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Virtual Beach
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Hello everyone, I am Mistress Dalgato the new owner of Virtual beach. Looking for a relaxing place, great people and that island feel? Virtual Beach is just a step away and is always accepting new mem...
I added a shop to the Catena di Isole Freebie Mall "Classic Closet". I have decided to wear the default-system-classic avatar and in doing so I decided to create clothes to wear and give what I create freely. I will also give out Fate Mesh clothing that I have textured with a texture-changing script giving you multiple choices. The clothing fits Classic Avatar wearing Alphas old school but I am diggin' it! Thank you Jamie Anna Wright for the inspiration. You can find the clothing store here I have a bit of lingerie and hosiery too~

Star Ravenhurst: Congratulations on opening your new shop! I am so excited! I use a classic avatar I have had forever and to have another source for clothing is AWESOME!!! Thank you! I will visit soon! 2 days ago

We start the Show in a few minutes. Feel the power of music. 2 hours best sound with Richi Rizzoli at the turntables.

Am Freitag, 03.02.2023 heißt es im Moonrose Club "Alaaf" und "Helau"! Die 5. Jahreszeit ist angebrochen und wir nehmen das zum Anlass, ordentlich die Sau raus zu lassen!

Für flotte Beats sorgt der kölner Party-DJ Rico. Mit im Gepäck hat er die größten Karnevalshits aus der aktuellen und den vergangenen Sessionen und natürlich auch das Beste aus Rock, Charts und Euren Musikwünschen! Flotte Sprüche und seine freche Schnauze sind für eine Karnevalsfete ein absolutes muss. Lasst Euch überraschen.

Kostüme sind herzlich erwünscht aber natürlich kein muss.

Jeder der Kostümiert kommt hat freien Eintritt, alle anderen kommen umsonst rein! ;-)

Wir freuen uns auf Euch und eine tolle Party mit guter Laune und jeder Menge
On Friday, 03.02.2023 it's "Alaaf" and "Helau" in the Moonrose Club! The 5th season has begun and we take this as an opportunity to properly let out the sow!

The party DJ Rico from Cologne will provide the lively beats. He has the greatest carnival hits from the current and past seasons in his luggage and of course also the best from rock, charts and your music wishes! Snappy sayings and his cheeky snout are an absolute must for a carnival party. Let us surprise you.

Costumes are welcome but of course not a must.

Everyone who comes in costume has free entry, all others come in for free ;-)

We are looking forward to you and a great party with good mood and lots of fun!

Der Forest (Wald).
Ein grüner Platz zum entspannen,entdecken und Spass haben.
Wandert durch den schönen Wald ob nur zu Fuss oder auch mit dem Pferd .
Hier kann man gut die Seele baumeln lassen.
Habt viel Spass
When: doors are open for you to shop
Valentines, blows kisses and hearts your way...........
Be my Valentine ♥. All we need is love...
I'm starting a major roadway rebuild on Avalon Freeway. I wasn't happy with the mesh roadway and how cars behaved on it. I did a test, using regular prims and they worked better! So I'm rebuilding it all, a section at a time. Some parts might be tricky, but we'll see how it goes. It will probably take a few days to finish. Stay tuned!

Shimada: Roadwork is progressing nicely. It's about 60% finished. Should be done and reopened by sometime tomorrow. I'm widening the road and removing the draw bridges. 2 days ago
Just a reminder that Virtual Beach is in start smart. if you click a region on the teleport board or via map, give it time to load and transport you before clicking again or another region. once you click, it will tell you the seconds to load and then will say teleporting you.

Charlene McNally: What version are you using? 2 days ago

Time for Mens
New Dresses for Men

2 fevrier 2023 : 1000 votes sont atteints ! un grand merci à tous les visiteurs (ses) qui ont voté pour mon terrain !

falene hawks: 1000 votes woauh super bravo 2 days ago
En présence du préfet
grande inauguration, ce dimanche venez nombreux.
(vous pouvez aussi visiter et liker le terrain)
In the presence of the prefect, grand inauguration, this Sunday come in large numbers.
(you can also visit and like the field)
Thank you
In Anwesenheit des Präfekten,Große Einweihung, an diesem Sonntag kommen in großer Zahl.
(Sie können das Feld auch besuchen und mögen)
Vielen Dank

iekocatnap: N'oubliez pas : le rouleau de papier n'est pas fourni, le tas de papier est fictif car les toilettes sont une impasse ! Venez nombreux pour l'inauguration !!! :) 3 days ago
*** LIVE NOW! ***
Aint's variety of songs and styles will captivate your soul and touch you deeply. He is a seasoned singer not only in virtual worlds but also in his daily life. He has a large collection of songs from rock to country & Pop! Come join us!

