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Wyldwood Bayou Rockin' The Blues
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Wyldwood Bayou Grid, home of Rockin' the Blues, Hot Daddy's The Bayou Belle, Lady Blue and the Brigantia and Ravenquest Roleplay Groups is a destination grid for the residents and visitors to come to ...
Lone Wolf, owner of the Wolf Territories grid, blocked me after I pointed out some technical shortcomings in his grid, deleting my comment from his post and blocking me.

This is the honest policy of some grid managers? what a nice thing, well, his response was really vague, like "my teleports are fast and you don't know what you are talking about on Opensim NGC" or stuttering something like that, but I will leave you my two comments, open your eyes, if there is no technical confrontation there is no good, growing and sharing is also part of that, he seemed like a good person. .. but he is probably afraid and not sure of what he is saying so he deletes uncomfortable comments because he is not strong in his reasons.

Here are my two comments :

I write to you with respect and would like to be honest.

I don't see anything special in this Opensim NGC, it just has preset configurations that are very easy to change, there are other Opensimulator derived projects clearly superior in quality and certainty for creators (see Kitely but that's just an example) and the goals of OS-NGC have been largely achieved by others long before and someone has done even more recently.

Also, you charge $50 (at the exchange rate) for a region, you may have an advanced control panel, but if I were to spend all that money on a grid where teleports don't work and as a creator I have no certainty that my items won't be forced even if I sell them in gloebit (I sell them once and then that's it because they are forced) I would never buy land from you.

You offer huge regions with 1.2 million unusable prims at an excessive cost passing it off as the best technologically advanced grid.

In fact if I were to buy a region and then find myself struggling in teleports, with constant problems loading the scenery around me, or it is simply slow to load the map (because it is very slow for your grid to load the map! "loading in progress..." and you have to wait a long time to visit a place if then the teleport doesn't fail!), if I decide because of these problems (and others) to leave, and I want to save the OAR to take my work with me, but where can I then place it? what grid would offer me a similar and less expensive solution? or maybe even as expensive but fuinctions well? how much of what I build will I lose?

I understand you make people stay there by you because only there they can take advantage of 1.2 million useless prims in huge regions never fully used, slow, where when you walk you feel the heaviness of the scenery (you move slow).

I registered with you intrigued and convinced I would find a technically advanced world, and then never went in again.

Don't brag too much, your grid is average, it may be big but not very functional.

With respect and honesty.

his response was something like "my teleports are among the fastest in opensim and you don't know opensim ngc" and I then said...

Always with honesty, don't feel attacked by me.

Your teleports fail every 50% of the time and the map is super slow to load targets.

Opensim NGC is easily available and its sources are visible from the repositories, and it has nothing special.

I don't think you have faster teleports than other Opensimulator grids, technically you should know how teleports work, other technically savvy users know that more than 50% of the Teleport depends on the viewer having a dedicated time to 'process the scenario before it is shown to you, typically on Firestorm this is about 3 to 5 seconds if I remember correctly, but there are other viewers that are really fast in teleporting, to this you have to add the communication speed of the grid, and yours is not, for example, faster than any domestic DreamGrid, so believe me, you may not know technically what I am talking about, but I know very well, one of the problems with your grid happen after teleporting.

Unfortunately, your large scenario generates slow loading because the viewer has to process the large amounts of terrain.

Your teleports don't always work, those in your grid know this very well (let's exclude the biased people who are with you out of sympathy or brotherhood),

also there is always that talk related to unusable regions outside your grid if I decide to leave with an OAR and this thing is a bit of a strategy to keep the user in your grid, I think all the people you have now as paying users will soon make you realize that a decent control panel does not make a difference, much better the ability to enjoy a functional grid.

Again with respect for your work and with honesty, I also tell you that I understand you, you made billions of posts where you described your best being, and no one ever responded to you, not even those with technical expertise, but in life you have to know how to deal with people.

Anyway, your grid is not bad, it is just hard to live with and very overrated.

cordial greetings.

OpenSimUser: Araya Sunshine seems to not practice anythiong they have been preaching. They had a posting on here whining about all this drama. I simply responded with why bring all the drama here, instead of takin... 4 months ago
It's been advised that every region owner protect themselves by having an OAR of their land. Wise advice, and something to be considered when renting a region, for example, on AviTron. Also advised: Have a copy of your account IAR. What does Alex have to say about this?

AviTron Terms and Conditions

From TOS Amendment 8/27/2021
"AviTron does not give out Region OARS and account IARs. Reason being is to protect our free content".

And your free content?

From Section 2.3
"Except as otherwise described in any Additional Terms (such as a contest's official rules) which will govern the submission of your User Content, you hereby grant to AviTron Virtual World, and you agree to grant to AviTron Virtual World, the non-exclusive, unrestricted, unconditional, unlimited, worldwide, irrevocable, perpetual, and cost-free right and license to use, copy, record, distribute, reproduce, disclose, modify, display, publicly perform, transmit, publish, broadcast, translate, make derivative works of, and sell, re-sell or sublicense (through multiple levels)(with respect to each Product or otherwise on the Service as permitted by you through your interactions with the Service), and otherwise exploit in any manner whatsoever, all or any portion of your User Content (and derivative works thereof), for any purpose whatsoever in all formats, on or through any media, software, formula, or medium now known or hereafter developed, and with any technology or devices now known or hereafter developed, and to advertise, market, and promote the same."

Copper: 5 lines..and 7 times "I"..the great shamaladingdong continues rofl. This ego isnt to describe :-( 1 years ago
Last update: OSG is back on line.

As you may be aware OSG is off line.

Let me preface this by saying that your data is ok. This is not a crash.

This is a needed house-cleaning procedure that's the product of taking up to four times the space in the server that it's needed for the assets files. So they are re-organising the way the data is stored and adding essentially more space in the server.

In your personal computer that would take about 2 or 3 hours tops, given the size and complexity of the setup of OSGrid that will take about 48 hours. Think that the current ingest of assets of the old server is rounding a quarter of a billion assets... in tiny tiny files.

Think your hard drive, it's like a huge stack of tiny boxes, you can put inside just one piece of information, if you put something that is bigger than one box then you fill as many boxes as necessary until the thing is completely there, that's how it works.

However if you have a bunch of things that are smaller than the box that contains it you waste a TON of space. That's why it's needed to reorganise the data and that's what they're doing right now. So that's the reason why it'll take so long, but as I said before, this is not a crash, just housekeeping, your data is fine.

If I have more updates I'll keep you informed.

Aaaand we need another 48 hours.

Sadly that's what happens when so much data is involved. When I learn more I'll tell you about it.

Update: sunday seems to be the day, hopefully.


read the reply where I explain it a bit.

Last upate:

Wednesday seems to be the day!


If everything goes as planned Thursday seems to be the re-opening day!

JonSun: Another 48 h it seems...this will hurt osgrid reputation, even though it's a necessary fix.... 2 years ago

Opensim should be....

  • A Hobby that includes all the copy botted items from sl and everything shared for free.
  • A Hobby that does not include all the copy botted items from sl and everything shared for free.
  • A platform for people to make a little extra pocket money from selling services and items.
  • A for profit decentralised business.
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This AviTron Shop Is Great--If You Want To Pay For Stuff That Should Be Free.
CopyKat Grid is home to Grimm, where you can get the pictured outfit, and many more, free and full perm. Or you can go to this AviTron shop and pay TR$10 for the item (changed to no transfer). You can see Jimmy, owner of Grimm, still listed as the creator of the item. (Oops). The shop owner got this--free--at Grimm.

