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WELCOME TO VIRTUAL RELOAD A great place to start over or to build. Enjoy a peaceful life and have fun. Events 5 days a we...

Who will tell me More about this grid 3dLove

A (person i dislike) is trying to receive traffic by sharing my styling proposals to his silly osgrid region MALL .. and Digiworldz idiots are going there to take the benefit of Betty's styling proposals

NovemberRain posted a reply to a topic.
another issue we have is they don't know how to rip they rip all in max LOD that's why some of them have complexity high as 1 million. It's also a pra...
18 days ago

NovemberRain posted a reply to a topic.
Another scam AllCity had was to sell hypergrid to their own residents, they were telling their own residents we sell you hypergrid then you can get al...
18 days ago

NovemberRain posted a reply to a topic.
They also rip regions in all grids and many sims crash they sell or try to sell the ripped oar's. I think the best way to stop them is to make availab...
18 days ago

NovemberRain added a comment in the region Breath 001
This grid resells stolen SL content in all malls, not good!
19 days ago

NovemberRain added a comment in the region Breath 001
Of course they can't allow residents to find freebie grids else they would stop to buy the copybot they sell in breath-grid and baller nation.
19 days ago

NovemberRain added a comment in the region FREE LANDS
Free land with no hypergrid for freebie grids is like a garden without flowers or like North Korea, not good! Newbies never use currency in this grid ...
19 days ago

NovemberRain added a comment in the region SandBox
you resell in the sandbox the stolen stuff too?

I think that one has been banned from many grids and does not know that grid owners spend a lot of real life money for their grid… and that spending money and losing some is not stilling… They attack little honest grids, and show how stupid they are talking about people from other country… Is Opensimworld a place to do "politic" ? … and do people sell on sandboxes ?..... and why so much hate ? maybe bacause they cannot take some créations to put them full perms and copy on their places to increase traffic there… Those who act so bad and only attack little grid owners who work hard and spend lot of rl money are too scared to act the same with real big grids… Little grid owners Don't gain any money, they just spend a lot… but I Don't think work means Nothing to those bad talking people.
I have noticed there are places which are using BOTS to inflate their rankings on Opensimworld. I am not pointing fingers at anyone in particular because I think we all know who they are. This gives some people unfair advantage over how they are listed on the Opensimworld HUD and possibly this website.

The FAQ/HELP page clearly states the following: "Non-NPC bots need to be added to the exclude list, so that our beacon does not report them as real visitors. Please add the names of your non-NPC bots in the notecard "exclude_list" , one at a line."

One way we can improve this community is to play fairly and not employ spam tactics to promote brands. Penalties should be awarded to those who engage in such practices. As community members we should bear this in mind before visiting these merchants.
So many moralists ... OK too many. I don't understand it, please help me. You don't do everything yourself. You copy right and left. From people who give you everything free, copy mod transe. You do the same things on your land/sim. You block it for others. No mod no trans ...... DID YOU ASK YOURSELF AT WHICH RIGHT? ACROSS FROM YOUR PEOPLE? Do you understand the message Yes? Welcome to Opensim! :-)
Go to Google, learn what is Opensim Free spirit!

So viele Moralisten... OK zu viele. Ich verstehe es nicht, hilf mir bitte. Du machst nicht alles selner. Du kopierst rechts und links. Bei Menschen die Dir alles frei geben, copy mod transe. Die selben Sachen stellst Du an sin Land. Du sperrst es für andere. No mod no trans...... HAST DU DICH IRGEND WANN GEFRAGT: MIT WELCHEM RECHT? GEGENÜBER DEINEN MITMENSCHEN? Verstehst Du die Botschaft? Ja? Willkommen in Opensim! :-)
Gehe zu Google, lerne was Opensim Freigeist ist!
Allana.Santos proven copybotter came on to my grid and copybotted a river boat i spent months making
or any other sacrarium grid they got to
they are invading hypersapace
it appers they come to you grid invisable to avatar counters all but uuid number is hidden copy bot your stuff god mode it and make them selves as creator and remove a texture you can never res it out again
I want to share something here from 1 of my worlds. It IS MY SERVER, not a rentspace? lol Thank you? This was left by a whiner becuase me, and 2 friends were AFK on MY SERVER? lol BTW? If I wanted I could make other accounts at will. It is my server, but I have 30 worlds in Rebelworld, and at least 15 world members, and they ALL have alts? lol xD