» Шhen: ❈ ∵∴5:00pm∵∴ ❈
◂◄◀ MAP ▶►▸

Strange visitors from another planet? Oh, I hope so!

Taking a balloon ride at dawn. I have a scripter working on a balloon tour script for me, so I'll be adding that as soon as I have it. Then the ride will do the full tour.

Lucidus and Stilwater latest blog is up
Lucidus and Stilwater have just had a big update more to come ....Luciduus Hights total rebuild , Japanese Gardens moved and updated and Little Italy is back. Stilwater Total rebuild new cyberpunk City aswell as the fall out 4 bad lands areas and old town. If your looking for role play , Free shopping or just a place to explore come check out these 2 megger City sims all joined to Neverworlds continent !

Ich bedanke mich wiedermal für den tollen Abend nächste Woche gehts weiter die Grosse Tanznacht jeden Montag!

neuer Schmuck im Beauty Shop

New Hot Dress

Wolf Territories Arizona.

Night sailing at Addys Den. Boats are located next to the gaming tree house.

Richi's Music Call, jeden Donnerstag in der Music Call Bay ab 20 Uhr.
Am 02.02.2022 ist das musikalische Thema " Feel the Power of Music"
Ich freue mich Euch begrüßen zu dürfen, und tauche mit Euch zusammen wieder ab, um eine schöne Zeit zu haben und die Sorgen des Alltags in den Hintergrund zu stellen.

Schlager bringt dich zum lachen? Beruhigt dich ?`Dann bist du morgen Richtig bei uns ab 20 Uhr im Discofux in Germanworldgrid. DJ Mick on the decks noch 2 Stunden :) 3 days ago

Wide view of Avalon Reborn from the north at sunset.

Thinking of those of you who have marine worlds, I have left copies of a jellyfish, an octopus, a giant squid, a loggerhead turtle, a Beluga whale, a Yubarta whale and a whale shark at the base of Subnautica (and the whale skeleton can also be copied).
There are also 5 new NPS in the class that you can copy.
Enjoy them

Pensando en los que tenéis mundos marinos, he dejado copias de una medusa, un pulpo, un calamar gigante, una tortuga boba, una ballena Beluga, una ballena Yubarta y un tiburón ballena en la base de Subnautica (y el esqueleto de la ballena también se puede copiar).
También hay 5 nuevos NPS en la clase que puedes copiar.

Chad Deischer: I used that trick by wearing item at your region come home and drop item and open into my inventory. Then had to go back to your region wear the opened folder content . Then go home an assets were ok ... 3 days ago

Metafoundry City at night.

Dinkies Road Trip happens every Wednesdays ((( For Dinkies ONLY on Opensim )))
Today we are heading to a place where Speed is Everything!!!

Road Trip starting at Funsize Dinkies World Resort
Every Wednesday Mornings from 8AM - 10AM
Region: Funsize Dinkies
HG: Dinkies

!! Join in on the Fun !!

Discover some fun and adventure in the mountains and rivers of Brokeback Mountain.
There are Tube Rides on top by the waterfalls. Find a tube, select a comfortable position and click RIDE!
You will have a nice long journey down the winding river with some surprises.
The Region TP area is by the A frame Cabin. Have Fun


Greybeard is returning to Whispering Oaks again this Tuesday.
He is an absolutely wonderful person and entertainer.
With his live vocals and guitar, Do drop by and join us.
You won't want to miss this.
When: 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. Grid-Time
See you soon. :)

Carnival Land /Area Dreamscape
Available from February 1st

Full Avatar Evo Valentine's day #arkhamcity

Ⓩ░░░ ( ¯:¯)░乙ƠƦЄЄ░JUPƖƬЄƦ
Ⓞ░░(¯`·.\ /.·´¯)░Gentle Fire
Ⓡ░ (¯ `·. ❀.·´¯)░2:00 - 3:00pm
Ⓔ░░(_.·´/ \`·._)░ Casual
Ⓔ░░░ (_.:._)░Pop,love,disco,fado,rock,country,etc
New location:
***LIVE NOW***
Classically trained vocalist Djembe Dragonfire's background includes many years of professional musical experiences including conducting & teaching. He has performed in a major opera chorus, and even sang back up vocals on a CD produced for a contemporary vocal artist.