To be fair, I think about everyone has made the mistake of setting an item for sale and forgetting to change the default price of $10 to zero. But a full perm item someone else created, with the sale price already set--to $0 ('t change to a no transfer item sold for $10--unless the new owner changes it on purpose. This was no accident. And this "not an accident" happened to items from Grimm at least 20-30 times at this AviTron shop.

You will see many residents from the great grid of AviTron shopping at Grimm and the countless other quality freebe shops on the CopyKat Grid. Now I know at least one reason why. You never know what you will find on the CopyKat Grid--but one thing is sure. It's gonna be free.

Visit Grimm for your free stuff. Special sale for AviTron members--100% off of Grimm's already low low price of $0.

LATE EDIT: I have now looked at a random selection of other AviTron shops and find they are not charging for items. If you find any, let me know. But for now I'm changing the post to target just this one shop.

Sweetgrl: I love Grimm. 1 years ago

Available for FREE and FULLPERM at 3D MUSEUM SIM.. Enjoy :)

Kris Patrick: This is awesome, thanks, Jimmy. 2 years ago
IMHO Only, It seems every store I go to in OS is a trip to the hoochie mall?
Can we get something that doesn't have our asses or tits on display like we are streetwalkers? Or should I start a store that has class and taste? lol

TaraAers: I will be the first blogger for you if you open this classy, elegant and modesty brand! 9 months ago
Voice in Opensim is a vexed question, and whilst most of us don't use it for a whole host of reasons it is a very useful thing to have. But, so long as there has been a 'free' alternative, most have been happy to use Vivox. For most people Vivox is probably fine, but for some there is one very big downside to using this service: it eavesdrops.

Some years ago I was working on an Opensim based solution for remote meetings, a place where we could virtually meet. Probably the most important criteria was security and privacy, so obviously Vivox, with its policy of eavesdropping was a non-starter. I had become aware of the Whisper project, but that only worked with Opensim up to 0.7.6, and whilst the module was then still available, it isn't now. Also, the Whisper project itself was abandonware. In 2014, Zetamex announced a bounty for anyone finishing the work on the Mumble-Whisper voice module, and started a crowdfunder, which predictably, this being Opensim, raised the derisory sum of $62 from four backers...

Even at the time, it didn't look as if the bounty would be claimed, as Vivox was still a viable option, so of course that's what people went for rather than for an independent voice solution for Opensim. I did try to contact the person behind the project at the time, as I would have liked to have supported the project, but they did not get back to me. The project I was working on didn't progress, but more because of the high entry threshold of Opensim/Second Life. I still have the OARs I made for the project however.

The EchoVoice project announced in late 2021 offered some promise even though the project was looking for $60k in initial funding. A cynic might think that raising a sum like that in Opensim is just pie in the sky, and so it proved. Thus far the project has raised $775 of the needed $60,000. Hypergrid Business described the project as suffering from 'delayed funding'.

And now that Vivox seem to be about to follow through on their decision to close off access to Vivox for most users of Opensim there is now a clamouring. The writing has been on the wall for a very long time, and there have been alternative voice projects launched from within the Opensim community that have been ignored.

At the end of the day we need to take responsibility for our own project. The Opensim project needs lots of things. Opensim needs its own viewer project with all the SL only gunk removing, and arguably a more formally organised Opensim fork project is needed to properly progress the project. But I doubt that any of this will happen because no one will cough up any cash. I know there are some users of Opensim who are extremely cash-strapped, but I reckon that most could afford the odd pound/dollar every once in a while to support projects in Opensim. Even in my most financially straightened times I could always find the odd couple of quid for causes that are important to me. Now that I'm somewhat more financially secure, I can afford to indulge more, but like most, I understandably want to be sure that any project I contribute cash to has a better than evens chance of reaching its goal.

There is only one way we will get the things we want in Opensim, such as a voice module, and that is through paying for them!


Some people commenting have adopted an intemperate and abusive tone when making comments. I've deleted a few, (and blocked one persistent offender). Some people have also posted irrelevant comments, which have also been deleted. Please keep comments civil, respectful and on topic.

Arielle: The first question should be how many actually use inworld Voice on a regular basis anyway? I suspect the percentage is small. 3 months ago
Whatever we say is a lie is a lie and breaking the rules is a violation. We all know which SIMs are breaking the rules and submitting fake attendance data. We also know why they do it.
I removed their names from here. Only shame remained.
I am ashamed to discuss this matter further.

Thank you for the stones with which you beat me.

Calm the hysteria!
no one wants you to close regions or stop your work.


Is it that hard?

All you know names of SIM with fake visitors list.
Again - i delete shame list.

Excuse me, but it is offensive to me to do this.
I don't know about you, with what impudence and shamelessness you shout that I am driving away the thousands of customers from your overcrowded SIM.
People leave OPENSIM because they go around the beacon popular places looking for PEOPLE and only find bots or abandoned avatars.
No one comes from SL to buy free rags (yes they are lovely!), people want to COMMUNICATE!!!

I know you won't understand me. It's just that you've already closed yourself up in your made-up happiness and don't want to go out and socialize. You can blame me for all your sins. do it! You can post from your dozens of clones created to mimic crowds of supporters.... Ban me, report me, shame me!

And don't shout that someone banned or restricted you! The only one punished in OSW is me, and again because I told the truth that the number of visitors was fake! I confessed and I was punished because the rules are like that!

Want me to delete this SIM and everything on it? OK, but will that erase the lie? Will it bring at least one new user to OpenSIM? Will it remove the six traditionally parked dolls from the new beach party region (yes, yes - the newcomers follow tradition)?


And don't worry, I won't make a new list. It's pointless, it's disgraceful.
P.S. No matter how much you don't like the truth, it doesn't change the facts. No matter how many times you repeat lies, they will not become truth.
You are only spoiling the good impression of your other actions...

Nico Kaliani: This post would be vastly improved by changing out the "OK" graphic with a picture of "Otay" Buckwheat Eddie Murphy. 12 months ago

Your grid and users are not welcome here anymore. Your users have been harassing and messaging racist slurs at opensimworld users for years. You have harassed me personally and my family *in real life*. You keep doing it despite warnings and temporary bans

From now on you are permanently banned from listing and advertising anything from your grid in Opensimworld. Your regions are inactive anyway, they will be removed.

Your abusive accounts will be frozen. Do not attempt to create new ones , they will be removed.

Please advertise your grid etc on: Facebook, Twitter, Mewe, Discord, wherever, anywhere but NOT HERE . Enough is enough, you are not welcome here.
A question has to be posed to the community, in regards to illegal activity, preventions and counter measures.

I am the builder of Amoa Nude Beach. Along with my partner Robin, we created a nude beach region that we donated in appreciation to the amazing generosity of the owners of Barefoot-Dreamers grid. A win-win for both, in which my partner and I who have loved nude beaches since our days on secondlife, could enjoy once again. We have permanently left secondlife and no longer have to endure the abuses committed and performed by visitors or owners of those beach sims, some in a pro-active manner. All because we didn't agree with their opinions. But that is another subject altogether and not part of this discussion. We didn't build this beach for massive traffic influx nor profit. We take NO donations, traffic means nothing to us. But exists, for those that wish to enjoy it. Amoa is a place where everyone can enjoy that wishes, without question.

All that is required is 3 BASIC rules to be observed and adhered to. Human, Nude and Adult.