[Threat to an offworld avatar that was sent.]
[22:56] Johnny Rebel is online.
[23:51] Trav.Winesmith so this is what yall do?
[23:51] Trav.Winesmith log accounts on and leave them to make the traffic higher?
[23:51] Trav.Winesmith im telling on yall
[01:18] Methusalem.Dracos It is a friends server. I AFK here. lol Go tell. I can park where I want. It is a private server? lol

[23:47] Jewelry Chest 17: Trav.Winesmith f9c99209-ea3c-4d7f-819e-1dce607323a9 is on region Rebelmart
[23:48] Johnny Rebel: hello
[23:49] Johnny Rebel: "waves"
[23:55] Johnny Rebel: Welcome to Rebelworld.
[01:30] Johnny Rebel: This is MY SERVER Trav.Winesmith People that are my friends like to AFK here sometimes. AS DO I? By ALL MEANS, Please feel free to tell on me? I care less about whatever it is you are whining about? lol Sorry everyone. I am not a jerk, but I RUN THIS SERVER. I don't care if 50 people AFK here? This is MY SERVER Trav.Winesmith lol
[01:32] Johnny Rebel: I said hello to you when you logged on my server. You ignored me, and left sarcastic remarks to an AFK friend? lol What a rube....
[01:34] Johnny Rebel: It's night time on the east coast. People DO SLEEP? >.>

This is a PRIVATE SERVER, and I allow others on it. I don't even pay for advertisement here? But I am a [paying member], and COULD? lol EVERYONE is welcome on Rebelworld to look around, and hang out, AFK, WHATEVER that is publically acceptable. ANYONE who thinks this is unfair? Simple solution? STAY OFF THE SERVER? Trav.Winesmith f9c99209-ea3c-4d7f-819e-1dce607323a9 ? There, problem solved. I do not care if 500 are there plus me AFK? Bump me to the bottom of the silly place marker here for all I care?
Just a fair question, without any troll or hate behind ....anybody between us know the real reason osgrid banned Sacrarium ??? i used to follow their Saturday forum and they were many users asking about, without receiving any answer .....was an avoid subject it an Arab-French user named Paela that banned Sacrarium cause of jealously or was something else ?

Today Florencia Dress comes in 34 Flavors FREE and FULLPERMS to You, Your Grid and all Opensim Freebie Shops!!! Shame on All of You! Share! and Enjoy ;p

How do I change a picture in a group. I can change a name, but when I upload a picture it does not seem to stick. When I contact the site moderator, I never get an answer. Maybe one of you is smart and can tell me how I do this trick?
Thank you:)
I also have another question: Is this site owned by Sacrarium grid? And is the owner of this site part of that grid? More and more people seem to think this.
We at Social Mouse are looking for Vendor who are in the spirit of SHARING (Not Paid items) to come along this wonderful journey - We have an OpenSim Working Marketplace system for all of OpenSim! if you want to share your items or items you found and make it easier for others to actually find items Please PM me - Let's Share as Aggressively as we can!!! EVERYONE IS WELCOMED ALL ITEMS ARE NEEDED FOR CATALOGING AND SHARING!
After Feb 24 there will be no more free accounts in Metropolis, All users will have to give their Private Info (Payment Info) All assets and accounts will be deleted, and only if you pay you will be able to restore your old assets.
OS Grid Donation Drive Events & Scheduling - Sept 21-28, 2018
OS Grid Fundraiser Carnival 2018
Greetings everyone,
OS Grid which has given us all so much, reaches out and asks us all for a bit of help in return during our Annual Carnival Fundraiser Donation Drive. The Open Source Grid charges no money for content, entertainment or even land, but not all is free to the grid itself. Servers to host all of this must be paid for along with a few miscellaneous expenses needed to keep us afloat, therefor we rely on the generosity of our residents and guests.

