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MotoSapa MotoSapa posted September 23, 2019, 21:58

stolen items and creator renamed making stuff usless

Allana.Santos proven copybotter came on to my grid and copybotted a river boat i spent months making
or any other sacrarium grid they got to
they are invading hypersapace
it appers they come to you grid invisable to avatar counters all but uuid number is hidden copy bot your stuff god mode it and make them selves as creator and remove a texture you can never res it out again


MotoSapa 16d
Just for history and for collection of best Touche's fails.
Freelife 22d
drama, drama, drama
post this in the drama section bla bla bla
Jesus Christ Lord are you trying to play hate with me MotoSapa? I’d rather commit suicide than have a alt named Allana Santos lolololololol
The owner of that account lives in RL 2 continents away from me thanks God!!! Also has no Shop in Sacrarium Grid!
Make your investigation home work better before you use others name.
By the way i'm too busy doing more interesting stuff than Opensim river boats, also those who really know me they know i don't even have time to visit my closest friends sims or spend time in party's so why would i want a amateur unfinished river boat if Opensim now has naval supremacy and Carriers free and fullperms so big they can't be rezzed in SL? Models done by professionals that are free in all 3D websites! Does this makes sense to you? We have and we share fleets of huge boats to all Opensim! Never need your stuff, btw don't be shy and show everybody what amazing boat is that one because nobody knows what boat is that one!!! Screen shots are trash everybody has PS, Regarding attorneys forget that better bring the Mossad and Delta6 lololol ;p
Freelife 22d
motosapa is a known proven copybotter. motosapa came to my region with touche and stole whole regions of original content then sold it on some 3d websites. I have reported this to the websites and also filed several lawsuits ... see you two in jail
well said lyudmila
tired of accusations in these cheap drama filled crybaby poor me posts and no proof of anything followed by threats of i will get you hahahahaha
who is allana anyway??? hahahahaha and a proven copybotter ... what proof and by whom ???
fyi there are so many ripping in opensim how do you know who they are ???
best is if you have an item you dont want ripped or copied then put it in a private region or just dont rezz it
nothing is safe or protected and to crybaby about it is just drama ... get over it
btw all i said here is a lie to make a point ... or is it?
MotoSapa 16d
prove it still trying to keep my own place safe and why would i need a oar of a region i build my own a sinngle region is a 256,256 i build large
o and why you complaining it shows you dont even own a regin so how did i steal it , once a thief then for ever more a lierand get it right, my name on is not the name of my avatar that you claim is a thief or may be you made the alt and spelled it wrong
Freelife 16d
hahahahaha you make my point exactly ... anyone can say anything about anyone without proof ...
you claim these people (Lyudmila.Pavlichenko
Allana.Santos ) are thiefs without giving any proof
i say you are a thief without any proof
whats the difference between what you say and what i say ... none
its all hate and bullshit from you & touche until you can PROVE IT
have proof or dont post it
Touche 22d
Lyudmila. You have good regions in one of the grids that we know well. You know what grid I'm talking about.
Why are you wasting your time on crazy "white"? He will drown you. Remember my words.
He is so incompetent that I wonder why you should spend your time on his grid.
You have already shown everyone your face and rewritten your comments enough, have you forgotten the Russian proverb ? The first word is more expensive than the second))))
Touche 22d
I said - GET OUT! you are like an annoying fly. Do not get into your own business. Nobody asks your opinion, and nobody is interested. This is not your league. Go away.
Who are you ? King or God ?You have the right to vote ...and the others ? Maybe you should shut up, too...Oh yeah can't send me a personal message threatening me're blocked
Touche 22d
Who I am should not concern you, and that is none of your business. And who you are - I know very well. Do not forget, my wife is a psychologist. What you are demonstrating now is called "hypercompensation." you told us nasty things about your "girlfriend" nymphetka, and now you are trying to curry favor with them for handouts. You know what we know about you. I have told you more than once - be silent. For your safety - be silent. But no. You are going into not your own topics and sprinkle with insults and speculation. You are trying to denigrate our reputation because you have said a lot of crap to the admins of your network. I don’t need your psychological problems, and I don’t care what’s happening to you. Go to hell. I never insulted girls - but you're just a crazy patient who poses a danger to others. Go away and never come back. This is not your level. You absolutely do not understand where you are going.
I am a very kind and well-mannered person, and your wife, a psychologist, should know this ,my friend, of whom you speak, is also kind and well-mannered .And I'm not afraid of you and your threats ))) I have you on the emotions out ? ))) Drink milk with honey ))) it will calm you)
Touche 22d
You are not so important person to pay attention to you. No one is threatening you. Get out of here, I ask you again.
Не преувеличивай свою значимость Лёня ...ты в каждой бочке затычка ....или делай свои " генеальные" полки для магазина ))))) может кто то и купит твой "шедевр """ неудачник ))))
MotoSapa 23d
i dont care if they copy it and sell it whats it worth pennys i just dont like it when they break it now i have to fix it again, you want it just ask
im not playing wack a mole
Touche you say alot but to affraid to name names, i do screen shots to hard drive for attornys, to protect my self, the criminals will just have to live with it once a thief then always a lier
Touche 23d
I will send the names in PM, I have almost everything. But the best way is to block their entire network.
Touche 24d
This is all like fighting windmills. The problem is not that such characters exist. The problem is that the community is fragmented. Recently, my message that this character is appropriating objects to himself was regarded by others as "the fight against copy-bots" in the opensim. This is not true. It was not a fight against copyboting. I pointed out that the impudent, unprincipled character calls objects “his”, as if he created them. And he imagined himself that he could threaten other people for copying them. I will not say that my action was unsuccessful. Linden Lab is notified of the existence of this network of thieves and many manufacturers are monitoring them. But I want to say, characters like white mock people while they are silent. They are silent because everyone on the network has objects that have been copied. I’ll say it again - I’m not “fighting copy-bots in opensim”. I fight brazen lies and rats. Rat, which believes that bullying people get away with it. To take down his network we need to unite. Unite professionals, hackers, programmers, lawyers and once and for all stop the existence of this rotten network. While everyone is divided, he will continue to steal from you and tell everyone that he created these things and will blackmail people for copying them. You do not even understand his level of arrogance, incompetence and lies. We recently opened a website, and guess who the most frequent visitor to it? He is looking for what else can steal? He is just a rat that has entered a barn with grain.
Unite and destroy him.

PS. Here and everywhere - i mean only one person - "white deed". Only.
The rat is only one here, Touche. You betrayed all the ideals of the OpenSim community and insulted everyone you could. And now you are an outcast. You have done nothing for OpenSim except drama. We have been watching people like you for ten years. And you are not unique. It would be better for you to go back into SL, Touche. Here in Opensim such people like you always be alien.