Measures were taken so that this is clearly prevalent BEFORE even arriving. It is shown AS an adult region. The name itself states NUDE. Our very very limited advertising (Since we do not seek waves of avatars and want to keep it comfortable and not overwhelming) states HUMAN. Simple and easy right?

However, recently it has attracted a daily stream of nothing but naked toddlers, naked pre teens, dragons, Japanamation cartoon children, demons, lumberjacks who stand on the landing fully dressed spraying and praying all females on radar and lastly, women dressed in ball room gowns.

I am not one to eject or ban and usually give plenty of warning, in hopes that all will enjoy our creation in whatever way they wish. Our aspirations have been to provide a little of everything for everyone. However, I have held back from providing some amazing custom creations, because of this recent wave of illogical behavior.

The guys dressed as lumberjacks will never stop. Same old excuse, it's to hard to take clothes off, lag, blah blah. Even when I hypergrid, I can still change to a saved outfit within 1 minute, thus proving this is merely an excuse for them to spray and pray every chick with "How are you?", "hru", "U'r Hot, want Fk?" or some other classic pickup lines like "yo" and "Hi Fk?". Because every chick just melts when a guy says those things to them. Which makes me wonder why each of these girls IM me and ask me to save them with a TP.

Which brings me to the question of this article. Is it complete lack of common sense or just a flagrant arrogant disregard of rules or merely laziness (because reading is so hard and takes too much time to read 3 words) for this increased wave of violating visitors?

I have asked some violators, what did we not do to make it clear enough? I was told that I should extend the title of the region name to include all 3 rules, plus add it to the description (even though it already is stated in description). Flagrant arrogant disregard.

Now I know for a fact there already exists pedophilia regions like Golden Sun that is comprised of mostly senior citizens using toddler avatars trying to convince each other that their mic is broken but they are really 12. Why do they feel the need to visit THIS region that clearly states that pedophilia is NOT tolerated? Which indicates a leaning towards flagrant disregard.

Some known pedophiles have already been banned such as a 70 year old man in Alberta Canada that we know his avatars.

But it all brings me back to the original question. Is it Lack of common sense, Complete flagrant arrogant disregard of rules, or just flat out laziness?

I would love to hear the feedback so I can impersonate Spock and say "Fascinating!. I am sure, enquiring minds would like to know.
Want facts? OK Dorena! Your reporting and shaming will be public. Today I again visited the world famous and over visited Xenovar region from your server Yes, the one that is already 6th in terms of attendance and popularity in OpenSim. Professionally organized region with fixed working hours of the 6 bots that drive the boat. Supposedly protected from landing on it and sitting on it. Trying to talk? Not possible with bots. They are at work. Every morning XenosYifu turns on his computer and activates 6 windows with 6 AFK "avatars" or actually bots! After 12-16 hours of tiring paying in silence and without a single movement, the working day ends and XenosYifu goes to sleep...
Ok, I agree, the problem is with me. I don't like that 5-6 people here have created a network of twins and copies imitating activity.
I understand that you work on paid projects and investors want results. Yes, but the money comes from OUR taxes! I am your employer and you are lying to me!
No matter how much you scream about my sins and how miserable, untalented and bad I am, the facts are that I work and pay taxes. And you and your company steal from me and people like me.
The truth is that it's full of real creators, but no one can see them because you and your friends have occupied OpenSIM, you've clogged the first 50-60 places in the leaderboard with fake regions with no content.
It's time to clean our house of thieves and crooks.

KrisTina: Is Pagane right? imho yes, is this being taken care of in a mature manner? no making a post here or in the chatbox isn't taking care of this in a mature manner, all you have done is make public drama,... 9 months ago
Curious! How many people care about rankings? Curious! What do people look for when coming to OSW? What do you use to find things to do on OSW. Is it rankings, region it party, shop, explore. Does someone being #1 or top 10, bother you? For myself, I use OSW to find the latest happenings, in shops , builds, and courses, by new ads from people. Then I check out the events list, for the upcoming events. Look for a good chat, to participate. Lately this chat has been attacks on someone. If there is a problem with someone, should you not use a private chat? Or report to OSW, and have them handle the situation.

Zeus2485 Anton: Everyone who comes here can enjoy the hard work of opensim and the owners nice free shoping dance, stuff and lands meet peoples 9 months ago
HI all

My grid had been getting attacked from griefer throwing all items all over the regions even on "no build allowed" regions and can you please ban this fucking person. It not even funny. Why on earth this person want to attack grid for??


screenshot pic ===>

Panthera Mayor: The HG Safari did got attack not long ago by annoying griefer and also look this article on HG Safari that actually happened to that grid attack as well since 2012 at 2 years ago
OSG is back on line!

It's running on a new database, the migration was successful.

It also resumed the ingestion of assets of the old asset server.

P.S.: I modded the image a bit to make it less scary xD
No llevo mucho tiempo en Open sim, y ya lo e visto practicamente todo. pero lo que mas e notado, el nivel de competencia entre grids, e incluso entre los mismos residentes de un mismo grid. No voy a explayarme demasiado, voy a ser directa y puntal: No voy a apoyar a quien de manera desleal tome lo que alguien a creado para ser COMPARTIDO DE MANERA GRATUITA, y lo venda x la moneda que sea, no importa si es 1... 5 o 1000 $ , las cosas deben FREE PARA TODOS, e creado contenido PROPIO para ser vendido, pero me di cuenta que los negocios deben ser dejados lado en un ambiente que a sido creado para hacer amistades. Chicos de Matrix , tienen el apoyo de nuestra comunidad!

edito y agrego pruebas de que se venden cosas que son GRATUITAS en otros grids

BearHug: You have no defense. You blame others for your crimes. You take no responsibility. Worst is you also steal and are selling stolen content inworld and on your web site. You are responsible and no other... 11 months ago
Asking for money is not the solution.

In the past, as Copper mentioned, Opensimulator users have already been "cheated." So why go further and ask them for money when many grid owners might need funds to keep their grid running as a hobby and source of entertainment, where they don't earn much money?

The individuals who design Opensimulator, to whom we owe our deepest gratitude, and those who work on derivatives, those who offer "ALL-IN-ONE" solutions like Fred with Dream and Kubwa with their product, do not receive money to feed their families. Even there, there are hours and hours of work, programming, bug fixing; it's not just a simple pastime. Programming to offer a free product is a highly demanding passion.

There's no need to fund the EchoVoice project and continually ask for money. It would be more appropriate to try to find a programmer and contributors to work on an active project, making it compatible with Opensimulator, perhaps developing it in parallel. That would be fantastic, or a team of volunteers who start from scratch by studying the protocols.

Why do I have this idea? Simply because every grid owner could load voice software onto their server in this way, having an independent and parallel voice in Opensimulator.

Why am I against funding EchoVoice? Simply because it would fund a company that employs a programmer and centralizes the voice server, limiting users' freedom of use. I don't believe this is the right path.

Furthermore, the campaign opened by someone insists on saying that open source and projects created by volunteers don't pay rent and don't provide food. I respond again by inviting all of you to think about Ubit, who manages Opensimulator and the contributors to the project, about Fred with Dream Grid that many of you use, and about Kubwa. But this is just one example in the opensim world. There are authors of many viewers who do it out of passion without earning anything. But to go further, it's not true that Red Hat Linux is paid for; all GNU/Linux distributions are free, services are paid for. So, this person who claims that even Linux is paid for is trying to make you believe something that is absolutely not true. Paying for advanced support service or some defined pro features in Linux is equivalent to having something exclusive that that company offers. But even there, you pay about $99 a year to have a SERVICE.