YouTube video Promotion of OSG Donation Drive Carnival

Hypergrid Business Website covering OS Grid's Donation Carnival 2018

GoFundMe Page Online

You may donate by going to our website at
Sign up for a subscription donation or donate a one time sum

OR you can go to the GoFundMe page at:

Donate in SL using our designated donations avatar: OSgridInc Resident

You may email a pledge to

By Check: Please make checks out to OSgrid Inc. and mail to: OSgrid Inc. P.O. Box 1001 Rincon, GA 31326 USA

The Events
Numerous grid- wide events are lined up for fundraiser from September 21st - 28th, 2018. We welcome all residents and guests to participate as viewers and contributors via donation, and thank all of you who come and join in both as spectators and participants!

We have included traveling road shows at some of our members clubs and stages around OS Grid as well as the events on Event Plaza's Stage & Dance venue and a new Special; Events Region.
Please join us and be a part of making our grid be strong and last long!

Events Schedule for the Carnival

Day 1.....Friday, September 21st
Event Plaza Friday Party

8.00am - 9.00am DJ Aussie
9.00am - 10am DJ Kawaii
10am - 11am DJ Princess
11am - 12noon DJ Aussie
12noon - 2pm DJ LaNani
2pm - 4pm DJ Fearless
4pm - 6pm DJ Purr
6pm - 7pm DJ LadyJo
7pm - 8pm DJ Aussie

Day 2.....Saturday, September 22nd
11am - 3pm - Creators Donation Auction - Foxx Bode Auctioneer
4pm - 6pm Swimsuit Contest @ Special Events Runway Women & Men Both
6pm - 8pm Swimsuit Contest After party at Sirens hosted by TIGGS
- 6-7 DJ Marceli
- 7-8 DJ Cataplexia

Day 3.....Sunday, September 23rd
11:30 am-1pm The Hate Won't Win- DJ Higher
1pm -6pm Maritime Club - lineup to be announced

Day 4.....Monday, September 24th
10am - 12n Trancelucid Club Opening - DJ Kawaii
3pm - 7 PM Tribute Palooza at Special Events

Day 5.....Tuesday, September 25th
12n - 5pm Almost Islands Live Events
~12 noon to 1 PM - Lucky Chiung
~1 PM to 2 PM - Joao Frazao
~2 PM to 4 PM - Lucky Chiung
~4 PM to 5 PM - Greybeard Thinker
5pm - 7pm Belly Dancing - Oasis Ballroom - DJ Cataplexia

Day 6.....Wednesday, September 26th
Event Plaza Wednesday Party

8.00am - 10.00am DJ Aussie
10.00am - 11.00am DJ Kawaii
11.00am - 12.00 Noon DJ Princess
12.00 - 2.00pm DJ LaNani
2.00pm - 3.00pm DJ Higher
3.00pm - 4.00pm DJ LadyJo
4.00pm - 5.00pm DJ Purr
5pm - 6pm Nazirah (Live Performance)
6.00pm - 7.00pm DJ Camila
7.00pm - 8.00pm DJ Cataplexia

Day 7.....Thursday, September 27th
11am - 2PM Soccer Tournament - DJ to Be Announced
2 pm - 4 PM Soccer Afterparty at ArtSpeak Cafe' - DJ Cataplexia
4 pm - 7 pm Greedy Marathon hosted by Cilla Teebrook

Day 8.....Friday, September 28th
Event Plaza Friday Party

8.00am - 9.00am DJ Aussie
9.00am - 10am DJ Kawaii
10am - 11am DJ Princess
11am - 12noon DJ LadyJo
12noon - 2pm DJ LaNani
2pm - 4pm DJ Fearless
4pm - 5pm Singergirl
5pm - 7pm DJ Purr
7pm - 8pm DJ Aussie
If these nrs are real SL is low as in 2005

Everyday i love more Opensim :-)

After hearing of the sad news that Gertie Bumbtious left us on June 5th, we, Niki Stark (ex-wife of Gertie) and I decided to make a tribute edition of Stark! with some nice photos of Gertie. We will miss Gertie very much with her happy, positive manner and her legendary music sets!

You can get copies of the magazine and the vendors at the Stark landing point as always.

Rest in peace, Gertie!
Niki & Mattie

Searching free outfits shopping for old avatar males (no mesh bento avatar)
but please not the kelly stuff :)

best regards

Opening this thread after someone has left a bad review on my sim because she didnt agree about the GDPR policy...