TIME: 1:00p

new men's and women's mesh clothes


» When: 12:00pm

» When: 1:00pm
On the brighter side!! Wicker Globe Ceiling Lights for anywhere in your house. They are totally copiable, modifiable and transferable for the next owner. Just touch the attached light switch and you have high, medium and low light settings, the 4th touch turns them off. The light switch can be manipulated in "edit select" to be on any wall you like it. Once you have it the way you want it simply touch and enjoy the warmth of the light. Blessings and much love, Lavia

Wegen Umbau Karneval bis zum 15.2 geschlossen

Hello Folks!
I do have a group name OARS with OARs for downloads FREE! I have done these in my spare time, more to come. Enjoy them.

2020 People's Choice Sammy Award Nominee (Syr. NY), Rogue Galaxy, is a seasoned musician/vocalist and must hear performer! The timbre and tone of her voice is unique to the Blues, but she also performs Rock, Jazz, Rockabilly, Pop and more!
» Шhen: ❈ ∵∴12:00pm ∵∴ ❈
» Шhere: ✫INTERLUDE✫
◂◄◀ MAP ▶►▸
Classically trained vocalist Djembe Dragonfire's background includes many years of professional musical experiences including conducting & teaching. He has performed in a major opera chorus, and even sang back up vocals on a CD produced for a contemporary vocal artist.

TIME: 1:00p
Collars update: RLV system.

This one was a blunder I personally made, I accidentally misplaced a script (oc_rlvsuite) inside another script oc_rlvsys.

So the RLV subsystem will not work as expected.

To fix that either grab a fresh copy of the collar at the store or if you feel adventurous do the following:

Edit your collar and from the root prim delete these two scripts:

oc_rlvsuite and oc_rlvsys

Then select the prim named "RLV" (it's the grey one if you rez the collar on the ground) and delete the script inside.

Then open the updater and get the fresh scripts from there:

oc_rlvsys and oc_rlvsuite

and put oc_rlvsuite in the root prim and oc_rlvsys in the prim called "RLV".

You can get the updater at the Kinky shop or just grab your favourite collar already fixed.

And if you want to curse someone for this, go ahead and blame me, Oki is innocent =/
Mall II is open to visit but still under construction.
Some shops have already things to offer.

There also are some shops for people that create things and dont have own land and
for people that create have a shop but want to show their creations on other places too.
The shops are free. Contact me ingame per IM or NC.

hop:// Noctem 2/280/350/3000

Meet at the cricket pitch in time to get settled. Simple outfit with no bling or scripts if possible.

xishi: ps, You will need good walking shoes. 4 days ago

*** New ***
Very Hot for Girls

Securing an OpenSimulator DreamGrid to Prevent Grief Attacks

*** New ***
Hot Dress for Men

Karneval/ Fasching naht
Große Auswahl an Samba-Kostümen und Masken

Carnival/ Mardi Gras approaching
Large selection of samba costumes and masks

DJ Maldrul is "Road Trippin'" at Hot Daddy's Tonight at 6:00!
Region: Hot Daddys on Wyldwood Bayou Grid
Event begins: 6:00PM grid time
Added by: Kith Whitehawk
It's Monday and time for another Hot Daddy's "DJ's Choice" set at the Dance Dock! DJ Maldrul's theme for this week is "Road Trippin'"!! DJ Maldrul is gonna spin tunes about traveling down the highway, tunes to listen to when you're rolling down the road, tunes that make you want to feel the cool wind in your hair.... So get your motor runnin' and come on over to Wyldwood Bayou Grid and Hot Daddy's for an awesome evening of music and fun! Bayou Hot Daddys

It's simple, it's sleek, it's totally modifiable and it's free and full perm, the multicolored tube floor touch lamp. Things are getting brighter at the mall!! Blessings and much love, Lavia