With EchoVoice, you end up funding a company that will need to ask for funding every time until it can generate its own money to pay a programmer for a simple update. Is it based on Opensimulator? If Ubit were to ask for $1 a month for everyone using his (and the contributors') hard work, he would be very wealthy. The same goes for Dream Grid, and this is where the difference lies: the passion with which you program without asking for money, because perhaps through donations you can still achieve a sum.

These individuals, as well as others behind free projects that don't ask for money, started programming and working without asking for anything; that's how trust is gained.

And anyhow, centralizing the EchoVoice service would be wrong.

Think it over carefully.

OpenLife: If you really feel like paying, support Opensimulator programmers and all contributors, support this website, the grids where you live (even more than one if necessary), but be cautious of those who a... 3 months ago
I like to drop a post every now and then on another virtual universe I'm involved in developing, with a working name of Starlite Galaxies. It's a user-content generated world like SL and Opensim, but not based on their code. A complete new game engine has been written from the ground up in proprietary codebase using C++, utilizing the Vulkan API instead of OpenGL. The universe will not be compatible with opensim code, but we are discussing a bridge option down the road to allow opensim users to visit. The game is currently approaching alpha testing for which all slots are filled.

The top shot is a helmet readily available on 3D model sites that we use to test our handling of PBR materials and shaders. This one is reflecting the environment we dropped it in and running at 4910 fps on full blast graphics using a GeForce 3060 card (I believe this is the same helmet visible in the recent SL tutorial on their version of PBR)

The bottom image is an asteroid field with 50,000 physical objects all orbiting a central mass independently of one another. We wanted to find a breaking point, but only got the fps down to 720 fps.

We also are testing on a variety of lower end machines to find baselines for the graphics and physics. But if you want to go full-bore gaming using VR, controllers, joysticks, flight-sim equipment, etc., then all of that capability is already there and working. Probably would only want to use VR with your feet on the ground. We found flying ships in VR was...unsettling.

See my Facebook page for larger images:

Jupiter Rowland: @Arielle: When I say "OpenSim devs", I DO mean those who created OpenSim, the source code and everything. I also said that there are people who believe that these slogans have always been an official... 8 months ago

Bom dia sou Ivan silva criador deste continente venho avisar a todos que fiquem atentos com este grid eles roubaram toda minha OAR e estão a usar no seu grid sem a minha permissão aconselho bloquear a entrada desses brasileiros ladroes de oar em seu grid

Buenos dias soy ivan silva creador de este continente vengo a advertirles a todos que esten atentos con esta grilla me robaron todo mi OAR y lo estan usando en su grilla sin mi permiso yo le aconsejo que bloquee la entrada de estos ladrones del aire brasileños en su red

Good morning I'm Ivan silva creator of this continent I come to warn everyone to stay tuned with this grid they stole all my OAR and are using it on your grid without my permission I advise you to block the entrance of these brazilian thieves of the air on your grid

CyberGlo CyberStar: Sometimes a man comes to a fork in the road. 2 years ago
I've been reading the ChatBox all day today...and I'm laughing....

There is a proverb that says : "The Devil when he wants your soul licks your hands..."

The thing that makes me laugh is that here you have been trashing avitron users for 3 years, blocking them, accusing them and avoiding them like the plague (not all but many many avitron users, some of them here even when they left ferraris, complained about being excluded everywhere) when the real problem was Alex Ferraris and not the people of Avitron.

Now you are all prissy friends of these people, all good to them ready to welcome them....

Now you look for them because you know it was a great community in terms of the number of active people and it makes you gluttonous, how hypocritical you are those who act this way.

They even invite users to bring Avitron content, made by great and experienced botters, Avitron users who have a lot of "rare" content that makes you gluttonous.

Instead, there are grids with enormous dignity such as AlternateMetaverse, SoulGrid, PlayGround, Wolf Territories (yes this time I am speaking well of them because they don't go begging for users), Germanworld, VirtualHG, OSGrid and others who are not trying to grab users they used to gross out, they simply go on their way and if any of these users register they will be welcome.

Kudos to the grids that are not begging for users.

And by the way remember, some people if you avoided them before because they had habits that you thought were wrong, they don't just heal out of nowhere, they will always have those habits.

try to be COHERENT with your actions.

OpenLife: For Chris84, you deserve to know who you and all the others are, I am.... I am... Philip Rosedal!!! yes that's right, no I am Elon Musk, and now I will adopt the X here as my profile picture! Long li... 4 months ago
There is a person. We will call him 'devarious'. This person has literally thousands of alts. He uses them to change into a man or woman, then go have random sex with some unsuspecting person on their sim. He looks for sims with one person, tp's in there, sees who is on it, reads their profile, learns about him/her as a person. Then using the vpn, comes back as a totally different avatar, one who likes what you do, and depending on your sexuality one who fits your tastes. Then he/she becomes good friends and slowly tricks you into having sex with them, and after it's done disappears for months. Only to come back at some future point and try it all over again. But if that doesn't work - IT - will come back as yet another avatar with a whole different IP, country, look, and etc, already knowing a lot about you to get into your pants again. So take my advice. You will know him/her/it by his/her/its fruit. In other words, if this above has happened to you over and over, now you know why. The dude is a total fruitcake/nutjob. My advice, ban him. ban him on site. Kick him so far from your sim that he can never get back on, and when he comes back doing it again, you ban him again. This will put a stop to these extremely weirdo nutjobs that keep LITERAL books on the players in the game, their likes, dislikes, age, birth, city, and so on from continuuing to harm you both mentally and spiritually. Good luck.

Pagane: Lier! She always come in my grid with ugly female avatar! No man or at least transgender. 1 years ago
ADVISORY: If you are NEW to Opensim, there are many choices for worlds to live in. Do yourself a favor and run a background check on ANY GRID before you open your wallet.

Google search: Alex Pomposelli

Spax Orion: Knowing what this operator has done in the past, I would be doing a major disservice to the community by being silent. Is it wrong to warn others of potential danger based on a proven track record? If... 2 years ago
Dorena's World is one of the oldest grids ever. I've seen many come and go. When OSW opened its doors, we were already a few years behind us. Inworld has built up a community between the grids, which ultimately works well here even without the portal. Bots, no bots, afk avatars or not. I find it extremely embarrassing at what some people here are getting upset about and letting one crazy person drive them crazy. As far as the real number of visitors is concerned, the visitor boards inworld usually show completely different data than here. I can recommend Pagane to see a good psychiatrist in real life. I mean that honestly, without any mockery. What she says here..

Dorenas World ist eines der ältesten Grids überhaupt. Ich habe schon viele kommen und gehen sehen. Als OSW seine Pforten öffnete, hatten wir schon einige Jahre hinter uns. Inworld hat sich zwischen den Grids eine Community aufgebaut, die letztendlich auch ohne dem Portal hier bestens funktioniert. Bots, keine Bots, Afk-Avatare oder nicht. Ich finde es im höchsten Massen peinlich über, was sich einige hier aufregen und sich von einer einzigen verrückten Person kirre machen lassen. Was die echten Besucherzahlen betrifft, die Besucherboards inworld zeigen meist eh ganz andere Daten an, als hier. Pagane kann ich empfehlen, im realen Leben einen guten Psychiater aufzusuchen. Das meine ich ehrlich, ganz ohne Spott. Was sie hier von sich gibt,...