"Wth is GDPR policy"
- The General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 ("GDPR") is a regulation in EU law on data protection and privacy for all individuals within the European Union (EU) and the European Economic Area (EEA). It also addresses the export of personal data outside the EU and EEA areas. The GDPR aims primarily to give control to individuals over their personal data and to simplify the regulatory environment for international business by unifying the regulation within the EU.

"All grids asking for registration then?"
- Not all grids but the commercial ones were forced to.

"WTH I have to do with this law if I not even European?"
- YES, I KNOW.. IT SUCKS.... but... Grids owners cant control (or its too complex and costy $$$) to know who is who. I run a Norwegian sim but I could be from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on RL or even from Tivunantampuran, India and u wouldnt know...

-YES... I KNOW... IT SUCKS.... but... let me tell u a thing.. Info being collected refers only to ur av name, age, IP address, time u log in there and harware/software used on PC used only for grid statistics.. Grids owners are not worried if u watch porno on PC or even u own copybotted stuffs in inventory.. And guess what. ALL GRIDS ALWAYS COLLECTED info about u. Difference now u know tha happens!!

-YES... I KNOW... IT SUCKS.... but... please follow carefully instructions from grids website.. Most of times (99,9%) are from people who types either "http" or the "/" (or even both) at hypergrid address.. For whom IMmed asking for help I could manage them all to get to my sim, so please dont give us, sim owners, a bad review. just try to contact us first (or why not the grid support).

-YES... I KNOW... IT SUCKS.... but... Sun is yellow, Moon is white, someone here is gay - u couldnt not agree but if u still want to travel hypergrid (stuff u cant do at SL) its ur choice.. but nothing u do will change it. and my advise is: relax! registration is done once for AV!

YES... I KNOW... IT SUCKS.... but... some people working to make process more simple. Hope one day all grids will do the same (but its all about $$$ u know)..
Bill Bright has just shown me a project he s been working at to make it more simple (

well, hope to have clarified about GDPR here. Please leave ur comments here and tell me what u think about this thread. Thx :)

And today we shoot Landscape Environments in many flavors to all grids to beautify more Opensim!!! Share and Enjoy :)

Unfortunately, once again there were attacks on the police
African American group.
Unfortunately once again politics will not do anything in the United States.
After 2 weeks of beating their heads in, it is time to rest.
Notice something?? it is not the first time and not the last time in the States.

Unteachable unfortunately ...
Darrow Kanto sings Live at The Pier, Tranquility Grid
Where: The Pier
When: 20 days ago [23 Jul 2020 18:00 SLT]

Darrow Kanto joined Tranquility Grid recently from Second Life and elsewhere on the hypergrid. He is going to be singing LIVE for us! He has very down to earth style such a sweet heart so come hear him for yourself!


Good day all you lovely farmers out there. Can anyone tell me what i have to do with the honeycomb, i have no storage for it, and i do not see it required in any of the menus. ?

Just an update that there are some new items in the animals section of the welcome centre - come free shopping!

An open letter to the Open sim community . There is a rumor going around the HG that because Club Equinox is owned by a lesbian and has a large girl presents that it is a lesbian club! Let me clear the air right now Club Equinox is not nor was ever a lesbian only club! We welcome everyone man, women or Transgender people even Furry's and fairy's. What we do offer is a Drama Free and fun place to party! It is not a strictly lesbian club as some have tagged us to be, As a mater of fact the majority of the girls that come are straight girls in relationships with guys! So for those that are starting this rumor you had better get your facts in order before you spew your racist comments. Thank you and see you at Club Equinox! Becca Kershaw owner and DJ of Club Equinox.
I will be away from Opensim, and so my region in Sacrarium Grid. This will be a long absence (maybe several months) due to RL changes (nothing bad don't worry).

Zetra will stay opened, managed by WhiteAngel Deed (Sacrarium owner). If there is a problem on the region, please contact him.
Hi i am trying to solve a problem i have been wondering why my sim was not being visited for over a week now. I realised that when i try and teleport from my grid to others it keeps saying unable to verify identity. I'm not sure exactly what the problem seems to be but all ports are open that are meant to be i have been trying the obvious trying to change the MyWorld.ini and opensim.ini but nothing seems to be helping i can not hypergrid anywhere.
I am looking for a group of Australians or those who love Australia to be involved in a unique project on the Great Canadian Grid. It will be Aussie themed and I think very exciting. If you are interested please send me an IM or reply via here and I will get back to you. I will be in grid most evenings after Nov 12, (Aussie times). Looking for about 5/6 people, more is good as well :)
Krystal Moonstone@greatcanadiangrid.