The Box
Ellefisch 5 hours ago
You guys look a lot like my facebook feed. Will you be changing your relationship status to "It's complicated" ?
Susanna_Heller 14 hours ago
small tip that what you breathe in OpenSimulator and SecondLife is not air, it only exists in RL ... now you have learned something new
Susanna_Heller 14 hours ago
that's childish.. but thanks for pointing it out
KrisPatrick 14 hours ago
Tell Rulus I said hi :)
Susanna_Heller 14 hours ago
better than an old man who has nothing else in life but wickedness.. I have the future ahead of me
Susanna_Heller 14 hours ago
you are not the police here what others say is none of your business but apparently you don't check if it surprises you
KrisPatrick 14 hours ago
You bore me child!
KrisPatrick 14 hours ago
Calling people pixel trash is you "getting secondlife" eh?
Susanna_Heller 14 hours ago
you should visit the wailing wall.....Greefer I have seldom seen such a wicked insidious and bad person as you
KrisPatrick 14 hours ago
you think you can hide for awhile on your alts and we don't know who you are.
KrisPatrick 14 hours ago
I'm the skin that pushes out the splinter as it heals.
KrisPatrick 14 hours ago
Hmm, This was in a public that you posted those kind words. People don't get angry over such minimal things.
Susanna_Heller 14 hours ago
you don't seem to get "second life" and what that means go and play monopoly
Susanna_Heller 14 hours ago
what i say to other ppl is none of your business.... stop to be a greefer
KrisPatrick 14 hours ago
Misdirection don't work here, try again.
Susanna_Heller 14 hours ago
you're also priscilla it wouldn't surprise me
KrisPatrick 14 hours ago
Calling people pixel trash while all they done was state a fact. Your anger shows more then you hide.
Susanna_Heller 14 hours ago
Stop use drugs KrisPatrick (KrisTina) what i say you are a Greefer
KrisPatrick 15 hours ago
Standing behind a tree and yelling at someone else for hiding?
Susanna_Heller 16 hours ago
@KrisTina you are a Greefer ... yes you are KrisTina yesterday as you hide? :) Mr lol
Susanna_Heller 16 hours ago
@KrisTina What am I doing, why should I like a region that is group only so nobody can go there, your thoughts seem to be sicker than I thought .. And sending me all kinds of rude messages privately shows your azocial nature
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Star Ravenhurst 2 hours ago
ChatGPT is amazing, except you won't get a lottery prediction from it. This is what I put into it and what I got back. :) Predict the winning numbers for the Texas Lottery Extra I'm sorry, I am not...
Copper 2 hours ago
Right...and collect more personal data, become lazier... and have a bot thinking for me? No thank you. I prefer to use my own brain
context 3 hours ago
huhu viel spass euch ich kann leider nicht erscheinen da ich im Realen Unterwegs bin.
Carmen Jewel 4 hours ago
The Attention to detail is second to none. Be Sure to come and hear great music and a beautifully laid out Party area. :)
KarinBecker 4 hours ago
Utc heisst das unterhosen tragen trage Kontrolle am eingang ? und ja ich habe die zeit falsch verstanden nun bin bin aber schonmal da ..........loooooooooooooooooool
Thirza Ember 7 hours ago
is a Pierrot ok? Asking for a friend.
Crazyposeidon 9 hours ago
Get ready to Party today, seit bereit für die Party heute in the new Rockfactory 2023, in der neuen Rockfactory 2023
Lorena 11 hours ago
Denied Access to a private region :-( !
Sylvia-Koeln 11 hours ago


Big City Shopping Mall
I enjoy the little shops and how organized everything is. This place seems to vanish a lot (before this it was Sex City, then Vice City) Hopefully now it is here to stay
Ellefisch 4 hours ago
@KrisTina What am I doing, why should I like a region that is group only so nobody can go there, your thoughts seem to be sicker than I thought .. And sending me all kinds of rude messages privately s...
Susanna_Heller 15 hours ago
AMB Mall
OS shouldt be Free, sorry
Lacero Ghoststar 22 hours ago
Dyvalls Shopping Fun
Super organized making the shopping experience a one to enjoy :) Thank you so much for sharing
Bebe yesterday
Unique new items. Well planned and organized. All in I rate a 5. Great job, and thanks for sharing.
SheaButter yesterday
Big City Shopping Mall
besides all the stolen copy-botted items, there are countless items with pedophilic themes, was highly disturbed by the casualness of it... when I was there, there was even a kid avi and his profile p...
Medjool 2 days ago
the region looks ok to me.... Group Access/Private and is under the TOS
RulusKaliopov 2 days ago
I don't use my own alts to like my page. lol
KrisTina 2 days ago
Rock City
If Digi would alter its BS login shit..more would visit
Copper 2 days ago

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