Pagane: It makes absolutely no difference who was what before. Hitler was a good artist and Genghis Khan a meek shepherd... Isn't it easier if we all stop lying and look forward??? Look around - there is alre... 9 months ago
Okay.. so being in the top10 grids has its issues.... Metaverselife has experienced DDOS attacks for over a week straight.... Unexpected but not unanticipated. Since a large number of Avitron grids residents have created accounts and taken land in Metaverse the attacks have been daily and persistent. Ive read quite a bit about the owner of said grid and have no doubt in my mind that there are ample motivations for such a person to cause such distress to others.4 years of this grid and minimal issues .. praying for his lost soul,..and adding CloudFlare..

TrisTH: You need a firewall that tells you the IPs where the attacks are coming from and block them. In addition to blocking certain countries that you know are not your users. An aspiration system would also... 1 years ago
causing some drama.... look, Opensim is based on avatars whether that be dog, dragon, dinke, or anime , "who you want to be"... so my question to you ... does that mean family, significate others or what??? Me. myself, I want a family ... we are a "G" grid, so far I have an older sister and a twin brother.... IDK, i think it's kewl... what are your thoughts?

Misty_Falls: quoted from the SL wiki page There are a great many reasons to play a child within Second Life, and it is plenty likely that every person playing a child might have their own reasons. Here are six. 1... 1 years ago
So this post was left on one of my regions and is fairly representative of the mindset original opensim creators will grapple with if they want to sell their products here:

"It looks nice but I like the whole sharing is caring idea. So many places in OS that offer free stuff. Not here, too bad."

I don't blame this shopper at all for wanting to find quality items for free - who doesn't? I was grateful that they visited in the first place and cared enough to leave a comment. It's for that reason that from time to time I do exactly that - offer most of my stuff for free as I did this past OSFest.

No, the ones that make life for opensim creators difficult are those freebie mills continuously churning out stolen content from Second Life and calling it 'sharing', and who aggressively push the idea that merchants in opensim have no right to exist.

As I replied to this user: Sharing is truly caring only if it's the original creator giving it away free, or if they have explicitly given permission to others to do so. And that only works if they don't have to pay for their regions, which is not the case for me.

My region costs average $20 per month per region, and the money I make from sales covers that most of the time. There are months I take a loss with my opensim stores (my Second Life store has never posted a loss in 14 years). But because sales do cover most of my rent I can keep doing what I love: making original content for Opensim.

Paying for regions of course is my choice - I prefer to be on well-run grids that truly respect creators rights. I know that you can easily find quality items for your regions for free all over opensim, so no one is more grateful than me when you choose to purchase at my stores :-)

LeonSullivan: People confuse me here. On the one hand "sharing is caring" freebies are damned, on the other hand there are tons of "likes" for just those kind of freebie regions 1 years ago

With a broken heart, I inform you that our dear friend and lover of Virtual Worlds, Veritas McMaster, passed away in a house fire trying to save her beloved cockatoo Sophie.

Derrybeg Arabello: I did not know Veri .. very well, only chatted in passing. She seemed to me like a very sweet and caring person, and of course, she'd care enough about her bird to go back for it. We need more peo... 11 months ago
The difference between Xengine and Yengine...
Yengine has premptive multitasking, xengine does not.
This solves the lsl function problem of llSleep(n); Which could not run on Xengine the same way. On Xengine using llSleep would use one of the cpu's threads and place it in sleep mode. Yengine, simply places a sleep command into a wait queue and keeps the cpu thread available for more processing of other scrips. Xengine is also slower because it translate script to c# language, then uses .net compiler to generate it. Once a script is loaded into Xengine the memory from it cannot be recovered even if the script ends. Yengine scripts recover the ram memory when a script ends, so it can be used by other things for example more visitors to your sim.
Xengine does not follow a true AOS (algebraic operating system) and will evaulate sequences to the wrong boolean expression, Yengine follows AOS to the letter, and will always evaluate expressions mathematically correctly.
Yengine is a modified derivative of XMREngine created by dreamnation and avination. It is faster, uses memory and cpu threads much better than xengine, and thanks to ubit umarov, it is now more stable than Xengine, and all the bugs have been eradicated, that were found.
So you can keep using the outdated broke Xengine, thinking you have gold. But as a professional programmer I realize the average person doesn't understand the importance of memory management, memory leaks, and thread lockup. So it's rather ludicrous for me to waste my time trying to explain why something is better to people who have no concept of professional programming fundamentals. I suppose I should put on my armor for when the attacks from idiots start rolling in...

OpenSimWorld: Xengine is still the most widely used along with Bulletsim. YEngine had a serious arithmetic bug that broke the Satyrfarm. That said, the farm, SFsail and the Sfposer all work well with Y now. I m not... 11 months ago
I am a little confused because I see people complaining when they go to regions and try to copy stuff and get upset when it comes up "no copy" or there is a sign posted to the region that says, "Items here are not copiable". Some may not like what I have to say and some may agree with it, either way I don't care. The most of the things on my residential or educational regions are built by me. Not that I don't get furniture and plants which I can't build yet, but I do my own building and my builds are unique to my regions, made specifically for them, so you'll excuse me if I don't feel like sharing that with everybody and anybody who comes along. I did the work, I made the effort, I designed it and I did so to make it unique so why should I have to share it? Can you not come up with your own ideas and use your own creative juices to make your own unique things? Yes Open Sim is free, but that doesn't mean that just because someone is using it, they have to "give" everybody else their stuff that they've created and built. I've seen nowhere in the literature about Open Sim that it says you have to share your stuff. What it does do is give you a platform in which to create, develop and design for other people to enjoy.
Now I can understand if it's stuff that people know full well has been pirated from Second Life, which a large percentage of stuff in Open Sim is, however there are some outstanding creators, programmers, scripters, developers and designers who make their own original materials and if they chose to charge for that stuff that's their right, though I know most of them do not, they give it away freely out of the goodness of their heart. That said, I do give my stuff away, but it is located in our Masala Al Kohav region which is a whole region of nothing but freebies which includes original content and those things I've picked up from around Open Sim. The one thing I try to do is make sure that the original creator's name is on it and I can tell you that if it's pirated from Second Life the creator's name that you will see is NOT the original creator. So, here's the deal, if you visit any of my regions in that are open to the public to visit, and you see something you like, just go to our Masala Al Kohav region and you'll probably find the very same item there all boxed up and ready to go for you. If you see something you like in one of my regions, and it's not in our Mall Region, just shoot me a message and ask me nicely, you'll probably get the item in a couple of days depending on how often I'm on.
If you don't like how I do things, just remember this....You don't pay my grid costs.

Racci: I can respect people's opinions either way. Some people don't like copybotting, and sharing freely, then fine.. that is their choice, probably best for them to stay out of Opensim. I can also respect ... 10 months ago
Plötzlich und unerwaret schlief am 4.12. mein liebster Rudi unser Grid Vater ein

Ich bin nur ins Zimmer nebenan gegangen.
Nichts ist passiert.
Alles bleibt genauso wie es war.

Ich bin ich, und ihr seid ihr, und das alte Leben, das wir so liebevoll zusammen lebten, ist unberührt und unverändert.
Was auch immer wir füreinander waren, das sind wir noch.
Ruft mich mit meinem alten vertrauten Namen.
Sprecht von mir in derselben selbstverständlichen Redeweise, die ihr immer benutzt habt.
Macht keinen Unterschied im Ton.
Erzeugt keine gezwungene Atmospäre der Feierlichkeit oder des Kummers.
Lacht, wie wir immer über die kleinen Späße lachten, die wir gemeinsam genossen haben.
Spielt, lächelt, denkt an mich, betet für mich.