If it is counted as off topic then it can be deleted. Just like in title i'm looking for anthro avatars or how some people call it furry avatars. I use osgrid and hypergrid work for me.



Grand Opening For Club Firey Madness
Where: Southport
When: 2 months ago [28 Jun 2020 14:30 SLT]

In the history of Opensim there are thousands of people who, over the years, have accomplished something incredible in millions of hours. "Opensim" open the folder and try to read all the pages. You don't get old enough for that. They did this without asking for anything. Open source! That's why there are not only SL where you get ripped off. But more and more people with this sad character trait come to Opensim from there and destroy it with greed in line increments. Thousands of permissive people have created beautiful things. Each one in thousands of hours of their lifetime. Without thinking about profit. Just like socially supported by the state who want to earn black money here. Which eventually leads to the fact that we have to tax everything here in our country. So in the long run the social curtail themselves. If that happens exactly these Opensim will no longer be able to. I pray for taxes, because only that will save Opensim's morale. After 16 years of SL and LL mentor, Philip Rosedale, who let us down in 2010, and Ebbe Altberg, who is just as greedy for money, pass the A ... Opensim is alpha, a hobby and not a marketplace. If you can't finance your hobby, lolz should go fishing.

You copy all of these works. And you set this to no copy, no mod, no trans for others. Have you ever asked yourself what right? Compared to those who released these things to everyone CMT? You are selfish and arrogant towards Opensim Spirit. Did you ask these people if that's okay with them? If you do not understand this message, you will never be part of Opensim, but only a shadow of it. When I overrate myself, I start counting stars in the sky. That brings me back to the floor. Rakis Heron Freebie Grid Opensim Spirit as long as I breathe.

I salute as an army officer to all the people who have selflessly created all of this. My oath, I will do my utmost to maintain this. We owe that to everyone who created Opensim and made it what it is today. Everything else is an insult to these people.
Greed for profit does not belong in the opensim.

Giving and taking without circumcision is a matter of character.
Everything else belongs in Linden Lab's Second Life

Rakis Heron
SL Legend

---------------------------- English ----------------------------

In der Geschichte von Opensim gibt es tausende Menschen, die in all den Jahren, zusammen in Millionen Stunden etwas Unglaubliches zustande gebracht haben. "Opensim" öffne den Ordner und versuche all die Seiten zu lesen. Du wirst nicht alt genug dafür. Sie leisteten dies, ohne etwas zu verlangen. Open Source! Deshalb gibt es nicht nur SL wo man abgezockt wird. Aber immer mehr Menschen mit dieser traurigen Charaktereigenschaft kommen von dort zu Opensim und zerstören es mit ihrer Habgier in Zeilenschritten. Tausende freizügige Menschen haben schöne Sachen erstellt. Jeder einzelne in tausenden von Stunden ihrer Lebenszeit. Ohne an Profit zu denken. So wie Sozial unterstützte vom Staat, die hier schwarz verdienen wollen. Was irgendwann dazu führt, dass wir alles hier bei unserem Land versteuern müssen. Also die Sozialen beschneiden sich auf Dauer selber. Wenn, das eintritt werden genau diese Opensim nicht mehr vermögen. Ich bete für Steuern, denn leider nur das wird die Moral von Opensim retten. Nach 16 Jahren SL und LL Mentor, geht mir Philip Rosedale der uns 2010 im Stich liess und Ebbe Altberg der genau so geldgierig ist, am A... vorbei. Opensim ist Alpha, ein Hobby und kein Marktplatz. Wer sein Hobby nicht finanzieren kann, lolz soll fischen gehen.

