me to share to Opensim community).
(*) Make sure ur Firestorm viewer is properly set to see EEP skies:
MENU > WORLD > ENVIRONMENT > "Used shared environment" must be selected.

Jimmy Olsen: ** EEP HUD V2 updated *** April 21th 2022 - Just fixed the SUMMER skies for LATITUDE 70 NORTH only. The others ones remain ok, if you don`t use it, update is not necessary. Thx (and sorry for the ofte... 2 years ago

Bakes On Mesh Arkham Grid
#meshbodys #heads

Available for FREE and FULLPERM at 3D MUSEUM SIM.. Enjoy :)

Kris Patrick: This is awesome, thanks, Jimmy. 2 years ago
I don't usually support mesh bodies that have got nothing to do with Ruth2 or Roth2. But I've come across an improvement trick for Athena 6 with BoM that nobody seems to know.

The major problem is that the skin on Athena 6's limbs may look weird under certain viewer settings, much like a lighting bug. Some skin areas look brighter or darker than they should.

A minor problem is that alpha masks don't work on Athena 6 although they technically should with BoM.

The reason is because Athena 6 has a chaotic hodge-podge of alpha settings all over it. Parts are set to alpha masking, more parts are set to alpha blending (it's them which may look weird to you or to others), most have alpha off (this is why alpha masks don't work on Athena 6 out of the box).

The solution:

Step 1: Edit your Athena 6 body. All of it, not just any piece. Select it in your inventory while wearing it.

Step 2: Go to the Texture tab.

Step 3: Set the alpha mode to alpha masking.

Now the different shades of skin colour are gone, but your hands and feet may turn partially white. Don't panic, this is supposed to happen and will be fixed in the next steps.

Step 4: Set the mask cutoff to 128. If it is already 128, set it to 127 and back to 128.

The white should disappear, and your body should look normal again. Or better than what you saw previously.

Step 5: Take the body off and put it back on to save the new settings.

Also, you can now wear alpha masks like you can on the system body which might save you from the hassles that come with the alpha cuts on the HUD, and which you can save with outfits. The only limitation is that the alpha masks still don't work on fingernails and toenails.

Should alpha masks stop wearing, just edit the body and set the mask cutoff to 127 and back to 128.

The same method should work on Adonis 4 if you want to use alpha masks with BoM.

Oh, and before anyone tries this on Ruth2 v4 or Roth2 v2: You don't have to, at least not with the "BoM" bodies and Ruth2 v4 "Business". They've got alpha mode controls on the HUD. The "" versions, on the other hand, are de-scripted and have no HUD, so they require this trick, too, if alpha masks don't work.

bonjour hello
gardes numéros un
guardes number one

So many beautiful places to explore on Alternate Metaverse Grid- Castles, Schools, Beaches, Malls, Clubs, Live Stages, Parks, Adult Couple Regions and incredible residents. A warm friendly Adult grid with open Waters and Air, Copy your own OAR from website, low cost land packages, Regional God powers, Self restarts from web.

Xenon Darrow: I love this grid! It's my home grid, with a 4x4 region! Always wonderful events, and you are always treated like family! Professional support, grid is always up and working supremely! 10/10 2 years ago