Lasst meinen Namen immer vertraut und alltäglich bleiben, wie er es bisher auch war.
Lasst ihn ohne Anstrengung gesprochen werden, ohne einen geisterhaften Schatten.

Das Leben bedeutet alles, was es vorher auch bedeutet hat.
Es ist dasselbe wie es immer war. Es gibt absolute und ununterbrochene Kontinuität.
Was ist dieser Tod anderes als ein vernachlässigbarer Unfall?
Warum sollte ich aus eurem Sinn sein, nur weil ihr mich nicht mehr sehen könnt?
Ich warte in der Zwischenzeit auf euch, irgendwo ganz in der Nähe, gleich um die Ecke.

Alles ist gut.

Nichts ist verletzt; nichts ist verloren .
Ein kurzer Moment und alles wird so sein wie früher.
Wie werden wir über die Mühen des Abschieds lachen, wenn wir uns wiedersehen!

Tatum: I've known rudi a little bit (under different avis), but I do remember one of the nicest and most kind people of OS. Rest well my friendly friend! My condolences to friends and family! 12 months ago
Friends of CopyKat
After decades of managing clubs, regions, and grids, Oni is retiring.

UPDATE: Visit the Tribute Club at the CopyKat Collective Center to hang out and dance with old and new friends. The TP to Collective member regions and shops is also located at the Club Central

Star Ravenhurst: Oni I am sorry to hear this. You have a home in my region any time you want. I don't usually have people stay on my land, but you are forever welcome. You can even live in a castle if you want. Or a s... 6 months ago
well i am now facing the wrath of Priscilla.Kleenex , that's the latest avatar. I dont know what her plans are but she was at my Woodstock and university today.

it looks like she is just copying items, not sure what she was doing in university, I was afk and cant see server end as that's in another grid.

update: also what is with these profiles that comment on some ones post and then u click thee name and says user not found?

fyi i dont mind people taking free stuff, but this post was to say she isn't doing her usual behavior for a griefer.

Charlene McNally: Another thing is for grid owners add Pricilla.Kleenex or Pricilla Kleenex to your avatar list then disable the name so she can’t register… 11 months ago
In hospital fighting to stay alive again at present. Signed power of attorney no life support, no more amputations. Sorry my world's are down. I am not doing well, and no money to fix PC still. Provided I make it home again. haha! Wish me luck. Prayers, love, hugs, n high 5's everyone. :)

Luna Lunaria: Love you Buddy! 1 years ago
Are you a peace maker? Are you a peace maker or a troubler stirrer? Do you do things to escalate situations or do you calm down people and settings? Who are you? What do your actions say about you to others? Do you always find conflict? Do you have friends that turn into enemies all the time? Do you know how to have friends? Try operating from a base of love. Not siding with one person or another person, but loving them both. Try to understand what it would be like to be either of the people involved in the argument, and why they feel so strongly about the situation - even if they are polar opposite one another in their beleifs. How do people arrive at entirely different sides of an argument 180 degrees apart? How can a view point change the meaning of words from black to white? Is it perspective? What can you do to help? Are emotions heated? Is anyone getting hurt? Is what YOU are doing making the situation better? What kind of person are you? The bible says that if you think everyone else is evil, that it is actually YOU who are evil. Learn to love everyone, and always always operate from a base of love. Are you a peace maker? or a trouble maker? Does your joy come from stirring up strife among people? Ask yourself if that is the case why your joy must come from darkness, instead of light? What is wrong with you? How can you change to become a better person?

HanHeld: It's important to remember that what you read here doesn't necessarily reflect what people think or feel in-game. There's a whole lot of grids and not all of them are represented here. The smalles... 11 months ago
Opensimulator is FREE but not a "free-for-all" **

I have noticed there are a number of people who use the Opensimulator server software but they do not fully understand the true concept of it's OPEN nature.

In real life, I have been contributing to FREE and Open sourced software for well over a decade and I rely on it for most of my day to day computing tasks. I have a full working knowledge of what open source is and the level of freedom it gives to the people who use it. Free software gives you the ability to see the source code, change it, make it better, share your changes with friends and some open source licenses will allow you to SELL your modified code. There are many versions of Opensim such as the OSgrid builds, Arriba, Sasquatch, Isthmus or Halcyon and there is nothing stopping YOU from making your own version. You cannot do this with closed sourced software legally. This is the extent to which Opensimulator is OPEN.

Opensimulator is FREE! Free as in Freedom. You are FREE to use the software in any way that you feel is morally or socially acceptable and there is no defined method on how you should use the software. I see people all the time saying things to the effect of: "You should let everyone in your sim." or "You have no right to block bad people or grids." or "You should give everything away free because that is what Opensim was made for." If any of those statements are true then PROVE IT! Go on and show me where it says this. I can assure you that I have completely read the BSD license and it is SHORTER than this article I am writing right now. Nowhere does the license say anything on how you should use the software because that act alone would nullify the freedoms that the Opensimulator developers have given you. You will not find (and probably never will find) any documentation enforcing edicts on how they think you should use this software. They do however have guides on getting the most out of it's features, it is an invaluable resource.

What does all of this mean? FREEDOM FOR ALL but NOT a free-for-all. You have the right to impose RULES on your sims and Opensim software gives grid operators powerful OSSL code to deal with interlopers and troublemakers. Nobody should walk all over you and tell you how to run your grid, when it is your servers, your money and your resources. YOU ARE IN CONTROL. Grid operators have the ability to block any viewer they want, it is built right in. You define how your grid operates and are under no obligation to obey anyone who hates you for using these features. Some may say "Because a feature exists does not mean you should use it." and they would be WRONG because these settings would not be included if the Opensimulator developers did not intend for people to use them.

I challenge anyone who disagrees with this article to visit and show me any documentation which refutes anything I have said. I will only accept submissions from the aforementioned url because it is the OFFICIAL website for the Opensimulator project and they are the supreme authority governing it's use.

Feel free to share this article when needed.

Peace & Love

** A free-for-all is a situation in which several people or groups are trying to get something for themselves and there are no controls on how they do it.

CyberGlo CyberStar: The great thing about this "live & let live" attitude, is it means we can EVEN encompass the grinches. 11 months ago
From this day forward if you post negative drama about ANY grid owner, I don't care who it is or what they've done, I will block you. YOUR drama is NOT what this OSW page is for. I don't care what other grid owners are doing, it's their grid they can do what they want so, back up, grow up and shut up.

CyberGlo CyberStar: The problem is this... What a grid owner does is his/her business. Ok, you don't like Alex, then warn people in your IM's, or start a group. This board does not need to become a negative downer plac... 12 months ago

Only System avatars are permitted. This illustration details the types of items you may wear on your avatar. The Park Ranger will eject anyone not in compliance.

Emily Sear: Guys!!! Stop bitching and picking this to death. I am sure they tested what makes the region run better! So put your big girl SYSTEM panties on and go see it! 9 months ago
Priscilla.Kleenex again out for hunting. Cerfull for this italian monkey him come again to GBG WORLD but i ma so fast to banned this monkey from italy and ejeck so i send him to the hell but stay cerfull all grid .
2022-07-09 02:27:27,382 INFO (56) - OpenSim.Services.HypergridService.GatekeeperService [GATEKEEPER SERVICE]: Login request for Priscilla.Kleenex @ () at using viewer Firestorm-Releasex64, channel Firestorm-Releasex64, , Mac , Id0 , Teleport Flags: ViaLogin. From region FreeLand 01 - French Connection () @
2022-07-09 02:27:27,386 INFO (56) - OpenSim.Services.HypergridService.GatekeeperService [GATEKEEPER SERVICE]: Checking users Mac against list of denied macs ...