Du kopierst all diese Werke. Und setzt diese bei Dir auf no copy, no mod, no trans für andere. Hast Du Dich schon einmal gefragt mit welchem Recht? Gegenüber denen die diese Sachen für alle frei gaben CMT? Du bist egoistisch und arrogant gegenüber Opensim Spirit. Hast Du diese Menschen gefragt, ob ihnen das recht ist? Wenn Du diese Botschaft nicht verstehst, wirst Du nie ein Teil von Opensim sein, sondern nur ein Schatten dessen. Wenn ich mich überbewerte, fange ich an Sterne am Himmel zu zählen. Das bringt mich auf den Boden zurück. Rakis Heron Freebie Grid Opensim Spirit so lange ich atme.

Ich salutiere als Armee Offizier vor all den Menschen die all dies selbstlos geschaffen haben. Mein Schwur, ich werde mit aller Kraft versuchen dies zu erhalten. Das schulden wir all denen die Opensim erschaffen, und zu dem gemacht haben, was es heute ist. Alles andere ist eine Beleidigung diesen Menschen gegenüber.
Profitgier gehört nicht ins Opensim.

Geben und nehmen ohne Beschneidung ist Charaktersache.
Alles andere gehört ins Second Life von Linden Lab

Rakis Heron
SL Legend
Alternate Metaverse Grid
is offering ONE FREE MONTH to those who are migrating from DIGIWORLDZ & purchasing land!
We want to start off your new life here right!
Have your region(s) set up and we will start payments One Month After!

Region Purchases Include:
-One Month without tier
-Full control of your region- stream, parceling etc
-Regional God power rights to owner
-Restarts From Website- Owners and estate managers
-OARs you own you may copy from website
-Options to connect to Open Water & Air
-Region Privacy Option - Unconnected
-All regions may be upgraded
-Pre-built "Demo" Regions Available in many sizes


Alternate Metaverse, also known as AMV Grid publicly opened its doors on December 5th 2019, after taking 5 months of creating and developing a grid that is Secure, Technically sound with 6 large servers and another server for special projects, and filled with fun and interesting content from the start. We offer low land costs, single regions to expanded VAR packages, Optional "ready to move in" pre-built regions, Free use Cabanas (At Cayo Beach) Open Waters & Skies upon request, Mesh Starter Avatars, Arts and Education, Free Shopping areas and incredible beautiful regions to explore!
Residents get regional "god mode" powers on their land and can copy their OAR files & Restart their regions via the website!


Digiworldz recently banned this grid for giving God powers to our land owners, then cut us off- also cutting their residents access to Alternte Metaverse. We have a large number of visitors from that grid and want them to enjoy our grid, so we are simply making it an easier transition if they wish to come here!

Our goal was to create a paradise with Arts, Education, Free Shopping, Multiple Clubs, Beaches, Parks & open Skies and waters! The Paradise is HERE on Alternate Metaverse at low cost- All we need now is YOU!

Create your account on our website - Confirm the email sent to you and join us in creating a new life and a new start for you!

Grid Owners: Clifford Hanger & Cataplexia Numbers
Grid Manager : Bonnie Parker
Assistant Grid Managers: Chris McCracken, Cookie Cresci & Luna Stormfeather

Nach erfolgreicher Stärkung geht´s weiter.
Es gibt viel zu tun. Packen wir´s an !


Batan Island Forgotten World
Rakis is expanding his home.
A life in nature.

hop:// Island Forgotten World/153/165/23


Special edition for Valentine`s Day. TIKI RAFT GREEDY GAME TABLE For 2 players only :>) Available for FREE and FULL PERM.. Enjoy :)



Info for all jealous and knowledgeable who claim my grid and 162 sim are slow. (user01) I did a test with an old pentium 4 Intl core 2 quad 3.2GHz, 8GB memory card 6 years out of life no more driver, "1GBite" internet. I'm going to my sim house market 60000 prim hard test. No difference to my PC i7 core 8, 4.3GHz, 32GB memory new Graficcard Gigabite. All work fine and stable fast. :-D
If my grid is slow for you, it may be time to think about the 50MBite internet and your old PC. That could be helpful. ;-)

If you can't reach the Sim or crash after teleport, please tell me here or inworld! Greetings!

There are so many nice houses in Opensim however 95% of them you either can't walk through the doorways or you fall through or both. Checking Phantom worked on one house but I've deleted already about 25 houses that I just can't get to work.

Does anyone have a workaround for this for either issue?

Thanks, Amantha

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