The Box
Tate just now
And now people like Dorena think I am some guy called Deadpool? the paranoia and seed of hate was planted months ago, and now you guys can't even be sure of who exactly is who! HAHAHA, I told you this would happen too, months ago... proof enough? LOL
BLECKxCHERI 5 minutes ago
Alife Virtual
Tate 43 minutes ago
I've got my own fucking army, motherfuckers, and networks spanning the world, you think your shit is safe? HAHAHA
Tate 47 minutes ago
I warned you cunts months ago, Hell is coming... keep believing it aint, or whatever helps you sleep at night, but trust me... it's coming
Tate 52 minutes ago
You idiots wanted to spout your paranoid crap about me being a dozen or more people? now you now who I am, and if you dont know my name, look it up... its Andrew Tate, Bitches, now go fuck your shitty little faggotfuck selves
Xenon Darrow 53 minutes ago
Indeed! Best thing ever! @Cyber, strongly suggest you block. We all know who it is anyway. Just like Deadpool.
Tate 2 hours ago
Now I'm scared... I got an e-mail, from @Cyberglo at telling me they know where I live and they are coming to rape me.... I'm 17 !!!!!!!! I told you all, this "MAN" is a fucking sick PEDO !!!!
GlennXpletive 2 hours ago
@Susanna_Heller it's what I've been advising for a long time!! LOL
Tate 2 hours ago
More people blocking the intended victim of a confirmed Paedophile? you people make me sick.... supporting and condoning child abuse.....
Rhowin Blackwell 4 hours ago
Holy hell, @Susanna_Heller, thanks for the tip! It's a miracle. No more unnecessary angst in a room full of adults.
Tate 4 hours ago
I am done with this Pedo filled forum.....
Tate 4 hours ago
my DM sent to the Opensimworld Admins "The user @Cyberglo has been sexually proposing to under-18 children. This has been happening for some time now, and nothing has ever been done about it. This is Unacceptable"
Tate 5 hours ago
I knew it, people block the victims so PAEDOPHILES like @Cyberglo can prey on children ??? PROOF !!!!!
Susanna_Heller 5 hours ago
dam block and the Box looks empty \o/
Tate 5 hours ago
Im calling the law, this site, the whole thing, Pedophile heaven !!!!!!!
Tate 5 hours ago
YOU are a goddamn PEDOPHILE !!!!!
Tate 5 hours ago
You asking me to your home AGAIN ??? Dude, I'm 17, why the hell are you asking me to come to your home ?????????
CyberGlo CyberStar 5 hours ago
I said come by the house and I'll fix you a chicken salad sandwich. :)
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New Comments

Dorena Verne 9 minutes ago
I think I'll close this post so Deadpool can't continue trolling.
Xenon Darrow 60 minutes ago
You can choose to listen to them or choose to listen to us (and your). I suggest you choose the latter.
Stone Lunasea 3 hours ago
16 years I've been making amusement parks in SL & OS and I was excited to finally see someone else entering the amusement park arena in Opensim....but...the rules here are paranoid & ridiculous. Mesh ...
IndigoQueen King 4 hours ago
Rhowin Blackwell 4 hours ago
Nice radar! Sorry that people can't appreciate the use of scripting tools readily available to them, let alone the idea of using a VPN if their IP address is so sacred.
Tate 5 hours ago
"It also shows their IP ADDRESS and their name & distance away from you" Tracking down his victims in real life via his online tools? sicko.....
Jared Seda 5 hours ago
That's def an advanced radar cool!
Tate 6 hours ago
Dude, I have not yet had my 18th birthday. Why are you inviting me to spend time with you at your home? You sick Pedo!!!!
Zuzu Bahro 11 hours ago
We will be here until 3 - come join us!


Very nicely and detailed designed place.
ToyBoy 29 minutes ago
Well built region and lot of goodies to grab. Sim owner is friendly and a nice builder. Gracias por todo, chiquita :)
Jimmy Olsen 9 hours ago
The Furniture Vault
We are in the process of fixing the permission issues.. Please bare with us.. Its a large project.
JoshBoam yesterday
Free houses!!! It is what it says it is. Someone worked very hard to do this for everyone. Very kind. Well done. ; D
JFlame yesterday
I love coming to your place. It sets a whole different standard. Beautiful work Marpil Your new Neo Japan installation is stunning!
Chelsea Louloudi 2 days ago
Brown Beach Surf
I was lucky enough to see this beautiful place while it was under construction. This is a truly stunning seascape and go prepared to stare out into the blue sea. It is mesmerizing. Great work.
Lillysparks 2 days ago
Cherry Freebies
not sure why it took me this long to see this Region, since Cherry is my artistic hero. Amazing place, come see it if you're like me and hadn't yet
Steampunk Siouxsin 3 days ago
Black Pearl Bay
Very nice place with a big map to explore!
OpenLife 4 days ago
Paraiso das Calopsitas
I really like what Thomas creates! We walk through different scenes or mini worlds, more or less large where we can often do our shopping without feeling like we are in a large shopping area! But it i...
Ankhsenaton 4 days ago

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