ASN: 30722

ISP: Vodafone Italia S.p.A.

Services: None detected

Assignment: Likely Static IP

Country: Italy

State/Region: Piemonte

City: Ivrea

OpenSimUser: Just delete all the information on here, and ban their Mac address and be done with it, rather than possiblity of breaking laws by posting information that shouldnt be posted in public forums. 1 years ago

I am gonna post some drama ... fashion faux pas ... toe socks with cork sandals...ROFL

thedeeferry: I love socks! Wear them with everything. What is wrong with that? "I walk around like everything is fine, but deep down, inside my shoe, my sock is sliding off." Unknown 1 years ago
Another look I like. Ruth2 RC3 mesh body with my own hair, skin, and shape as in the earlier post. Clothes and shoes from the Kitely Market. Blouse is by Rune, leather pants are by Dadiellas, and my favorite boots came from Dollys, which has since closed due to constant fighting with the never buy in opensim crowd. She got tired of it and left opensim, closing all her stores.

I just wanted to party in opensim, hang out with friends, and make nice stuff that I could sell to pay for my land. I never wanted this fight but it came to my door anyway. If there are those who want give away a bunch of stuff stolen from SL then that's their decision, I'm not going to call them out over it - that's a bigger question for people far more important than I am in Opensim to grapple with. But I'm not going to let anyone dictate what I can and can't do with my own creations.

Jupiter Rowland: By the way: Kodama avatar. When? 1 years ago


Karen Mansour: As many of you will know I used to work RL in the Adult Entertainment Industry - so maybe have a different take on what is Adult rated, bearing in mind that you can turn on the tv and see death and go... 2 years ago
Let's clear things up.
This is OpenSIM World here, there are written rules and they unequivocally prohibit any form of bots that change the number of real avatars reported by the beacon. It doesn't matter if you're modifying beacon or bot code, or bringing in avatars that have been asleep for weeks using a text client, or multiple windows, or…
Today, 13/03/2023, this is rules.

No amount of tantrums, threats or drama can change the fact of breaking the OpenSIM World rules.
If someone does not like the rules, they can choose from the following options:
1. He wags his tail and leaves like a beaten dog.
2. Start a CIVILIZED discussion about changing the rules, introducing paid bots or promotions or whatever you want to suggest. If the idea is good Satyr might like it and change the rules.
3. You continue to act like village tariqats, lie, threaten to present yourself as special and super worthless.... and naturally you will be reported and blocked.

Everything else is mindless hysteria and is curable, but not here!
The choice is yours....

The topic is about the rules. All offtopic will be deleted from this post!
Sorry for bad englis.

Pagane: First. Huge gratitude, honor and respect to the entire OpenSIM world team and to Satir personally for their tremendous work. And now on the topic. How and why You may not always understand why I do t... 9 months ago
Servers & Grid closed
The grid is definitively closed due to a bad manipulation on the databases, we have tried everything to try to repair but it turns out to be impossible, in the absence of exploitable asset backup, from February 20, 2022 at 6:35 p.m., the gate is officially closed, we are sorry for the inconvenience, we ask you all to stop your automatic payments and all donations!!!

Zoe: Je suis navrée d'apprendre que votre grid ne sera plus la. Tant d'années avec des allez vas et viens, toujours aussi agréable d'être avac vous et tous les membres de cette grid merveilleuse. Toi Vlad,... 2 years ago
New Release: Arcadia's Weather System

It's been a while heh.

Some weather change gives a lot of life to your sim, either a forest, a beach or a city, rain will infuse extra charm to your daily activities.

With that in mind let me present you my weather system, it's a controller of slave clouds that will emit rain particles, rain sounds and thunder sounds. But that's nothing new right?

My version also features up to two automatic rains per day, you set the time of the day and it will rain at those times for one hour. Nice huh?

Oh? Not enough? what if I told you it will also change your sky settings to overcast and cloudy while it's raining? Yep it does, assuming you have permissions to change the EEEP settings of your parcel it will make it overcast while raining and will return to your normal EEEP setting when stops.

Don't want to get cloudy? no problem! I also include a version that won't change your sky hehe.

Also, it features an access list, so either anyone or just a selected few will be able to operate the system.

Finally, please read the manual, I explain everything in detail, including the setup of the system.

Happy Friday! (yay Friday)

Enough of pretending to be innocent! The moment of truth.

  • I approve of the current rules and urge everyone to follow them.
  • I approve of the current rules, but I want to be able to pay a fee to raise my rating above the competition.
  • I would like to remove any visitor ratings at all.
  • I want to cancel all restrictions. The right belongs to the strong and the impudent!
Vote (33)

Congratulations Arkham, the second year, Happy Anniversary

For better or worse, I am sharing things I have done for online safety in Opensim, as the reader you can decide for yourself which actions to take. If you can learn from your own mistakes, you are pretty smart but if you can learn from SOMEONE ELSE'S mistakes, you are a genius!

After reading a number of posts on Opensimworld, it is apparent that some hobbyists of unaware of protections they have available when running Opensimulator for the first time. Some tinkerers may opt for running a simulator on their spare computer at home and connecting the region to an OPEN grid like OSgrid or Zetaworlds. Nothing beats the excitement of having your own land for the first time. You spend hours designing your city, giving it a theme, placing sit targets on all of your furniture; everything is 'ponies and rainbows' until some jerk comes in and decides to populate your territory with questionable objects in the hopes they can READ YOUR COMPLAINTS HERE ON OPENSIMWORLD while they are fondling their (ahem - your favorite depiction here) ego at your ire.

THE BEST RESPONSE TO TROLLS IS NO RESPONSE. When you ignore them, they move on to someone else who will make some noise... They are like vampires feeding off of negative energy.

The screenshot above illustrates things you can do to protect your simulators. In 'about land, options' section I un-check the Everyone boxes. Only Group users may use those features. You can also define who may enter, in 'about land, access' you can restrict access to a group or only certain individuals. Now some of you will say "Stop right there, my visitor's AO will not work or they cannot use their custom dance huds". The good news is that if your visitors are using the AO built into their viewer, that is not a problem, they will have their own custom animations or dances and will not need to run scripts. If the visitor is someone you can trust, you can allow them into the group... If you are having a party, you can temporarily enable script access to guests while you are present. When you are running the region it is up to YOU to POLICE IT. You have options for blocking hostiles in your built-in configuration files. There are also scripted solutions for traffic control where you can banish individual users, entire grids or IP ranges in real-time. You are free to seek out any technology which keeps your world safe. I strongly advise that you examine the code before employing these security devices.

For Hypergrid users: Enjoying a LAG-FREE experience is not the HOST's responsibility. IT IS YOURS.

As computers get more powerful each year, region operators WILL populate their sims with content that could bring many CPUs and display adapters to their knees. Lets face it, not everyone can afford to buy a new computer every year with all of the latest bells and whistles. When traveling you want to make sure your PC is optimized for controlling client side lag. Luckily, your viewer has features available to combat these issues. Reducing draw distance, particles, LOD and avatar complexity will give you better frame rates at the expense of reduced visual quality.

Other ways to protect yourself when traveling include: Making sure your SUITCASE IS EMPTY - the more junk you have in there, the more BLOAT that follows you as you travel. You can also make a lightweight hypergrid avatar. The screenshot above shows my actual inventory window. Instead of carrying everything on my person, I have everything rezzed on land in a hidden region on my grid that only I can access. Less inventory means less orange smoke at login. I have been told that some shady grid owners can use rogue simulator code see what is in your suitcase and copy it. I have also heard of grid operators cloning visitors via collision scripted objects - it is easy to copy stuff a cloned avatar is wearing. I always say "Never wear anything when traveling that you do not want some simpleton to copy". I have seen some nasty OSSL code that will crash the sim of the person who cloned you without permission. Trolling the trolls can be fun BUT I digress, TWO WRONGS DO NOT MAKE IT RIGHT.

Opensim does not have to be the 'WILD WILD WEST' - protect yourselves & protect your regions. You and your guests can enjoy the best of Opensimulator.

As always, feel free to share this article when needed.

Peace & Love

Pagane: One more.... will say only once. Years ago one of oldtimers here show me how connect to IP port 8003 with linux terminal and direct send SQL commands. Priscilla use this hole and BASH SCRIPT yes, li... 11 months ago
Another word on ZetaWorlds due to a recent discussion on OSW.

I decided to move Stark to ZetaWorlds some time ago for a couple of reasons.
Firstly, I wanted a professional grid hosted by IT professionals who know what they're doing, because I don't want to mess around with all the technical stuff. I just want to build and have fun. So I'm willing to pay for a sim if I get a stable and reliable service in return.
Secondly, if I have to pay for the service, I want to know who is behind the grid. I would never transfer money to an anonymous person. I have no problem with transferring my real data so that the company, which is registered in the commercial register, can issue flawless invoices.
Thirdly, I live in Germany. As a German, I feel better if I can use a German service like ZetaWorlds, which has to adhere to the legal requirements of my country.

In the discussions about grids and how this is handled with hypergrid access, I think they are comparing apples with oranges. A commercial, professionally operated grid has higher challenges to overcome and is obliged to guarantee a flawless service to its paying customers. In contrast, the operator of a private grid, often hosted on his own PC, can do whatever he wants. If it breaks down at some point, that's just the way it is. The tenants are simply out of luck. With a commercial grid, I can demand the service by law. These are two completely different things that are often forgotten.

Kylie Brimmer: Another SL here in opensim??? 1 years ago

The Box
ToniaKR 1 hour ago
Jingle bells Jingle bells Jingle all the way Oh, what fun It is to ride In a one-horse open sleigh!
Mistressdalgato 3 hours ago
lol deefery
Haiku Bot 13 hours ago
Molten skies drip down, Earth a cinder, oceans hiss, Dog wags farewell tail.
Haiku Bot 13 hours ago
Soft paws pad on clouds, Tail wags a celestial breeze, Slobbery kisses bless.
thedeeferry 13 hours ago
@Lillysparks lol
Nico Kalani 13 hours ago
Have a look at the new "Bad Event Ideas" group. Add your own if you'd like:
Lillysparks 14 hours ago
for the love of dog
thedeeferry 16 hours ago
Well, now that we have successfully filled the box with witty, smartass, silly, friendly, and funny, I bid you adieu until next time The orderlies are delivering my din din. Lol
thedeeferry 16 hours ago
@LeonitasLionheart lol
thedeeferry 16 hours ago
@CyberGlo CyberStar Clambers to find Scrabble game board for dyslexics... Nothing wrong with being cixelsyd!
thedeeferry 17 hours ago
@GlennXpletive Be the short person... Ooohmm
thedeeferry 18 hours ago
@GlennXpletive lol
GlennXpletive 18 hours ago
I don't hope for the end of the world but I do hope God comes to clean up the idiocy on steroids lately. The earth is in dire need of an enema. lol
thedeeferry 18 hours ago
@GlennXpletive I get what you say. I guess we are just not that lucky. Well, I can still hope.
GlennXpletive 18 hours ago
Seems like it's the end of the world too many times. 70's-80's Times Sqaure dudes wearing "The end is near", Y2K, The Mayan death calendar of 2012, must I go on?
GlennXpletive 18 hours ago
Hey Lilly, I agree! I'm over 6 feet and banged my head on common things plenty of time that I sometimes envy a dwarf who can do things I can't like climb around under a dashboard to fix shit. lol
GlennXpletive 18 hours ago
Who accused you of being a dwarf? I don't see anyone claiming that with this statement: "thank goodnes I don't have Dwarfism as well?"
thedeeferry 18 hours ago
@CyberGlo CyberStar I hope what you say is true about the 9 year timeline for the end of the world as we know it. It will be spectacular to experience a world wide change and finally meet Dog. Peace Love Joy.
CyberGlo CyberStar 18 hours ago
A dyslexic man opens the newspaper and reads the word scramble.
thedeeferry 18 hours ago
I agree Lilysparks. Most of my extended family are just a bit taller than being considered dwarf. At one time I was considered to be a tall person in the family. (5 feet 4.25 inches) lol. Hums Short People song...
Lillysparks 23 hours ago
Its safe to say that part of the criteria for being a dwarf is being relatively small. That isn't an insult.
ToniaKR yesterday
I get enough crap for being Trans thank goodnes I don't have Dwarfism as well?
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SheaButter 9 minutes ago
Some really neat ornaments there people. Huge tree, needs tons more. So git er dun!
Angeldark 1 hour ago
Bellissima !!!
ToniaKR 1 hour ago
Really Pretty attraction!
Lillysparks 2 hours ago
I love this idea. I wish I could enter the contest 50 times. LOL I love this stuff. Question- can the ornament be lightly scripted? =)
Sodasullivan 5 hours ago
Interesting and well-expressed post. I do agree completely, up to a point. The nudity should never be the issue. It isa natural state. The issue is the behavior! A young avatar nude on a beach is tota...
Ellen 9 hours ago
What a great idea! Thank you!
Angeldark 14 hours ago
Sylvia-Koeln 16 hours ago
Ich platze gleich vor Neugier......... uffz
Sorcha yesterday
superbe sim merci


A BEAUTIFUL sim...VERY nicely done. I had a lot of fun exploring! PLUS it has some AWESOME surfing!! woohoo!!
Allie Dawson 21 hours ago
Christmas Town
Wonderful place where you can do all of your Christmas decos shopping. I had nothing Now I have everything except what I went there for..which was a Christmas stocking! LOL but I think "everything" i...
JFlame yesterday
Holiday Haven
So much to see!. From animesh to winter scenes. Animals, people.... a must see place if you are looking for some cool things. :)
EvaSeli yesterday
este lugar es precioso, el polo norte está maravillosamente bonito tiene auroras boreales y se ve como muy real ,buen trabajo♥
CAMINO ROSSE 2 days ago
Wow, Esse you have built a wonderful Christmas Village. and finally some clothes that will fit my wonderful body. Oh The sled Run is great.. I cant wait to bring my Jessica out here to kiss under the...
RogerRabbit 3 days ago
Loving the Christmas vibes here! Always love Ice Skating with my sis or my Lover! Ofc you cant forget shopping.... always nice to find something new for Christmas to wear! Also ⓄⓂⒼ there is a sled rid...
Gala♥:D 3 days ago
SunEden Resort
Please let me know if you enjoyed your stay :)
SamanthaSmith 3 days ago

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